Beside the seaside!

Alex and I went to Whitstable with his parents today. I love Whitstable, it's where I spent my birthday. I didn't take many pics because it was raining a lot of the time and I didn't want to damage my cam! I have quickly edited these in Picnik, trying out different levels of sepia and vignette, so excuse the inconsistency! Feel free to tell me which effect you like best or give me any Picnik pointers!

Here's what I wore:

Here's what I saw:

Woolly Bicycles outside a cute indie/DIY type gift shop!!

Flower filled ornamental bike and a floral wheelie bin! Too cute!

Here's what I bought:

(Address book and 5 packs of Frosties for us and our friends to scoff during Big Brother tonight!)

Oh and here's my new mobile phone! It's a Nokia C6. I'd been holding out for the Xperia Mini Pro (it's adorbs) but the T-mobile lady cajoled me into getting this one instead because the Xperia got recalled due to signal probs... I'm disappointed I didn't get the phone I truly wanted but I've been making it mine all evening with apps and things. I love the keyboard on it. I'll be a tweet and text machine! So I guess that's all that matters.

Off for my nightly date with Big brother! Hope you're having a lovely Friday night!


  1. Gem, the pictures look great! I think the effects work really well with the stock pictures (the ones with objects and stuff in them – the last two in particular have a gorgeous vintage feel) but maybe a little OTT for your outfit picture?
    Looking lovely as always. :)
    Love Sanchia xxx

  2. Love your outfit and frosties are too yummy! I think the way you edited all of the pictures is really good :) The effects seem similar to my boyfriends aperture programme on his macbook pro! :)

    Fashion Stereotype.

  3. I love the edited ornate bicycle picture! The tones look fab.
    And your phone looks nice too! New phones are always so exciting.

  4. ooh i do love whitstable!
    im back in canterbury now and its at the top of my to do list
    that bike is so pretty xxx

  5. Love the photos, your naisl are so cute!
    the new phone looks lovely aswell, you'll have to post and let us know if it's guuurd :)

    Jess xx

  6. whitsable looks nice!:)
    i love your nails,their so pretty and neat!:)
    lovely outfit too:Dx

  7. i love all your photos - especially the yarn bombed bicycles! nice nails btw.

  8. Looks like you had a lovely day, even if it was raining!

    The wooly bikes are adorable :)

    Don't want to make you jealous or anything (:p) but I've got the Sony Ericsson x10 Mini Pro.. Had it just over a week now.. Gotta say, I really wasn't sure about getting it, but I'm rather loving it..!
    You'll have to recommend any good apps you find to me :)


  9. The wooly bikes are just too cute <3<3<3

    (And the one filled with plants)

  10. you watch big brother? I might now have to release my little obsession onto you. sam pepper = fittie. john james = poo head. josie = legend.

    on another note, you look lovely :)


  11. great pictures xxx and love your phone!

  12. Ooh I love your funky nails! have a great weekend babe x

  13. that bike with the flowers and the floral wheelie bin is truely amazing xxx i like your blogx

  14. Some awesome pictures there. You should check out lomography effect on your photos, makes the photos look all vintage-y!

    And your outfit is a fit as ever. xx

  15. oooh wow those bikes are soo cute!! I spyed a beautiful bike recently too, really really want one now :) your phone looks super cool even if it isnt the one you originally wanted :)

    robyn x

  16. Cute outfit, I am hoping to have some time tonight to have a play around with Picnik! Love those woolly bikes!

  17. Those bicycles are so cool! And it sounds like a really fun day.

  18. awww those bicycles look so cute! hope you have a nice weekend! p.s. your sherbet coloured nails look amazing.

  19. How do you get your pictures from picknik to save to your computer once you've edited them.

    I've tried to use the site before, but always stretches the pictures once I've saved them??


  20. love the outfit and THAT PHOOOOONE! x

  21. Love love love that t!

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