Friday night's outfit


I am seriously frazzled after my afternoon at work! It was so busy, I feel like a zombie now. I staggered home, chucked a pizza in the oven and am now in a carb-coma, watching Big Brother! I wanted to post my outfit from last night so I haven't been a completely useless blimp tonight!

I had a really nice night. I went out for a couple of drinks with my work buddies. I didn't stay out too long as I don't really have much money to be wasting on booze! AND I realised I'd forgotten to use the Models Own 50% off voucher code, so had to be home by midnight before it ran out. Sort of like a modern day nail-art-obsessed Cinderella story!

I can't wait for my new shades to arrive! I picked 5 lovely colours and it all came to about £12.50 including P&P! I know I said I was skint, but I seriously need to top up my nail varnish collection. Nail varnish > Booze. Eyeko sent me a few nail varnishes to try out today, so I'm going to be on a nail art mission trying all these bad boys out in the coming weeks!

Anywho, here's what I wore out. I resurrected my Christopher Kane lacey meshy Topshop dress, and wore it with my vintage desert boots (which might as well be surgically attached to my feet), my kitten locket from Claire's, a h&m scarf in my hair and a plait Primark belt.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oooh! Like a goth ballerina... je l'aime ! Now if only you had glass slippers, too. ;)

  2. I love this look - edgy and girly all at the same time! You look amazing. And I don't blame you on the boots front - I am completely the same with my Jeffrey Campbell boots.


  3. Hah yesterday I eat a whole pizza to myself. Carbs to the max!
    Love the dress <3<3

  4. you look amazing,
    i've had the zombie feeling today after work too

  5. love the dress, you look lovely!

    Stacey xx

  6. You look fab! I'm going out tomorrow night so I have a hangover to look forward to on Monday! I'm gonna try to stick to vodka though so it isn't as bad (but I do love mixing drinks...!)

  7. That dress is gorgeous! And the belt and head scarf go so well. I need to borrow your closet please.

  8. ooh i have that dress too, love it! glad you got to use your discount code

  9. lusting the bow!! So adorable :)


  10. Gem you look gorgeous! I love the leopard print scarf! I bought this dress in the sale a while ago but took it back because I didn't think it suited me - how gutted am I now!

    Fashion Stereotype

  11. that kitten necklace makes me giggle everytime i see it! it's so cute.

  12. Sweet sweel! :) You look so cute! I also used the voucher at about 11.30pm, cant wait to get my wee parcel! Need to share what you got when it arrives :) Hope youve had a nice weekend twinsie! xx

  13. i love the outfit (:
    ah, wish i had money to spend on my nails. jealous!

  14. Update your nail varnish collection thats one thing I dont need to do well I want to but my mum wont let me I have over 5o colours and wear the same ones all of the time- a waste of money :L


  15. LOVE this outfit! I tried this dress on at Christmas when it was in the sale but the only one left was badly ripped. I was gutted because it's so pretty - and you just reminded me of my loss! Damn you Gem! :P x

  16. I love your work with the scarf!!
    Really nice outfit, wouldn't mind a close up of those shoes.


  17. Hi Gem- don't know why I've never commented one of your posts before, probably because of my hectic social life (note the sarcasm). Anyway, just to say obviously it's hard to tell over the wide, wide internetz, but you seem like a really lovely person. Your upbeat, bouncy, yet very down to earth musings instantly drew me to your blog and I feel (oddly) proud of you for winning the ASOS BotB.

    Your wardrobe challenge has totally inspired me to do this. I'm going back to sixth form next week and a wardrobe mix-up is just what I need! Though I may have to hit the charity shops first...

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  18. Love this! <3
    That kitten locket is super cute! *.*

  19. Love love love this outfit! Those boots look so cool with the dress.

    Embracing Style

  20. Haha, I managed to squeeze in an order just before midnight as well!
    Love your dress, it's gorgeous! x

  21. www.the-fashion-gallery.blogspot.com

    I love this outfit! I really want a one shoulder dress but don't know weather i could pull it off or not :/


  22. Love your outfit! The necklace is so sweet :)

  23. Love the dress, and you already know my feeling for that amazing necklace!!


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