Belated birthday adventures!

Evening chums!

I've been back to my home town of Bexhill for the past couple of days to see my family and meet up with my friend Katie. I do miss living beside the sea! It's so lovely when the sun's out and you can have an evening paddle in the sea (which Katie and I did last night - my feet are feeling tres exfoliated from the sand!). The only downside is how bloody windy it gets on the coast. Hairspray becomes about as useful as trying to control your hair style with thought alone. Ridiculous. 

Anywho, being beside the sea reminded me that I forgot to tell you about my birthday voyage by bus to sunny Whitstable with Alex back in June! Here are some snaps from the day...

We sat right at the front of the bus to enjoy the panoramic country views on the way. These views occurred after this photo was taken as the bus was still sat at our bus stop!

Looking a tad boobalicious in my pouffy denim Dorothy Perkins dress which has sadly sold out now. I was wearing an Ultimate Strapless bra, c/o Wonderbra which is unbelievably good. Definitely deserves its own post! 

A cute slogan (for a serious cause!)

I got all excited when I saw some Me & Zena jewellery in a little boutique. Always exciting to see one of your fave online brands in real life shops!! 

We met this heavenly little pup which I couldn't resist immediately mollycoddling! WISH I could remember her name... I'm sure it was hilarious... Like a really 'human' name for a pet. They always fascinate me. My brother once knew a girl with a cat called Kirsty! Haha!

Scampi and chips at the harbour! It was a very windy day, so my hair was blown to buggery by this point. 

From breaded scampi to a bearded boyf... I had to ask him to shave this off as a 'birthday gift' to me (he obliged the next day!) because he was refusing to and it was raging out of control. He was too scared to do it before his exams in case his beard 'contained his knowledge'... God help me. 

Yeah, I really should've taken a few snaps of this and made a GIF because these crustacean critters were ALIVE and wriggling about... Aargh! 

Some of Whitstable's famous Oysters, being sold for 50p a go! Couldn't bring myself to try one, but I do want to at some point! 

We were sucked in by Anthony W-T's recommendation (see bottom half of door!) and stopped for some cola and doughnuts! You just can't beat a hot, sugary doughnut, can you? Blissful! 

I became quite fascinated by the donut machine and asked to take a picture of it doing it's doughy thang. The staff were bemused at best, but I think the behind-the-scenes access has really added a new dimension to this blog post! Not really, I just wanted to see how that would sound.

From creation to consumption!! Yum!

A kind of crap picture of the sea and some boats... Didn't have my photography head on that day!  

Later on it was time for a meal at our favourite restaurant in Canterbury, Cafe du Soleil. I'm wearing a Topshop jacket, Headband c/o Little Fille (Mari's 'ways to wear a headband' vid is a must-see!), charity shop dress and heels. 

A shot of Alex designed to show you guys some of the interior of the restaurant (no offence, Alex!).. It's a gorgeous old stone building on the river with beams. Oh I do love a beam. 

We are kind of regulars at the restaurant and they were sweet enough to put a candle in my dessert! Aww!

Not only that, they took £10 off our bill as a bday gift! How sweet! I was compelled to sing their praises on Tripadvisor (see 4th July entry!), as they are fairly new and haven't had the praise they deserve online yet. If you're local, or visiting Canterbrury, I seriously recommend this restaurant!

So yes, that was my birthday, and what a lovely one it was. I still have pending belated plans with my friends, including a trip to Hever Castle and a possible spa trip!

I'm off to watch The Apprentice now. I'm a bit behind as Alex has been out playing footie. Tomorrow, we're viewing a new house out of curiosity (we're not dead set on moving, but we're definitely outgrowing our flat now so want to see if anything else wows us!), then our friends Martin and Jen are coming over for... Well, we don't know yet. But we're going to do something and it's going to be fun.



  1. Ahh living in windy Liverpool I know the windy hair do woes! And umbrellas are impossible to keep up... The joys of 'coastal' living.

  2. Aw it looks like it was such a nice day, and that restaurant sounds amazing - so sweet giving you £10 off as a birthday present! x

  3. Aw looks like you had a lovely day :) How sweet of the restaurant to give you a birthday discount! I think its hilarious when pets have human names. My boss used to have a Guinea Pig called Christian! Pahaha!
    Rachelle xxx

  4. Looks like you had a perfect relaxed birthday and lots of yummy food which is the most important thing!
    Can deff relate to the bearded boyfriend woes, i usually have to resort to bribes to get my bf to shave a little hehe...
    Also that house link has just depressed me as compared to horrid london rates which im battling that is bloody amazing!
    Any way sorry for the long waffly comment!
    - Charlotte x

  5. Oh you do make me do big 'lols' (and I usually don't lol) reading your posts. I personally felt that the photo of the doughnut machine really did add an extra 'behind the scenes' feel to the post! Your trip sounds lovely - I also enjoy the exfoliating properties of a paddle in the sea, and I am into scampi and chips in a big way!

  6. I love their scampi & chips!!! Their whitebait is also lovely. Think I may head to Whitstable for my bday too x

  7. "In case it contained his knowledge" - brilliant.

    Helen, X

  8. my bf refused to shave during his exams too incase it gave him bad luck! haha men are so weird sometimes! x

  9. Haha the cat named Kirsty cracked me up! Those doughnuts look delishhh and how sweet of the restaurant for your "birthday present"!

  10. Love the look the guy in pink is swaying over your way in the picture :P Looks like a lovely day you had, I would love to live beside the seaside, I'd love to get out everyday!

  11. Girl, you look fabulous in that denim dress! Glad you such a fun and fantastic birthday!

    ♥, Jamie

  12. It sounds like you had such an amazing day :)

    Happy belated birthday!

    DONUTS! <3

    Natalie x

  13. Cute little house! Your kitty will love it :) I'm currently obsessing over house moving too, trying to get settled in Leicester - exciting but stressful!
    Also loving the denim dress, very seasidey I feel xxx

  14. You look lovely in denim :)
    I've never been brave enough to try an oyster.
    My dog is called Sookie which is a human name but I thought it was a good dog name too x

  15. That is one good thing about moving back to Devon and leaving the windy Welsh coast... I swear Aberystywth had the wind of the devil! So so strong sometimes, and always so bloody cold! Living on the seafront for two years running didn't help much either!
    Oh dear, the beard isn't good is it?! My boyfriend sometimes doesn't shave but I nag him about it so often its usually only a few days at a time, because it gives me epic chin rash!
    Also, dammit, now I want a donut. I think they're kind of like chips but sweet... all hot and sugary, instead of hot and salty... ok, it makes sense in my head!

  16. this looked like such a lovely day, happy belated birthday as well i'm not sure if i said it at the time.
    also the cat's name surprised me a bit ha!

    http://kaydotoh.blogspot.com/ x

  17. I laughed out loud so many times during this post - mainly when you said 'boobalicious' and at the point where Alex thought his beard contained his knowledge... oh lord. You're hilarious <3

    You look adorable in both these outfits, this sounds like the perfect trip and fresh sugar donuts?! Yum.

  18. That sounds like a lovely birthday!

    Those donuts have me craving and it's 7am - thanks!


  19. Dawh, absolutely love the fact they gave you a birthday discount, and a tenner too! That's not bad going really!
    Sounds like you had a fab time over your birthday, and, just for the record, I do love a good beam too! x

  20. Aww looks like such a lovely day, I do love the seaside. I have tried an oyster and I wouldn't recommend it! On the subject of pets with human names, my boyfried wants us to get a cat and one of those mini pigs (he doesn't like dogs) and call them Colin and Arthur. In all seriousness.

  21. That sounds like a great day, looks like a lovely place :)
    If I'm ever in Canterbury I'll remember to try that restaurant, it sounds great!
    I have to beg my boyfriend not to shave his beard off, I love it! Unfortunately he has to shave it for work :( x

  22. Is that the Wonderbra thats supposed to be like hands holding your boobs?! My pal has one, she also says its amazing so may need to fork out for one! :)

  23. Ah the little pug made my heart melt! I know exactly what you mean about the whole 'human' animal names,when I was younger my friend had a budgie called Alison !!! That's just not quite right!
    Your little trip looked amazing, happy belated birthday.

  24. Denim dress with polka dot headband looks really summery and nice!

  25. That pug is so cute :-) Glad you had a nice birthday, that was really sweet of the restaurant!

    Nat x

  26. Looks like you had a lovely day! How sweet of the restaurant to take money off! Love what you're wearing and that doughnut machine looks really cool! x

  27. I went to Whitstable recently and absolutely loved it - especially all the lovely food right by the beach... Cocktails on the peebles one evening was my favourite thing.

    I really like your blog and sorry for self-advertising but I'm selling somethings on ebay and thought you might be interested - http://shop.ebay.co.uk/stringbeanjane/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

    Thanks x

  28. Actually wet myself over beardgate. Behold! The beard of knowledge! Sounds like one of those Edward Monkton skits.

    I loooooove Hever Castle, it's quite close to me.

  29. This looks like such a lovely day! I love days where you go on a little adventure like this :)

    Maria xxx

  30. Aaaah such a good post dude :) lots of smiles here, and mega lolz at alex's beard theory. David was looking like a bit of a hobo with his recently, so glad he finally trimmed it though! I also hate the wind (well, my hair hates the wind MAJORLY!) Read these posts and really really wish we lived closer :( makes me sad! xx

  31. Oh my god, this post cracked me up! You should have tried the oysters! Haha, and the beard. I'm glad he shaved that, that looks gnarly. You should buy him a beard trimmer - it's the best of both worlds. And please, tell me more about this strapless bra!

  32. oh u are so cute!


  33. Great outfits! :)

    If you follow my blog and comment saying you did, I'll follow yours back!


  34. I completely know what you mean about the human animal names! I watched Alan Carr's Chatty Man last night and he's got two dogs called Bev and Joyce. And I used to have a guinea pig called Gary. I find it hilarious!

  35. the pug looks sooooooooo cute. I'm in love!! x

  36. Read this the other day at my bf's and forgot to comment! Made me laugh so much I had to explain why I was snickering on his mac while he was on the xbox!

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  38. Happy belated birthday!

    That pug is too cute. I am totally a fan of human names for animals. My twin kitties are called Daphne and Chloe.



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