Wildfox good girls go bad

I've been a fan of Wildfox Couture's delightfully fun and aspirational lookbooks for a year or two. To me, they embody sisterhood... girl power... sleepovers... cheekiness and of course, effing cute clothes.

(Various pics from their lookbooks from Ilovewildfox.com)

Over the past year or so, these lookbooks have built up a strong identity of exactly who the 'Wildfox Girl' is (I especially adore the brand's recent offering, the delectably dreamy FW/10 lookbook). She's cute, she's hot (but not smutty) and loves a good time!

Which is why I just don't get the brand's latest collaboration with Mark, The Cobrasnake for Exit magazine. The Wildfox girl seems to have gone from the life and soul of the girly sleepover to just another vapid, vacant Cobraslut. Lipstick smiles replaced with sultry pouts (with cigarettes wedged in them, no less!) and more side-boob/soggy nipple than you can shake a stick at... I don't know where to look!

Don't get me wrong, I do actually like the editorial, but in the context of it being a collaboration with Wildfox, aka. an extension of the brand, it just seems odd to go from 'girl power' and personality to purely and object of lust... My boyfriend's intense interest in the editorial proves my point.

Do you know what I mean? Maybe I over think these things because I've studied brand identity. Maybe I'm more feminist than I thought. Or maybe I've just had it up to here with pervy photographers lately (have you heard about the kerfuffle with Terry Richardson? HIDEOUS! Never liked him anyway.)

Anywho I hope this is just a blip for the Wildfox Girl... She should remember her hoes come before bro's! And Wildfox themselves should remember it's hoes and not bro's that buy their stuff - and soggy breasts aint gonna sell me a t-shirt!

Whew! Sorry to be a negative Nancy. The Cold & Flu drugs have made me cranky! Let me diffuse the tension with this cute picture of a kitten.

Bon soir beauties ♥


  1. terry richardson is gross

    he even looks like a right bloody creep. shudder xx

  2. I always thought Terry Richardson was a tongue in cheek pervert, but now I know he's actually just a pervert. Ugh.

    And I know what you mean about the Wildfox thing, naked Tallulah Morton pics are really not necessary!

  3. I love wildfox but am in agreement with you. Ahhh i also find the cobrasnake really grotesque, he also reminds me of terry * shudder*

  4. Ergh, that article is vile! I'm definitely not a fan of the second set of photos - all far too grubby and sleazy for my liking and very far removed from the confident cheekiness of the first set.

  5. I'm always looking at iloverwildfox too! The pictures always look like so much fun! :)

  6. Oh dear, i don't like their new campaign at all. I suppose they think it's edgy... I can't help feeling these kind of sleazy editorials are fast becoming out of fashion (helped along by the allegations about supercreep Terry Richardson) as some brands will try to distance themselves from being in anyway associated with him or likened to his style of shoot.
    oh i'm rambling and being opinionated...sorry am sick too!!!

  7. Hee hee! Brilliant. I love this attitude towards fashion - I understand the 'art' aspect, but more often than not I want to see cute girls wearing cute clothes, not nipples and cigarettes! Hoes before bros indeed.


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