Today was the start of our quarterly Topshop uniform allowance, where we have a few weeks to buy some clothes with 60% discount. It's not as OMGZ!!1! as you might think, because it can cause a lot of mental exhaustion... What if you use up your 3-item allowance on the first day and then something amazing comes in stock the next week? What if you decide to wait until the end of the time-frame but no cool stock comes in and you have to do a last minute scramble and end up with stuff you'll never wear?

I was sensible today and bought some good old Jamie jeans in a lovely dark blue wash, and some little clog-looking wedges (read: clodges), leaving me 1 item left should anything super cool come into stock. These wedges are the closest I'm gonna get to clogs, because they just don't seem to suit me. I'm happy though, because soon enough clogs will be 'sooo last season daaahhling' but wedges are a pretty good wardrobe staple.

Having said that, I'm going to an epic car boot sale tomorrow morning (providing it hasn't been flooded) and if I find some clogs for under a fiver, I'll give them a whirl! Fashion is a fickle thing, isn't it?

Anyway, here are my purchases, teamed with this funny little top I found in a Parisian secondhand store called Guerrisol. I've never worn it, but for some reason decided tonight would be its debut!

BTW - I had a near death experience tonight. I was boiling some potatoes, but forgot to ignite the gas on the hob. It took me 5 minutes to realise that I'd been slowly filling our flat with gas. I literally freaked out because I've heard stuff like just switching a light on could cause an explosion in these situations. I promptly fled the flat, hyperventilated in the garden for a moment and then called Alex's parents for advice! Meanwhile, Alex was being my hero and picking up the pieces of my kitchen-fail, opening all the windows etc. Anywho, after a bit of parentally-advised airing, the flat was a danger free zone and I resumed boiling my potatoes. Scary to think how close we could've been to death/injury if I hadn't noticed my error!

Have you ever had any near misses? I can laugh about gas-gate now, but it really is scary to think how fragile life is.

Anyway, I'll report back on my car boot sale finds tomorrow! Wish me a happy haul! :)



  1. OooOoh the shoes are cool, good call on getting the wedges style version though, much more a staple indeed.

    The most near-death I've experienced was when I was 13 and crashed my bike into a car, it could've been lot worse than it was... but I ended up fracturing my skull and breaking my collarbone, yikes! Things like these experiences really do make you think!

    By the way I've chosen you as a winner of my blog award, if you see my recent post you can pick it up :)


  2. hello there, just found your blog- love your style!!! I almost did the whole close-to-devastating-kitchen-splosion too, while trying to make some soup :p
    I'm going to try your leopard nails thing now (rather than study for math exam hahahhaa) wish me luck!

  3. I've never really had a near-death experience, but I'm glad you're ok!

  4. I really love those shoes - I nearly bought them the other day but am trying to be sensible and save for my move!
    We nearly had a gas leak incident when our boiler malfunctioned - we had to get out of the house and call a special emergency line and everything, it was horrible x

  5. You're so beautiful! I love your haircut. And those clog/wedges I like better than the usual clogs.

  6. looks very nice. that top is lovely! i wish i got to pick a uniform at work, i work at Mango and i have to wear stupid clothes they give me :(

  7. That is strange. I did exactly the same thing yesterday! But instead of fleeing the flat and airing it I just turned the flame on. Silly me.

  8. Clodges are amazing! Love the Parisian top too- very cute x

  9. What a scary situation! My father left the gas on the hob switched on once - I came home and smelled gas so immediately opened the doors and windows and it was fine! Glad you're okay now. And hope you find some great stuff at the car boot sale! :)

  10. i work at Dune shoe shop and most of the shoes are boring/too girly for me....but now these super Chanel clog copies have come in, and I'm actually considering getting them for prom with my Uniform allowance. I totally know they'll be so last season soon aswell! its a toughie

    anyway, yours are a good choice for sure, unfortunately Dune have no such Clodges on offer!

    I did the gas thing once too...bad times


  11. I love the word clodges.

    Um. I am forever gassing out the kitchen. I am a one woman disaster zone.

  12. LOVE the clodges! I've just bought something similar from eBay... the closest I'll get to clogs!

    I remember when I worked at Levi's - getting our uniform allowance was the BEST day! I always spent all mine immediately and watched remorsefully as new things came in.

  13. Those clodges are fab!

    I'm sure I've had plenty of near misses, but I'm the type of person who seems to attract disasters! HaHa.

  14. you are so cute in this cloths i love it... and i'm realy needing a 60% discount in my life in this moment!!!

    sad :(


  15. ahh, i love your outfit. you look beautiful!

    oh dear, i'm glad you are okay! i often forget to check if the gas is lit, though never longer than a minute. i always have the urge to switch the light on and off though, god knows why!

    thank-you for your lovely comment on my last post, it means a lot. i just need to learn to stop doing things to protect other people and do whats best for me.

    oh, and thank-you for following my blog. don't forget to enter my giveaway! love, jazzabelle. xxx

  16. aaaawesome clodges. awwwesome hybrid work.i knew there was a reason i liked you ;)
    see you again soon!
    xx fiona

  17. i bought those jeans the other week they are the comfiest ever!
    literally havent left my person since haha
    potatoes are a dangerous thing;)

  18. That sounds like a mega shopping dilemma! I'm with you on the cloggs though, I think they'll be languishing at the back of closets everywhere soon.


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