Scotland Video Diary Part 2 & 3! Glasgow to Cullen and home again...

Afternoon chums! 

Here are the second and third (final) parts of my video account of our trip to Scotland to see Alex's family. To recap, my camera exploded (whilst I tried to mend it with a toothpick, admittedly) right before our trip, and rather than not document it at all, I borrowed Alex's Flip-style camera to take some footage along the way. 

I'm so pleased the first instalment went down so well, I didn't think anyone would want to spend 17 mins watching my antics, so thanks if you did! As a reward, here's about 25 minutes more - ho ho! 

So what to expect from these two 12 minute instalments? 

Part 2 features: Reflection on my meeting with Ayden, bickering with Alex, our weird american 'joke accents' (does anyone else have these?), investigating a cave (kinda), ducks, dinner and vomit. 

Part 3 features: Dead pets, evening seaside strolls, a dog doing tricks, seals, sleeper trains, more bickering and my cat Roxy. 

Mmm, vomit and dead pets! I do spoil you! There are some giggles in there too, honest!

Part 2:

Part 3:

Hope you enjoy :)

I'm lining my tum with Nesquik milkshake now (top tip!) and am off out with my Topshop pals tonight. Excited! 



  1. looks lovely! i've never been to Scotland but i'm thinking i should now ahaha :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  2. So cool! I really want to go up north one day. Somehow I am always stuck in London!

  3. hahaa, I've enjoyed watching these so much Gem, I guess it must be the nosey parker in me!
    Has definitely made me want to visit Scotland though, it looks beautiful :) x

  4. I love watching your video's, interesting and funny! I think the reason Scotland was so light at 11pm is because it's stays lighter longer the further north you go, I think?
    There were some beautiful scenic views, and the trained dog was so good! xxx
    Sirens and Bells

  5. really enjoyed watching these! you are so funny :)


  6. Your Scotland video diary is really great!!! You're really funny and I like the way you filmed!

  7. Loved watching your video diary of Scotland! I know Cullen well as my bf's family is from Banff, not far from there. Its so beautiful by the sea, can't wait to visit again!x

  8. Amazing! The seals were the CUTEST.
    So jealous of your little getaway :)

    Rosie x

  9. So amusing how your voice goes up at least 3 octaves when talking to animals. Would love to go to Scotland after watching your videos.

  10. I love these little insights into your life! I love Scotland and I'm always suprised when people say they've never visited, it's so lovely! I have to say I've never been to Glasgow though, or at least not when I can remember, so I'll have to give it a visit one day! (: x

  11. I love the videos.
    Really nice to get an insight into the ins and outs of your world outside of the camera lens!


  12. This is so brilliant, Gem! You and Alex are like two peas in a pod, so funny.

    How quiet is your little cat! Oscar (our cat) is a total NIGHTMARE in the car!!!! He turns in to a monkey, hanging from the cage upside down and all sorts, he makes such a racket! Yours is so well behaved. xxx

  13. Whatever Alex about that pop singer, I agree. Then again, most pop today just fails for me.

    That leather coat with wool collar is the bees knees; whenever I see one in the future, I'll probably think of you.

    And we simply must have more videos; English accents make anything cool! And speaking of, I can do an exaggerated Southern accent that varies between Dubya and Elvis, so there you go.

    My final score: 2 thumbs up!

  14. Have loved watching your vlogs Gem. What a lovely little village. Shame about the vomming :( Laughed so much when you said you have to sleep on the top bunk on the train because if it collapses you'd kill Alex but you'd survive. Made me chuckle:D xxx

  15. Just discover your blog. How could I live without it ?????

    Nesquick milkshake : you're lucky !

    See U and following !

  16. i love reading your blogs, and these video diaries are a right treat! love them! :D
    looks like you had a lovely time! :)



  17. I loved your video diaries.They were so interesting, looks like a lovely place.I love your blog.Also your Roxy is so adorable :) im cat mad, i lost my baby last summer 'victor' me and my mum and dad will never get over losing him.Did your cat watch that you brought work when u put a battery in it? I would like to see it.I love cat things! Theres a woman at the car boot sale that i go to that is also cat mad and iv brought a few cute cat things off her, including a cat watch and cat necklace and a little cat mirror.So cute.Hope you had a good night out last night with your topshop friends. Gem xx

  18. When Bess jumped into his arms!! I actually squealed! And clapped. In the living room, on my own. Ah dear!

  19. Hi Gem! I loved these three videos so much, they were so funny but so lovely at the same time. I love watching any video blogs you make :) x


  20. You're pretty much just an absolute legend Gem ♥ Laughed SO much at these. Proper laughing out loud :) especially the ayden is GREEEEAT right into the camera, that made my day! :p You rock missy. Hope it aint too long until the next time xx


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