Tuesday Tip: You tell me!

Hey chicks and chaps!

I've had a hellish week so far. Back down to earth with an almighty crash after my fun times at fashion week. I returned to uni yesterday which was depression central. Dissertation this, 4-day week that... Bleurgh. It's amazing how draining just sitting on your butt and scrawling the odd key word into a notepad can be!

All of this upheaval has distracted me and made me forget today was a tip day! I've been at work all day and then went straight for a meal with my pal Emily before realising I'd totally forgotten to prepare a tip! Don't worry though, next week I have something big planned. I actually have a whole page of future tips, it's just finding the time to take photos and write them up, etc! Especially now I have a chocka uni schedule. I will make every effort to keep Tuesday Tips alive, though! Dissertation Smissertation.

So this week, I've decided to ask you to be the tippers. Please share with me (and eachother) your favourite fashion or beauty tips. Have you just discovered a really awesome product you can't live without? Tell me! This will also serve as my shopping list once my student loan comes in!

My nerve-wracking life has led me to some serious comfort seeking. I've been eating loads of naughty things (I genuinely believe I consumed about 4000 kcals yesterday) and wearing lots of cosy stuff. I picked up these super cosy slippers for £3 in Primarni yesterday! Loving them!

(leggings - topshop, cat - model's own)

How's your week going so far? Is anyone else feeling the back-to-school stress?



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  3. i like the new rimmel mascara a lot - the one that promotes natural eye lash growth. it's thankfully non clumpy!

    yeah i'm starting uni soon :( got hella loads of shakespeare to read...woopdeedooo

  4. dissertation, i feel your pain! i really hate the back to school feeling

  5. (un)luckily not going to uni and working 5 days a week provides full time stress and as it's in retail I never have a friday feeling (woo hoo!) Don't worry Christmas will spring round before you know it! :)


  6. back to school stress is a bit of a nightmare. just went in to my 3rd year and have decided i'd quite like to work towards a first, so keeping up with readings, working in tatty bon, planning another fashion show as well as trying to stay involved with all these projects i've got involved in the past year. it's turning me in to a sress ball but i wouldn't have it any other way.

    if we're going for products i recommend chanel imperial nail polish. it's the gorgeous brown polish with reddy plummy overtones and it's grown up but still kind of unusual. i love it.



  7. I put my uni work what I have to do/find time to bother to even look at (haha) in my current magazine choice of literature. As in right now I have a loungewear branding brief in current Dazed. This results in me actually looking at and thinking about uni work hahah :)

  8. Ye know, I'm kinda sad that Ive graduated and while everyone else is starting back uni I'm stuck elsewhere trying to be all grown up and stuff :( its over rated! haha dissartation times are the most epic head fuck EVER, but its really something to be proud of when you look back on it :) I bet you'll do great, lil miss writer extrordinare! :)

    My only beauty related tip, is after years of using semi expensive shampoo (influenced by my hairdresser mother) Ive been lazy and recently just picked up some aussie shampoo at the shops rather than going to salon services or whatnot. WELL, for the first time in like forever, I dont need to wash my hair every single day, and its not too greasy or too dry in between washes. Good times, thanks aussie :) no idea what rock I was under when everyone jumped on the aussie bandwagon lol. I'm v'hairy happy! ♥ haha see what I did there? :p xx

  9. Am secretly jealous that i'm no longer in uni... it's the dim and distant past for me! Loving the slippers... i've been tucked up in mine for the last week or so! My best tip... start getting your eyebrows threaded! I don't known why i ever bothered tweezing them now!

  10. cat - model's own hahaha lovely!
    my beauty tip is quite simple; yoga. i've started yoga a few weeks ago with my mum (some quality time ;D) and i've noticed such great changes. i sleep better, i'm more relaxed (less jumpy and stressed) and i feel more comfortable in my own skin. all of these inner feelings really show; i'm glowing and more cheerful and that's what really makes you beautiful :)

  11. I recently stumbled across Rimmel's Pro Matte Top Coat whilst trying to just find some basic top/base coat. I'd been desperate to find some matte top coat for absolutely ages and was chuffed to bits! I knew Topshop did one but they didn't have it in my local store, and I didn't want to order it online to then have to pay the same amount in postage!
    It's really good; turns your colour matte within a minute or so of applying, and acts as a good general top coat. It's also good because it dries pretty quickly and doesn't smudge like some top coats do.
    Sorry, this is a really long comment, I was just really excited to find it!

  12. I hope this doesn't sound gross but the best tip I ever got was to vaseline my feet before wearing new shoes - it practically eliminates rubbage and blisters. I forgot to do it recently, having gotten complacent, and I'd forgotten how insanely painful blisters are.

    I went back to uni today and felt pretty panicked as I also face dissertation land.

  13. if you ever get deodorant marks on a top use a pair of tights to wipe them off. swear it is the best tip evurrr!

    Also back to uni soon. final year = mega stress :S Don't know how you have time to study and blog!

  14. Those slippers look cosy!!

    Ummm tip, tip, tip. Right! Plain noodles cooked up with peas add soy sauce and chilli sauce. Meal for cheap. Survived at uni on that.


  15. Guys! All of you going back to uni. I never went. You're making me glad I didn't (and no one need say 'need a degree to get perfect job' to me because I have my perfect job. *is lucky*).

    But Gem, four day week! Is that just uni or uni and work? Don't complain if it's both. That's a whole day free to blog and decorate your nails.

    Okay, a tip. Olive oil and sugar for a face/lip scrub. Believe it's been covered by Gem but recently rediscovered it on a friend's blog.

    Best, cheap beauty thing ever!

  16. Awwwh bless you I know exactly how you feel! Just got to throw yourself into that 3rd year as I am currently trying and failing to do :( fingers crossed it all goes well. Am feeling a little primark trip myself now.. hmmm x

    R x


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  18. If it makes you feel any better I currently eat 4000 calories every day!

    Love those slippers x

  19. I'm not sure I have a tip worthy of Tuesday Tips! I need you to guide me, Gem! :) x

  20. Hi, I have literally found your blog today, and I instantly followed =) i love love your hair =)



  21. ooo I'm on a massive chocolate binge myself- 3 months in a country where chocolate tastes wrong has led me to go mad now I'm back :s

    i think i've mentioned it before somewhere but my own very secret tip for keeping healthy hair is putting the conditioner on dry hair about 15 minutes before a bath/shower- water dilutes it/avoids it being fully absorbed and then washing it out- if after shampoo it needs a soft sheen apply a little amount later

  22. ahh i hate school! :(

    tuesday tip - i have the sort of skin that, although i never get stung by anything, make-up and perfume don't stay on!
    so to help this, put vaseline on your eyelids before eyeshadow to make it stay on, and put it on your wrists then apply perfume!
    always works! ♥

    love your blog :)


  23. I love the 'cat-models own' part :P
    Oh I long for the days of uni and college, my stress at the moment is getting back to work part time, and making sure my one year old does not eat everything in sight. Love the slippers, got to love Primark :)

  24. <3 the cats tail bit! Uh right, tip,tip,tip...Ah ha! Using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream and/or if you run out of shaving cream. I use herbal essences silk and shine on them...

  25. Primark? £3? Those slippers? I'm there! Great tip!


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