In Threes

Cool things happen in threes. 

Firstly, I bought this silky cami dress at Miss Selfridge t'other day. It's a 2-in-1 thing, but I switched up the tee component with one of my own because I'm a badass and have absolutely no regard for da rules. 

(Dress - Miss Selfridge, tee - Jaeger via charity shop, boots - Topshop Premium, camo jacket - vintage, backpack - George)

I wore it to an insane event called MEATOPIA on Saturday. In other words, a meaty utopia. It was pretty amazing - loads of tasty things to eat but a lot of smoke too, what with all the BBQ-ing. Don't you just hate washing dresses after ONE wear? Or is that just me being skanky?

Sunday was another culinary adventure - we went to Big Red with friends. Haven't heard of it? Nor had I until Sunday, but all you need to know is that it's a restaurant - ON A BUS. Incredible. 

There's a big outdoor seating area where most people seemed so we had free reign of the lower deck! How utterly cool is the interior? The food was delicious too - pizza is their speciality. An amazing experience there, 10/10!  I've heard they host weddings, too... hmmm.....

There's my three cool things to report. In uncool news now, Alex and I were outfit twinnies on Sunday.  Looooserrrsss.