Outfit overload!


Remember that ASOS comp? Well, my first blog for the website went live today! You guys got the first scoop on most of it in my LFW post, but if you'd like to read it anyway and humour me, it's HERE! They also filmed a little video interview with me at fashion week, so if you want to dip your toes in the river of cringe: be my guest!

I thought I'd share a few outfit pictures from the last week, as I haven't really been posting outfit pictures much at all lately!

This is the only outfit picture I have from Saturday at LFW! I was rummaging in my bag freaking out about losing my phone or something like that. As ever, I hadn't lost anything! I was wearing a mini pencil skirt on the bottom half, FYI! (Via Not Just Medical)

(jacket - topshop, tee - h&m, clogs - moheda courtesy of sarenza, bag - charity shop)

This was my comfy first day of uni outfit. I'm quite into lippy at the moment. It counteracts my boy-boots that are pretty much my trademark these days.

(sweater - topshop, bodycon skirt - h&m)

This was what I wore today for some post-uni charity shop perusal. Fruitless, unfortunately. Rather unflattering photo, but it's nice to have a change of background!

(t-shirt dress - primark, belt - primark, jacket - topshop, shoes - charity shop)

And just a little lifey update....

♥ Alex started uni this week as a 'mature student'! At 25 years of age, he's decided to get back into education after his rock 'n' roll years of being in a band. He's spent this week mainly dodging fresher's events where possible and sending me text messages like 'That was bullshit'. Enjoy, Alex! It doesn't get much better!

♥ I've decided to change my dissertation topic, but haven't decided what to. Are any of you doing a dissertation? Gimme some inspiration. I was going to do mine on bloggy stuff, but I figured studying blogs 24/7 might take the fun out of keeping one! I think I want to keep it simple. If 10,000 word essays can be described as such.

♥ Roxy lost her homo-tastic bright pink leopard collar. Probably some sort of protest. She's quite the diva.

♥ I had a bit of a haircut last week. It's very subtle but my fringe isn't hanging lifelessly in my eyes anymore, so this is a plus.

♥ I have a super busy weekend coming up. Might be going to meet Henry Holland at a Debenhams event tomorrow eve (train fare costs permitting). Then back to Sussex to see my mommy. It's her birthday on Friday so we're going to Brighton (♥ x10) for the day. Then I'm coming back to Canterbury for a friend's leaving do. Then on Saturday I'm going to London to visit one of my favourite humans ever, Hannah. Can't actually wait! Am hoping my student loan rears it's sexy head tomorrow or I'm a bit screwed!

Anyway, I'm off to chill before my crazy 4-day weekend. It's nice to be busy but I'm looking forward to some down-time soon... I'm used to living the quiet life!


PS - If you like a lol, here's the highlight of my life. Watch this first, then watch THIS!


  1. Well done on the ASOS front, really loved your coverage and cute little video haha! Roxy the diva, that made me laugh :3 I'm so with you on the student loan front. Need. Now. Desperately.


  2. Gem, love the last outfit! And the lippy in the second photo... honestly can't express how much I love that on you! You look seriously gorgeous.

  3. Im wanting to go to Uni, by the time i get there I will be classed as a mature student even though i'll be 21/22.

    Loved this post =) Your hair and style is so amazing =)

    Good luck with your dissertation


  4. Waaaah just watched the interview vid too! it's super super cute... really professional.

  5. Oh my gosh, those videos. HAHA. loved it.

  6. hahaha! Love that video of the witness. Could only be in America....

    Loving you outfits too! Nice one :)

    Chloe... x


  7. Congrats on the ASOS win :) I like the way you blog, it's personal but easy to read at the same time. Will be faving this when I'm done x

  8. Congrat's again kitten on the ASOS dealyo, you have earned it. Oh you should do your paper on blogging, you could highlight that fact that in the age of the internet we know can feedback directly to the industry and show our style, want we what and the real 'trends' on the street. That the youth of today may seem disconnect, but we are connecting in different ways and letting people into our lives via blogging.
    Plus anyone and everyone can blog, it is not for a higher power of elite rich lists. It is something for everyone to enjoy and for those who connect with a wider group, have the chance to be part of a world that is usual cut off from non designer/celeb culture. Plus most people look to blogs now for information on events and lastly looks, Style bubble and Kingdom of Style are great examples. Well good luck with it. I'm sure you will come up with something.
    Hahhaha mature student at 25, their is no hope for me when I go back than. :P Well done again on the ASOS going to check it out now xxxxx

  9. I adore all of these outfits! And your hair is looking fantastic as always.

    Oo, I'm about to go check out your ASOS blog now! Have a great time away!


  10. My dissertation was on the perpetuation of stereotypes through fashion. I concentrated on goths and discussed clothing as a form of identification within the subculture. It was such fun to write and I got to interview some aaaamazing people!

    My advice is write about something that interests you, that you're passionate about. Then the 10,000 words won't seem so long! xx

  11. well done on the asos blog - you did good!

    i second the 'write about something which interests you' advice - i had to write 20,000 words, started by thinking i would struggle badly, but in the end i really got into the subject and struggled to keep to the word limit

  12. Hahaha Gem your video recommendations are wonderful - bed intruder song has been a huge hit with my friends ha.

    Re dissertation, I agree with the above comments really, think of what you really enjoy doing and try to tailor your dissertation to reflect that!

    jazzy ♥

  13. what's in that 'eccentric' lady's hair? I WANT ONE. must make one now..


  14. Congrats on the ASOS, that's awesome! You are too gorgeous, love the red lips. I've been trying red lips lately, but it's still too hot here to wear fall clothes, so red lips just look weird. Lovely blog, happy to be your newest follower!

  15. all your asos stuff is dead impressive, you should be really proud.
    outfits look really lovely my dear
    the backing up song is hilar, im off to show it to my housemates now ha! xx

  16. it's dissertation year for me too - i'm doing "the effect of celebrities and celebrity culture on fashion" which, i like to think, gives me an excuse to read things like heat, but is actually loaded with really complicated sounding theory. not so fun.

    though i only have to do 6000 words, which doesnt sound like that much until you factor in the full collection i have to make and the various live projects. OH GOD WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO!

    a blog-based topic was one of the ones i pitched, but i figured it's quite a popular topic these days, and while it might be easy to find articles on the subject; there are less likely to be books and other such sources....

  17. Your asos video is so cute Gem! The lippy really suits you, I always have to wear lippy when I wear jeans so that i feel a bit girlier hehe

  18. The video was so cool, you're a natural! Well done! x

  19. love love love your ASOS stuff; no need to be embarrassed haha!

    And mega LOLZ at those YouTube vids - hilarious!

  20. My dissertation topic was the ideology and impact of microcredit in Bangladesh, so I'm afraid I'm not much help! :P

    Have a lovely weekend and have a nice time with your mum! :)


  21. yay, well done on the ASOS post, go girl! :)

    have just had my hair cut short and died, umm, well kinda purple from shoulder lenght blonde, was quite a change, but I guess it's in a similar kinda shape to yours now I look again - having a nightmare keeping the short bits flat at the back though - and bedhead is hilarious!! ... have also noticed it doesn't really work the same with sharp little dresses, so looking to girly up trousers etc - lippie's definitely a good way to go



  22. i ended up watching all the asos videos, you come across really well. bet you had a great time.

  23. Loving the jacket Gem - bang on trend.

    Oh yes and well done on the ASOS comp and all your hard work. It's going to be so worth it :)

    Sarah Betty xx

  24. Love the Asos stuff,

    and your outfits are kick ass x

  25. Lovely ASOS post :). Congrats on winning the battle of the bloggers.

    Since when are cats not divas?I'm pretty sure my one definitely is (not too mention miss flirt who stays upstairs).

  26. Gem - you come across as so cool, grown up and savvy on that video! Absolutely awesome, well done! x

  27. Gem - you come across as so cool, grown up and savvy on that video! Absolutely awesome, well done! x

  28. Looking gorgeous, I love all your outfits! I was trying to describe your haircut to my hair dressers cos I think it's super ace, really inspirational. I finished my MSc dissertation about a month ago, 20,000 words of agony but all the hard work was worth it in the end. Writing something your interested in makes the whole experiences much more enjoyable so doing it on blogging could be a good decision or like you said spoil the whole thing. Good luck any how x

  29. Good luck with uni,3rd year is hard but awesome. A year out of graudating and I actually MISS the library...
    I did my dissertation on individuality within fashion.. It was a street style study.
    It's an interesting world!

    I can recommend if you want to do it fashion based then reading Elizabeth Wilson's book 'Adorned in Dreams' and the article that changed my whole world by Andrew Hill called 'People Dress So Badly Nowadays:Fashion and Late Modernity'.

    Good luck!

  30. Love your first post for ASOS and that comfy outfit. My cat used to have a fab sparkly pink collar but it went missing, I think my Mum threw it away, she really hated it!


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