Fashion Friday

Style Compare is a great website I've blogged about in the past. It lists over 50 fashion retailers on one website, making shopping dangerous quicker and easier! I often use it as a blogging resource if I'm looking for different kinds of one thing, like I did in this post about creepers! 

Fashion Friday is Style Compare's weekly competition on their Facebook that offers fans the chance to win £100 worth of fashion prizes every week. This week's competition is to win £100 towards any blazer on the website, by stating whether you prefer polka dots or stripes... Toughie, but I'm a polka dot girl at heart!

I will certainly be entering as I have been on the lookout for the perfect blazer for a while after seeing Charlene from Strutt always looking SO amazing in them:

I don't think blazers tend to suit me because of my short hair.. I feel like I'm on The Apprentice or something... The last time I wore one to work at Topshop, someone said "very professional"! NOT the look I'm going for. I think a more cropped one like Charlene's blue one is the answer. Hopefully, I'll win this week's Fashion Friday and can finally find my perfect match! 

It's worth keeping an eye on the Style Compare Facebook page, as their Fashion Friday competitions are great - I entered last week to win £100 to spend at Urban Outfitters!

Have you entered a Fashion Friday competition before? 

If you enter this week's, good luck!

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  1. I really want a cropped blazer too, in fact I've been keeping an eye out for one in the charity shop I volunteer in :) I hope you win this week's Fashion Friday, good luck!

  2. love those pictures!

    furthermore, I think blazers can look good on anyway if you style them right! :)


  3. i need a new blazer myself, i better get entering haha

    open to all :)

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Style Compare, I'm always hunting down discount counts and their competitions are always great.

  5. Oh Haiiiii me and my blazers ;-) Hope you win

  6. I feel the same about my short hair and blazers, I feel like a teacher or something. There's only one blazer I own which i feel totally comfortable in and it's a dusky pink one from new look last year, the pockets are slouchy so it's really casual.

    Holli x


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