Review: OPI 'I Juggle... Men!'

I was recently sent a sample of this OPI polish by HQhair. I hadn't heard about the website before they contacted me, so I was surprised to see that they offer a lot more than just hair products - eg. skincare, fragrance and nail polish! They also offer free shipping - something that always makes me happy.

So, the nail polish I was sent was 'I Juggle... Men' - an iridescent shimmery polish with blue and pink microglitter in it from last year's Femme de Cirque collection. It's a very subtle polish, and works well as a topcoat as it is so glossy and quick-drying. It was hard to photograph, as the glitter is so tiny, but here's what it looks like, and here's how it looks through the lens of someone with a decent camera!

This was my base colour - Misty Grey by Models Own.

(Not my tidiest manicure ever, I now realise!)

Excuse the strange angles, I was desperately trying to get my cam to pick up the glitter! So, the above images show what 3 coats of the glitter looks like. Be careful to let the layers dry fully before applying the next, as I rushed it a bit and experienced some shrinkage the next day. 

I think this polish would be great for people that work in jobs where crazy nail art might not be appropriate, but you want to jazz up a simple manicure subtly. I like my glitter a bit more dramatic, but I will certainly keep using it as a topcoat-with-a-twist because it's amazing for that purpose. 

HQhair stock loads of OPI polishes and products, and it's definitely worth bookmarking if you're an OPI fan because the shipping is free worldwide, unlike the £4 charge on the OPI website! This particular product has unfortunately sold out* on the HQhair website, but to make up for it, they have kindly provided us with 10% off all items in the 'Nails' section of the site using the exclusive code 'GEMHQHAIR' (valid until 25/1/12). Enjoy! 

Do you have a favourite OPI polish? And do let me know if you buy something nice from HQhair!


 * 'I Juggle Men' can be bought here on Amazon for £9.


  1. Ooo the OPI is just beautiful :)

  2. Such a pretty polish, I struggle to have a non-sparkly manicure at the minute! I love it as a top coat over the grey!


  3. thanks for introducing me to HQHair. love the nail polish btw :) xoxo

  4. Lovely polish. Looks really pretty with the Models Own one.

    Holli x

  5. I love HQHair, and had the same nice surprise when I first went there to discover they didn't just do hair stuff! x

  6. the glitter sets off the colour beautifuly, subtle but lovely :)


  7. Love the base colour! may be a future purchase! x
    New blog!

  8. gorgeous, so subtle !


  9. I think this looks so gorgeous, subtle but really pretty x

  10. It's the loveliest little bit of sparkle! Looks great with the grey.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net


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