Question time!

Hello guys, sorry for the lack of posting, I've been feeling uninspired, and looking it as well! Until today, anyway.

I was reading the hilarious Winona from Daddy Likey's post about tote bags today and I saw an adorable 'Pugs not drugs' one (definitely my ethos for life!) I did a bit of clicking around and it turns out the creator of the bag is an extremely talented lady called Gemma Correll, who is a fantastic illustrator. I spent a good portion of my afternoon ogling her portfolio on Flickr, and it is basically delightful. It has also made me seriously wonder whether a cat/pug obsession is directly linked to having the name Gemma... I'm not very in the loop when it comes to art/illustration, and I'm really chuffed to have stumbled upon Gemma's work today!

Gemma has kindly agreed to do an interview for the magazine project I'm doing at uni (and therefore this blog seeing as I'll be posting whatever I create on here). I'm going to send off some questions to Gemma tomorrow or Monday, and I wondered if you guys had anything you'd like me to ask her? Comment or email me if so!

Enough of the chit chat, let's look at her handiwork!

How lovely? I especially love the illustrated diary, there's heaps more of them on her Flickr and they're definitely worth a look if you're nosey like me! I feel like the last two pictures are a prediction of my future self... One can only hope!


  1. ahhh! i love gemma corrells work! every single piece she does is just so amazing! I always got to her for my cards and prints for peoples pressies! and her obsession with pugs is just adorable! ask her how mr pickles is! but on a more sensible note ask her about how she got the opportunities to work with all the companies she has? did they approach her with the work or is she part of a agency?

  2. wow, I love it! "If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake.. (or bought one from Tesco)" hehe

    I'm definitely going to check out more of her stuff :D

  3. these are AWESOME! Very Edward Monkton-ish :)
    The cake one is inspired!

  4. I must have the cake/tesco one in my life right. this. second.
    love. thanks for introducing me to her! :)

  5. I've been following her work for a while, she's wonderful! ♥

  6. They are insane! Thank so much for introducing me to these!!!

  7. Haha that last one could have been me. I like her work, it's lovely!

  8. What wonderful pieces! I LOVE her tongue in cheek take on the what I wore blog post - especially the holey Primark cardi! Hee hee.

    I'd love to know where Gemma gets her inspiration from - blogs? Real life people? Books?

  9. I've seen that Pugs not Drugs tote somewhere before :o)

    The boyf and I are just starting a screen print company together and plan to do totes, tees, posters, jewellery etc. When it's up and running if you like anything I'll do you a freebie :o)

  10. This is awesome :) I've seen a few of these illustrations but never knew who did them. Thats brilliant youre getting to interview her, Id agree with Jen and ask where she gets her inspiration from. But maybe how she got into illustrating and how she knew it was the career for her? Exciting stuff :) xx

  11. That diary one is soooo gorgeous - if I could make something so pretty I could maybe achieve my life-long ambition of keeping a diary for more than a week... maybe! x


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