My name's Gem and I'm a retired blogger 👵

I started this here blog out of small-town boredom in 2007 and ran it for a very happy 7 years.

Through blogging my daily style exploits, charity shop finds, attempts at DIY projects and more, I managed to kid quite a few people into actually reading and engaging with my content, which was bloody lovely (if that was you - CHEERS!)

 I worked with brands galore, got featured in mags and even got a stint on a Channel 4 prime time TV show, but the less said about that the better...

Through blogging, I landed a job at my dream mag, Company, which paved the way for my career in digital journalism and social media. Since Company Mag closed (SOB), I've freelanced for the likes of The Debrief and Time Out, created viral content about all kinds of random nonsense for and even won a journalism award.

And I owe it all to this little blog. And a bit of talent somewhere in there too, perhaps. Maybe.

I'm now social media editor at ASOS and alas the ol' career has got the better of me so I don't tend to update anymore. And quite frankly with the quality of blogs these days, I'm not sure my rookie approach would compete... But if you're into reeeally really bad photography and photos of cats, I do encourage you to stalk back through my blogging life. It's like a time capsule of a bygone blogging era. And I loved every minute of it.



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