What's new, pussycats? 

Tonight, I'm wearing my cat t-shirt from eBay and cracking on with my uni work in a major way. 

(Can't find the exact one, but here's a grey (?) version! Lots of hilarious options if you just search 'cat t-shirt'!)

I've arranged a Nando's date with Alex for Monday night as an incentive for me to reach my main milestone of this project (getting all of the words & images off to the fab lady graphic designing the book!) by then. If I don't get done in time, dinner is off. Has anyone had the new boneless butterfly chicken thing from Nando's? God, it's divine... 

On that delicious note, I'm going to crack on! Monday needs to happen!

Hope you all have an awesome long weekend! Have some fun for me, plz. 


Tuesday tip: French tip/half moon secret weapon

I remember hearing about this tip in school but have only just tried it out! I think it is quite a well-known technique, so forgive me if this is old news to you. But if I can share a tip that makes nail art easier for just one person, I'll be a happy bunny!

So, the secret weapon for achieving perfect half moons and french tips? Paper hole reinforcers! I got mine in Wilkinson's for about 99p.

This 'tutorial' really doesn't need a lot of explaining, except you must make sure your base colour is totally dry before sticking anything onto it.

It's best to whip the stickers off whilst the top polish is still wet, or the finish isn't as neat. Seal in with a topcoat and you're done!

My colour scheme was a bit icky. Love them separately, but not together! (Models Own Nude Beige + Top Turquoise.)

Hope you're all good, meine lieblings. I'm stressing my life away with uni work. Trying to have a positive mental attitude though... Can anyone offer some words of wisdom on reaching my deadline in time? Finding motivation so difficult right now even thought my degree is on the line! Scary shiz...

Much ♥

PS - Don't forget I'll be on SuperScrimpers tomorrow night on Channel 4 at 8.30pm! Eep!


What I wore the other day

I got this super cute dress the other day for £15 in New Look's sale. I bought another dress too so I could decide which to keep once I got home, but didn't realise you couldn't get a refund on sale items. Boo! Crummy policy, New Look. But thanks for the lovely dress... Not sure whether to love or hate you right now! 

(Worn with my battered charity shop boots and cute socks c/o Very.co.uk.)

I'm living in my big leopard bow at the moment because I got my hair cut about a week ago and I always get it 'short back and sides' and shaved a bit, but the lady shaved it a bit too severely (not graduated - is that the word?) so I now have a bit of a bowl cut/pseudo monk look going on! Covering it up until it grows out a tad... 

That's what you get when you spend £9 on a haircut at the local Barber I guess! They are usually very good though. Plus haircuts always look better after a week or so, I think. 

Back to the uni grindstone now! 

Have fun in the sun, kids! Please be careful. SPF 30 or GTFO. 


Lazing on a sunny afternoon


Sorry I haven't been able to post. Besides being mega busy, I couldn't find my memory card reader anywhere, so my photos were imprisoned on my cam, and thus my Tuesday tip was scuppered! I found the reader this morning (down the sofa, obvz) and just figured it's best to save it until a Tuesday rather than mid week!

You'll have to bear avec moi and my flaky ways for a while longer as I'm reaching the final furlong of my uni degree. I hand in on May 16th. And then I am chilling.the.eff.out. 

Speaking of chilling out, I had an undeserved day of relaxation yesterday. After going for lunch with our friends Jen and Martin, Alex and I got some Slush Puppies and headed to the 'secret garden' in Canterbury. It's just off the high street and down a little path beside some houses and it is so peaceful! The perfect place for some reading and Raspberry slush. I may have shattered the peace a smidge when I realised wasps were fans of Raspberry slush too... They chased me. I shrieked. I downed that icy goodness and moved swiftly to a different part of the garden. 

Pre wasp invasion:

(Blouse - Guerrisol Paris, Jeans - Topshop, Sandals c/o F&F at Tesco, Sunnies and bow - H&M, Cardi - Primark, Slush Puppy - Benji's sweet shop)

Alex on my knee reading Sartres... Me reading Russell's Booky Wook 2...

Anyone reading my Twitter last night will know the telly thing I've been involved in lately. I was contacted by Channel 4 to appear in their new show SuperScrimpers, sharing some of my moneysaving DIY/beauty ideas. Tuesday Tip readers will know the gist of most of them, but if you want to see them on the tellybox, check it out Wednesday at 8.30pm! I think I will be featured on it for a couple of weeks at least. There is a very amusing scene with Mrs Moneypenny (she came to my house!) Don't get me wrong, I have no plans to work in TV, but it sounded like too fun an opportunity to turn down! Plus, I think us scrimping young'uns could use a bit of representation on the show!

(Being filmed behind my polishes!)

I have lots of funny tales to share about the filming etc, but will save those until the show airs! Dreading watching it - I don't know if I'll be able to......

Anyway, back soon. I'm going to crack on with my work!! Good luck to anyone else with deadlines or exams coming up... We can do it!


Wearing words

Evening gals (and guys?) xo

Thanks for your response to my poll about my 2000+ follower celebrations. Very helpful, and so far, it looks like most people are wanting the best of both worlds - sponsored prizes and ones I've bought too. Will get on the case as soon as I'm done with uni! 

Anyway, I wanted to show you these cute new arrivals in Sophie's shop (Oh My Clumsy Heart). Alex used to work with Sophie and they're still good buddies, and when they met up the other day, she'd made this dictionary badge for him. What a cool idea! Very fitting for my loveably apathetic boy. 

Sophie is also selling dictionary letter badges and necklaces too. 

Sophie tells me that if it's available, you can message her asking for a specific word if there's one you'd particularly like on a badge! 

I'm crud at making decisions so I don't know what word I'd get on a badge. Would probably have to settle on my initial. Or 'indecisive'! I know what my least favourite words are... 'gyrate', 'globule', 'giblets' to name a few... Damn, all the G words! Maybe I ought to rethink getting my initial on a badge... 

What would you get? Share your favourite words avec moi! And/or your least favourite for that matter. There is little I enjoy more than discussing words!



Hello strangers!

I've had  a very funny/busy/random/terrifying/lol week. Long story short, I had some camera men filming me in my flat on Friday! I will share more when I know for sure if I'm gonna be on the telly box or not... Don't like to jinx these things!

The madness doesn't end, as they're back for more on Tuesday, and the rest of my week will be consumed with trying to get my Final Major Project back on track. I am so behind it is slightly terrifying. But you have to say KTHX to exciting opportunities in this life, so I'll have to find a way to get everything done. 

I did my nails before work earlier and went for a kind of mixy-matchy look. I was trying out a technique for getting french tips and half moons. More on that on Tuesday! :)

I decided today that Top Turquoise by Models Own (bought with my own dollarz, by the way) is officially my favourite nail polish ever. A stunning creamy Turquoise shade, opaque after one coat and quick drying. J'adore!

I used Eyeko's Cosmic Polish for the black tips (wasted on this manicure, as you can't see the awesome glittery bits in it) and Beauty UK's Metallic Gold (freebie) which is my favourite gold polish. Can't seem to see it on the website.. Maybe it's sold out. Also used my Models Own/Wah Nail pen. 

I had a thought today when considering how to celebrate this blog reaching over 2000 followers (thank you all SO much, by the way ♥ Still have to pinch myself when I see my follower count!) I've done the whole sponsored giveaway marathon thing in the past, which was great and that, but I think a more personal approach would express my gratitude to you more sincerely... Not interfered with by promotional messages. I don't want to gain new followers because it's a stipulation of my amahhhzing [insert brand here] giveaway... I'm ecstatic with where this blog has gotten to so far, and any further growth will be fab, but I'm not going to force it. 

Soooo I'm not going to spill the exact details (mainly because I haven't thought that far ahead yet), but I'm thinking of doing a competition/giveaway where all prizes have been lovingly hand-picked and purchased by myself. No 'RRP £150' here. Not saying I'm turning my back on giveaways, as it's lovely to have an opportunity to win things we might not usually be able to afford, but I'm just thinking in the context of celebrating a special milestone, it could cheapen the sincerity... Dunno! Not saying I think this of other bloggers that do this, as I have done it myself in the past! I'm not here to judge! Just thinking out loud, and trying to work out the best way to thank y'all. 

I'm clearly quite the overthinker, so I'm leaving it up to you, my dear, dear followers. 

Would you appreciate the chance to win some cool stuff sponsored by brands? Or something with a more personal touch? Or a bit of both? 

After all, I want to thank YOU. So whatever the majority decides is what I'll go with. Not sure when, mind! Due to my aforementioned trainwreck of a life. Probs at the end of May when I'm an unemployed post-grad.. (does 8 hours a week at Topshop really count as a job?) 

Can't believe how long I just ravaged your retinas with babble for!! Forgive! 

Back soon I hope. Wish me productivity with my uni work!


Tuesday tip: buy the paper today!


A cheeky tip this week, as my Tuesday Tips have been features in The Times today! You can find it on page 21 of the Times2 pullout, on the Young Times page. Here's the link for anyone with a subscription to the site!

I am so very excited and chuffed to have been asked to be involved! I never realised it would take up so much of the page! Eep!

Outfit credits can be found here!

I did have a 'proper' tip planned today, so will try and get it up after I get back from dinner with a friend tonight.  

I'm refusing to let work, Twitter killjoys or anything else bring me down today! Have surely jinxed myself now, but will do my best to remain in this excited bubble all day.

Hope you all have a lovely day too!

Thank you all for reading the blog and my Tuesday Tips. Your comments and tweets make my day, y'know. 


On the Naughty Step: Blistex Relief Cream

Let me start off by saying that this stuff is actually one of my miracle products. It is the only lip product I've had that actually treats chapped lips without just glossing over the problem. (Don't excuse the pun, it was a bloody good one!)

My only problem is with the awful packaging! 

Those that own this will know what I mean, but for those that don't: 

- It comes in a flexible metal tube, which if accidentally squished in your bag, will erupt without warning when you next open it. 

- Due to the free-flowing nature of this product, the nozzle of the tube is constantly all gooey and yuck.

- Another pet peeve is that you have to use your finger to apply it, unlike a chapstick, so you end up with a gooey mitt too... (I'm easily annoyed.)


Blistex have recently extended their range to include these exciting looking glosses, massagers and balms. All in different variations of practical, sturdy, plastic packaging. 

So why not their Relief Cream? It is surely one of their best sellers. And I think it would sell more if we were spared the dread of unscrewing the scummy lid to be greeted with a potential explosion of product! Maybe it's all a ploy to make it run out faster so we have to buy more... Hmm! 

Please, Blistex. I love you, but hurry up and make like your American counterpart and get rid of this nerve-wracking, messy and wasteful packaging!

What are your thoughts on this? 




A very quick outfit post today, as I'm about to rush off to work. Then it's a colleague's leaving drinks afterwards, so I won't be about to blog later. 

Thought I'd switch up from the borrring background in my hallway today...

(Jacket - H&M, Dress - Topshop, Belt - H&M, Bow - H&M, Boots - charity shop)

The jacket is probably a bit much on a warm day like today, but the air con was a bit nippy in work the other day so I'm hoping it'll be okay. The dress is a bit arm-y and my arms are grotesque, so I'd really rather not have to flaunt them! Fingers crossed for icy air con...

Hope you have an exquisite weekend! Anyone put any bets on the Grand Nash? Good luck if so. I put £1 on a horse called 'Niche Market' as I feel quite an affinity with the phrase... 


Farmyard fun

Hey hey!

I thought I'd share some funny pics from my trip home at the weekend to visit my mum and sister for mother's day. We visited Blackberry Farm 'The Fashion Farm' eagle-eyed readers may recall from last year!

Me and my sister are obsessed with animals so it was very selfless of mum to suggest a trip to the farm! We did feel slightly out of place being the only visitors without small children with us. Especially whilst barging toddlers out of the way when it came to animal handling time! Haha! So, here's some highlights:

Chillin' on a tractor. Or something?

(Jacket - Topshop, Dress - Primark, Boots - chazza, headscarf - H&M)

I loved this rebellious orphan goat-baby! He kept jumping from his enclosure into the Guinea Pig enclosure to eat their food!

Caught red-hoofed!!

We also met this little Catten (smaller than a cat, bigger than a kitten!) who was so friendly and dosile that she literally fell asleep in my sister's arms. Shannon proceeded to carry her around the farm for much of the afternoon.

Me hanging out with a little bird! Sobbing toddlers just out of the shot. (Just joking, everyone got their fair share of animal playtime! After I'd had my turn.)

Some cheerful farm imagery for da kids!

We met another friendly cat whilst sitting down for a cuppa. Mum got us a 'hot chocolate' which turned out to taste like warm muddy water. As it was mother's day I tried to force it down to be polite, but whilst she was in the toilet I tipped it out on the grass. Then Shannon got the 'crying thing' as we call it, when you feel really racked with guilt/pity for someone and want to cry. Haha! So we confessed to mum the hot choc was an insult to our tastebuds, and she went into the cafe and politely explained their error, and we got some free Slush Puppies instead. Woo! It pays to complain, people.

(Friendlycat was lying on her back on my lap! So cute!)

I was glad to note the farm hadn't lost its fashion sense since my last visit, with the appearance of some dungarees - all the rage this Spring/Summer! The scarecrow was truly ahead of its fashion years with its twig-for-a-hand look, which is tipped by some trendspotters to be a key look for A/W 2014. It's an avant-garde (not to mention painful and irreversible) style statement only to be attempted by the most dedicated fashion followers.

Other highlights of my trip home included my mum and I abusing my Shannon's beauty know-how (she's studying beauty at college). She tinted my lashes and brows, and plucked mum's eyebrows. The difference a bit of plucking did to mum's droopy eyes was unreal. Only an hour before, she'd been getting me to Google eye surgery for her, but afterwards, they looked so much better! Plucking does make such a difference to your face. It's just occurred to me that if my mother mated with the above Scarecrow, they would quite literally have some droopy eyed armless children, like in the Charlie Sheen rant!

Good god I've said some ridiculous things in this post! It is clear that the stress of my uni work has left me mentally unhinged.

Speaking of which, I'm going to crack on with it. Not really sure where I could've gone after mother-scarecrow mating to be honest!

I'll try and post something clothing-ish tomorrow! Have fun in the sun, UK-ers.


Belated Tueday Tip: DIY no sew duct tape purse!

Forgive the delay of this tip. It was all filmed and shot by yesterday evening, but technology got in the way. Including me not having a clue how to use the latest version of iMovie (resulting in tears of frustration) and the final video taking 679 years to upload to Youtube.  Hopefully it's worth the wait (and my tears), as it's a really fun DIY project for yourself or as a gift.

I've made a few duct tape wallets for Alex in the past, and although they're cool, they can be kinda scruffy. So, through a lot of trial and error, I recently devised my own way to make more girly purses using duct tape and pretty fabric. I'm so excited to show you this, especially after the ORDEAL to get it all uploaded!

This DIY can be adjusted to make a clutch bag, makeup bag, business card holder... Just increase or trim down the size accordingly. 

You will need: Fabric, duct tape, stapler, scissors, paper (optional), adhesive Velcro (optional). 

Time taken: 20 minutes

Cost per purse: No more than £1! (Considering setting up an Etsy right now!)

Watch the video tutorial here, or scroll down for step by step pics. 

(Excuse my almost drunken babbling at the start of the vid. Couldn't get my words out after a gruelling day at work!!) Skip to 1:39 to cut to the chase if you'd like to be spared the wittering!

Step 1 - Make a paper template of the size/length you'll want your purse to be. Leave a little extra seam allowance. 

Step 2 - On the reverse of your fabric, start sticking strips of Duct Tape down. Have each new strip overlap the other by about a third until you've done enough. 

Step 3 - Trace round your paper template with a pen (or if you've used black tape, pressing hard with a pen/pencil leaves a visible enough imprint). Follow the lines and snip!

Step 4 - You are here: 

Step 5 - Fold one end over slightly and tape in place as shown. This bit will be the opening of your purse so needs to be hemmed. 

Step 6 - Fold the material as shown, adjusting to however big you want the boy of your purse to be. Staple down the sides, keeping each staple close together and as straight as poss!

Step 7 - You are here: 

Step 8 - Make a little snip in the circled area,  cutting in as far as your row of staples are. (See vid if this is unclear). Repeat on the other side

Step 9 - Turn the purse over and fold the material you've just snipped on each side, securing with duct tape. 

Step 10 - Cover the stapled sides of your purse tightly with duct tape to maximise durability. 

Step 11 - Put said durability to the test and (gently) wrestle that baby inside out! Now decide how far you want the top of the purse to fold over, leaving half a centimetre for hemming it. Trim if required, then hem as shown in steps 5 and 9. 

Step 12 - Fasten the purse with some adhesive velcro, available for about £1.50 per half meter from C&H fabrics (or curtain shops, as I discovered this morning!) Cutting wonky velcro heart shapes, optional! 

Step 13 - Leave plain or decorate as you wish! Gluing on some gems or a button could look cute! 


I hope you've enjoyed this tip. If I've forgotten anything or you have any questions, just comment or tweet! Let me know if you decide to make it! It's a proper rainy day DIY so I'm secretly hoping for some April showers...