Chase-ing the dream!

It was a tres stressful day at work today, as it looks like Topshop won't be able to give me the overtime I need when I've finished my uni term and won't get the next loan instalment until Sept. AKA How the eff am I supposed to pay my £400 half of the rent not to mention bills (and clothes!)?!?!?!?!

So it's looking like I'll have to find another job, which is a dreadful thought as I'm a pretty pernickety employee and I HATE change. I don't want to work in a cafe/restaurant because I hate that 'speak when spoken to' slave mentality, I like how you can have a laugh with customers and be yourself in fashion retail. Would also hate the washing up involved! The late hours of bar-work scare me a little... And I don't want to work in cosmetic places like The Body Shop because I don't want to do awkward customer 'makeovers'. Ick.

So as I walked home from my fail-job this afternoon, I considered whether I could work at each of the shops I passed... After a series of 'hell no's, I walked past the dreamiest shop on the high street and thought 'hell yes'! Paperchase!! I enquired as to whether they had any upcoming vacancies, but the kind young man said there wasn't any. I did feel a bit bad for momentarily considering how I might be able to get him fired so I could nick his job... But all's fair in love and stationery! Someone on Twitter also told me you get a 50% discount. Aargh!

I will be checking the window regularly for a 'vacancy' poster. In the meantime, here's my wishlist from their Amazon online store.

Paperchase staff discount would be so much cooler than Topshop. I could go back to my old eBay clothing ways instead of the high street hussy I've become!

Anyway, I'm off to wind down with Alex and Roxy after work's stressful revelations. As well as eat leftover Chinese (how come it's even nicer the day after?)

Gem x


  1. sorry to hear about the job situation. Hehe you should come back to Brighton! We have too many boutiques in need of friendly SAs! x

  2. Job hunting is no fun, but hopefully you'll find something you like. I laughed at the part where you wondered how you could get the guy at Paperchase fired :D
    And off topic, but the kitty mug is really cute!

  3. The 50% discount is truth. Amazing holy grail truth!

    Good Luck with the job hunting x

  4. LOL I have those heart measuring cups, the owl diary and the french toast stamp
    *shameless addict*

  5. I LOVE PC!
    just go in there everyday and give them your cv.

  6. oh geez, that's pretty stressy. i've been working an unpaid internship since september. been on leave from topshop for 3 months and it's been quite hard. i've been buying stuff from charity shops and trying to make a profit on everything. mannn

  7. Fingers crossed for the job hunting!Love Paperchase!

  8. Good luck on the job hunting front! I LOVE Paperchase, and I have that owl diary!! :D xxx


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