All The New Things

I've been getting my occasional 'loss of style mojo' recently. No matter where I go or what I try on, I just can't buy ANYTHING. Yep, I've been in a right style funk. 

That was until Sunday, when I headed to Oxford Street for a 2 hour lightning speed solo shopping session where I officially broke the spell. I forget that I much prefer shopping alone. Is that weird? 

I bought a new shirt, 2 x new trousers, new boots and a necklace that says LOL on it (my very old one was knackered!)

It was soooo nice to wake up today and have lovely new things to put on!

(Shirt - Forever21, Trousers - New Look, Boots - Topshop Astrix, Necklace - Primark, Specs - Specsavers)

(Boots - Topshop Astrix)

(Shirt - Forever21)

I've been getting lots of lovely comments on Instagram about my ever-growing hair! I'll have to do a blog post of the process of getting just-about-past the awkward stage to help any other short-haired laydees nervous to grow their hair out. It's been SO easy. I can't wait to find out what will suit me when I have longer hair. I know it might sound weird but so many things just don't work at all when you have short hair. Earrings, sporty things, anything slightly mumsy... Can't wait to be free! 

Have you ever lost your style mojo? Sucks, doesn't it? 



Photo Diary #5

Here are a few snap shots of what I've been up to in the past week...

I had my first photo shoot for my Company column! I got my make up touched up by Sophie Higginson - here's how it looked... 
(She used YSL's Touche Eclat foundation and a pink MAC lippie)

The shoot went okaaaaay - despite sharing pics of myself with you lot for the past 6 years, I still actually hate having my photo taken. So despite dying of awks, some nice pics came out... Sneak peek:

Me and Theresa headed to check out & Other Stories - H&M's sister store. If the sister was way cooler. 

The beauty section was intense! How simply cute is this packaging? 

In other news I headed back to my old uni to partake in a Q&A with the students on my old course about how I went from working in Toppers 1 year ago to kidding my dream company into employing me. 'I actually paid Derren Brown to tell me all his secrets...' I told them.

I don't know why Krispy Kreme send us doughnuts all the time at work but I really love it and hope it never ever ends. I jazzed up my A5 DIY paper plate (tutorial to follow! Lol) with some text to add a bit of character. 

Alex and I went back to our native Bexhill to visit our mummies on Sunday. We saw the pretty promenade:

Ever-questionable shop signs:


And my mum's snogging dogs. They were actually fighting over a ball, but it looked like they were having a tender if incestuous moment. Aww. 

I went to the Marc Jacobs x Diet Coke launch! Loved the retro posters on the wall:

Marcy J! He was small but perfectly formed.

And then it all went a bit downhill on Tuesday because work was hit with some vomiting (etc...) bug that totally wiped us out! I had a pretty dark 12 hours. Then slept for about 24 hours. And starved. And now I'm happily back to my old self, and am busy nomming some Magic Stars. Yummy! 

Hope you've all been having a nice and vomit-free week? x



Have you ever seen a more beautiful biker than this floral number new in at Toppers? Second question - can you lend give me £75? 

I feel a spree coming on! What are you lusting after at the mo? (Clothes-wise, keep it clean people!)



Weekend Snaps

Soz for the delay in blogging - been having a total BT-related internet nightmare in the new flat and it's been hellish. Still no official net for the foreseeable but we're managing to intermittently borrow someone else's WiFi so hopefully this blog will reach you...

Thanks for all of the lovely tweets and comments regarding my exciting news that I'm Company's new columnist. I actually wrote my first column today after much deliberation on the subject matter... Hopefully you'll like it! It'll be just like this blog but a bit more 3D. Look out for the May issue (out around April 10th I think)! 

Have had SUCH a lovely chilled weekend with Alex. I've been a good girl and gone to the gym twice but have also contradicted that by eating the most absurd amount of food. Swings and roundabouts, right..?!

Here's what we've been up to in pics: 

Yesterday was amazeballs - we walked along the canal from Islington all the way to London Zoo!  (Making a pitstop for some shopping and tourist-hating at Camden...)

I'm like, obsessed with houseboats.

 You could see Warthogs, Hyenas and birds from the canal! I was so tempted to jump the fence for a free wander around the zoo but good sense prevailed.

 Vintage shopping. Unsuccessful, sadly.

 These boots were made for walkin'. Just as well because we did some srs mileage yesterday!

In the evening we took an exciting trip to the hardware shop to get special plug thingys to put heavy frames on the wall and finally completed our lounge with a frame of Warhol pics and the piece de resistance - a big Amelie poster which shows the restaurant Amelie worked in which we visit each time we're in Paris!  I'll blog more pics of our flat when it's next tidy...
(All furniture Ikea, throw - Primark, Roxy's bed - Amazon (this exact style is sold out but available on eBay)

Dinner was a feast of burgers, chips and onion rings... SO healthy! There's tomatoes in ketchup at least...

Today we got the 73 bus to Marble Arch to try and spend an a Selfridges voucher I got at a press day. It was a bit too overwhelming so I failed at spending it. I was tempted to spend it on some of this adorable Artbox stationery though!

For lunch I took Alex to Bodeans for his first Man Vs Food style lunch experience! We ordered a mahoosive meat platter which was hella unphotogenic, so here's some sauce:

Walked past this glasses shop in Covent Garden which had no obvious name - NEED those dolphin specs!!

Then we went to Blackwells so Alex could continue to feed the book addiction that is putting our bookshelves and indeed relationship under strain! Okay maybe the latter was an exaggeration. But that boy has booky issues.

And that's about it! A lovely weekend of mooching and good food that feels like it has gone on forever. Perfect! 

Have you had a fun weekend? xo