My New Fave (and ABSURD) Online Store

I was on blog patrol today and spotted a flipping awesome LEO DICAPRIO covered ensemble on style2bones. In pursuit of finding out where such a loco outfit was from, I stumbled across the greatest, worst, most hilarious online store on the whole interweb.

Meet O-Mighty. The neon, flashing, ass-gif-filled home of your 90s and noughties cultural obsessions - printed onto clothes. I mean, this site's design makes Bip Ling's blog look like Wikipedia. 

Here are some noteable pieces from the Singapore-based site... Ren & Stimpy, emojis, txt-spk, Clueless, Rugrats... This is essentially a lifetime of my fave things on clothes. The 'Obama booty shorts' deserved a special mention, too, although I *probs* won't be purchasing. (Excuse the low res pics - their fault not mine!)

And the sock selection... KimK's 'belfie', Bieber's mug shot, Steve Buscemi (?!) and a baby Drake. It's ALL going on. 

If that's not awesome enough, just look at the product descriptions! Trolololol:

Can someone explain to me what is even happening?! Too awesome. 

International shipping is $10 and although it does take up to 4 weeks, it comes with this sound advice...


Bonkers. Amazing. Now WHAT to buy?!