Stuff I Want

I've been learning lots about SEO at work and for some reason now find it really funny to flout the rules on my blog. Hence ridiculously un-googlable titles! Oh the rebellion! 

Just thought I'd share some of the new stuff I've been seeing online lately and majorly lusting after... Mostly Topshop stuff! I am missing the discount but have been offered someone at work's 40% off discount card to use... Am literally too scared to get my hands on that thing for fear of obliterating my already meagre savings! So for now, I shall admire the pretty pictures from afar...
Love popping fancy collars on over tops and sweaters at the mo! This bejewelled Monki one is awesome (and also DIY-able!)

Oh good god, how I love this Ombre Fringe Jacket from Toppers... Perfect for slinging on with jeans and boots and looking intantly on-it! 

This is from the new 'Olympics inspired' Ashish collection for Topshop - Reminds me of my sports day woes...  

I'm hoping they get this gorge studded peplum top in non-Petite at Topshop! It's a dream! 

Oh how I love a chunky boot! These new Topshop boots are just like my Office ones so I thought I'd post them on here for those that liked my Office ones but couldn't get them because they were sold out. 

Army print AND leopard print? PHWOAR

Last but not least, this amazing cropped top by Lazy Oaf as part of their Batman collab! I put some of the lookbook pics on Company as it is eye candy to the MAX. 

SIGH! Such amazingness around at the moment... 

What are you lusting after at the mo? x


Lifey Snapshots

YAY it's Friday! 

I've been working from home today editing all my behind-the-scenes footage from the Whitney Port cover shoot for Company. It all went well and the vid will be up on Company.co.uk soon! It was rather a novelty to have a lie in and be able to sit in bed on my laptop all day (albeit working hard editing!) and get paid for it! I'm glad my daft LFW videos have given me a bit of video editing know-how!

So in the absence of an outfit photo (I wore a scruffy ensemble of leggings, an old tee and a beanie today if you must know!) - here are some snaps I've been Instagramming lately! 

One of my mum's pooches, Dexter! // Drinking cocktails and eating burgers at MeatLiquor with Kristabel and Jen // My H&M necklace // A snapshot of my desk! // Posing on a train because that's what happens when you cross having an online audience with intense boredom... // My DIY Paisley Nail Art I did for work! One of my favourite mani's EVER // My pretty blouse from H&M // My new shoes from Sarenza - the creepers were a bit too small so I'm exchanging them. // My fridge looked unusually full (if a little disorganised) after we went shopping today so I took a pic... Why not!  // Tried to take a pic of the biblical rain the garden and my cam zoomed in on the raindrops... I liked it! 

What are you up to this weekend? We've got pals round tomorrow and are trying to think of something healthy-ish we can do for dinner... These particular pals are usually our Dominos partners in crime! Hmm... I'm also going to hit town tomorrow and see if there's anything cheapie on the high street I can invigorate the wardrobe with! 



Floral Fade


Sorry I've not blogged in a while! Had a majorly busy one at work last week and the was away seeing family and friends at the weekend. Have got lots of new blog ideas, so am really going to try and get back into the routine of regular blogging! 

Here's what I wore to work yesterday:

(shirt: H&M, jacket - H&M Kids! skinny jeans: M&S

My pretty new clogs are a prezzie from Sarenza! They're 'Victoria' by Moheda, a nice soft-leather clog style shoe with a bit of a twist due to the ankle strap! They're a low heel (my fave kind) and are super comfy. Like loads of stuff on the Sarenza site at the mo, they've got 40% off at the moment, so only cost £44.40. A lot of 4's in that sentence, 4 real! 

The blouse gets loads of nice comments but the boob button just refuses to stay done up! I was doing street style photography in East London yesterday and kept flashing my hideous-but-oh-so-sturdy pearlescent mauve t-shirt bra to London's coolest... 

Life has been busy but fab lately. Really getting the hang of things at work and loving it more every day. The 3G signal on my iPad has proven to be a bit crummy, so I haven't been able to maximise the dead commute time as much as I had hoped.  Some days it seems to work better than others, but on bad days I can't even Instagram, let alone blog from it, like I really wanted to! I'm using a GiffGaff (O2's sister company) data simcard at the mo, does anyone have any recommendations of other data plans? Thinking a new provider might offer better 3G! 

I'm off to continue watching Super Tiny Animals which I recorded the other night... It's pretty mental! 

So what's new with you?! 



Lounge On The Farm Fest!

Alex and I headed to Lounge on the Farm festival yesterday to take some street style pics for work! It's a bit of a hippy festival, famed for its chilledness (hence 'lounge') and family friendly atmosphere! It was a strange crowd though (a variation of scantily clad young teens and I'm-still-cool-right? older ladies with prams in tow...) but there were a couple of cool bands on the line up and some gorgeous food so it was quite a laugh all in all! I'll be putting my festival street style snaps on Company.co.uk in the week, but here are some of my own snapshots of the day...

There was a charity shop at the festival!
Pink and purple hair!
Pink and purple hair!
Bastille playing - they put on an awesome show!
Got a venison burger for lunch - NOM!
The Breakfast Club had a café in a double decker bus!
The charming male lavatories :| Essentially giant green buckets o' piss.
Lady on stilts cooking pancakes!
Me making Alex die inside by insisting on a self taken photo... At least I'm having fun eh?
My outfit! Mum's Levi's jacket from the literal 80s, tee - Primark, dip hem (not that you can see it here) skirt - , boots - eBay
This guy was just too cool not to get a photo of...
DIY shorts!

Have got a busy week coming up. My boss is off on holiday so the Company website will be my baby for the week.... No pressure then! I'm looking forward to the challenge, but do send some good luck vibes my way just in case! Am also seeing Derren Brown on Thursday night with Alex and his parents - So excited!!!

Hope you've all had fab weekends!




I've recently joined Sarenza's blogger crew so have had the pleasure of treating to myself to some much needed new shoes! One of my first pairs of Sarenza shoes are by a brand called Georgia Rose, who I'd never heard if before, but have an amazing selection of stylish and pretty affordable shoes!
So, meet my Noena's! I love how they're like a cross between this style of shoe I've been lusting after and clogs, which are always awesome in my eyes. From this photo, they seem to have gotten a bit of a bashing on their first outing to London, better get the polish out!
I was worried about wearing them to work as my day involves so much walking (I don't do the underground unless I absolutely have to!) but these were an absolute dream. SO comfy!

As for the rest of my outfit, the dress was a trés generous gift from Juicy Couture at their Vogue Fashion Night Out last year and my trusty little biker jacket from H&M yonks ago! My little anchor necklace is by Kukee, a ridonkulously cheap and amazing jewellery store! Bought soooo much from there recently! Oh and my toe polish is Pool Party by Topshop - one of my leaving presents from the Topshop gang and an all time favourite polish of mine!

Off to wash up whilst my fiancé hollers at the football, and then the madness all begins again tomorrow morning...

Until next time!