Temporary Secretary = Permanent Awesomeness

I was chuffed to bits last week when probably my favourite online jewellery shop, Temporary Secretary, offered to send me a few prezzies. Temporary Secretary have a crammed online store, full of the cutest, most covetably kitsch jewellery you could ever wish for. They also sell other bits and bobs too, like stationery and lip balms, all with a truly kawaii twist!

I won't bombard you with all the bits I was sent, but I will show you the two pieces I wore to work yesterday, minutes after I had snatched the package from the Postie's hand! 

A glimpse of the wrapping:

I was also sent a bunch of adorable letter paper too! I want to frame it all, it's insanely adorable!

So, the outfit:
(Dress - c/o Clothing at Tesco, Shoes - c/o Very.co.uk, Cardi - charity shop, Necklace - Temporary Secretary (Scroll down for a close-up!)

How amazing is this camera ring (£9)? I prob should've had it on the other way up for the photo! See all the camera rings here, they are too awesome for words, and oh so relevant to us bloggers!

 My shoesies (and a Sainsbury's bag including cookies, tortillas and lasagne, since you asked!)

A close up of the best necklace I've ever had: 'Millie The Persian' (£15). It is a brooch too, if you remove the chain, so you are getting two pieces of jewellery for the price. I plan to pin a ribbon bow to a collar using this cat brooch in the middle! 

I seriously recommend a visit to the beautifully designed website and blog (which includes sneak previews and lovely outfit photos of the lady behind the company!) 

The bottom line: From cute to quirky, there is something stylish for everyone - and the prices are very reasonable to boot! 

I look forward to sharing my other Temporary Secretary pieces with you soon! But it's not all about me and all da freebz, as I have arranged a little 10% discount for you guys using 'GEM10', valid until 11th August. 

Have you bought anything from Temporary Secretary before? If not, do you have your peepers on anything from the site? 


  1. That is just the cutest stationary!

    I need that camera ring in my life :)


  2. You look amazing, that dress is so cute xx

  3. Ahhh that cat necklace is lovely and a very fair price! I'll have to check them out as I've never heard of the store before, thanks for reccomending!

    I would want to frame that paper also, it's sweet!

  4. I almost died when I went on that website! SO CUTE ♥

    xxx Kat

  5. Love! I have a few things from them - my fave is the horse cameo necklace/brooch (not sure if they still do it) which I wear it as a brooch on a vintage suede coat. The prices are great, but the chains tend to be a bit naff quality-wise and need to be swapped over.

  6. Love the camera ring, its so cute! I've got my eye on one of the Aztec Navajo ring's! x

  7. Love this post! I had heard of Temp Sec but had no idea they did stationary and cute Japanese style stationary may be my most favourite thing ever!

    Caz x

  8. Ya gotta love stationary!
    Love the camera ring, unique.


  9. awww thats cute, i love temp secretary, they have such cute stuff!
    i love your dress! - pretty amazing its from tesco eh!
    Krissy xoxo


  10. I LOVE the ring! And it's awesome that the necklace doubles up like that.
    Not heard of Temporary Secretary before but I'll definitely be checking them out!

  11. Awww that litte cat necklace is too cute! x


  12. That necklace is brilliant! And so is the camera ring! Great post, I will definitely be checking out the website :) x

  13. I am incredibly jealous of your amazing free jewellery.

    So jealous, that actually, that's all I can say right now :p


  14. Their stuff is so cute! Very jealous! I especially love the camera ring! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  15. I've followed them for a few years now, and I still can't say theres anything in the shop I don't even remotely want!
    I have to ask: was this letter paper from them too? :O I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

    amii xo

  16. Just had a look on the site, its so cute, going to order something from there later on :) XX

  17. I remember looking on their site ages ago but sort of forgot about it. But the camera ring is amaaazing! I will definitely be checking them out again, thanks Gem :)

    B xo

  18. A quite awesome outfit, love the ring too!

    Amy x


  19. i love their website, it's all so cute! xxx

  20. Ah you are so lucky! I love temporary secretary but have no spare pennies for their stuff :( xx

  21. Thank you for a fantastic post, Gemma! Can't wait to see what you do with the cat brooch - I wear it a lot (i'm such a cat lady!). Wishing you a happy weekend! x

  22. Definietly going to be placing an order! :O


  23. I've been a fan of temorary:secretary from when it was all just starting out and I love the quirkiness of all the pieces and how individual they are in comparison to other online shops. I used to love the Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery, not sure if it's still being sold! (: x

  24. I love TempSec! Got a few pieces about four months ago. Very Jel...

  25. Oh wow the camera ring and the cat necklace are right up my street! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to go straight to the shop and have a look at all the other goodies! :)

  26. They are pretty awesome, I've wanted the squid cameo for ages.

    K xx

  27. I shall be heading over to that shop RIGHT now!!!!



  28. The necklace is lovely, there's so much stuff I want from Temporary Secretary xx


  29. The camera ring is soo cute! x

  30. Gorgeous jewellery - but not as gorgeous as your nails! Wowzers!!


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