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Today has been what I describe as a 'doing day'. I got lots of stuff that needed doing done. If that makes sense!

I did a little bit of both uni projects, lots of laundry, hoovering, tidied the study, did an exchange that's been bugging me for ages, and fed my h&m jersey addiction just a bit more. I'm addicted to their baggy tees. I seem to buy them on a weekly basis these days! I like to get my shoulders out but hate getting my arms out, so the baggy tops are great because you flash a bit of shoulder if you wish! And the bagginess is just a plus in itself.

(top and skirt - h&m, boots - charity shop, socks - dorothy perkins, necklace - urban outfitters)

I cut my hair today. Well, I shaved it actually! I did the sides and the back. It looks a little weird, but all in all I'm proud of my first attempt! I also trimmed my ridiculous emo fringe so it's not in my eyes 24/7 anymore!

No Uni again tomorrow, so it'll be another day of working on my projects. And divulging the latest Tuesday tip!! Also, it'll be a small milestone in mine and
Alex's co-habitation... We've always shopped at Asda and I've been trying to convince him that Morrisons is just... nicer (there's something so clinical about Asda... I don't know why), but he is stubborn about the silliest things. I've finally ground him down, and tomorrow we are hitting Morrisons. I may dress up for the occasion! I just hope they've got some good deals on so my struggle won't have been in vain. Haha!

Enough about my rock and roll lifestyle, I'm going to go to bed and read my new Nylon magazine (coolness redeemed?). I hope it's worth the £4.25... It can be a bit hit or miss. Does anyone else vomit in their mouth a bit at the price of fashion magazines? There have been times I've spent about £25 on a few magazines. Ha, what a generic thing to moan about! I really must be tired. Anyway, I've actually stopped buying i-D and Dazed for a while. They always make me realise I know absolutely diddly squat about fashion so I'd rather sit in my little bubble of blissful ignorance. And save my pennies! :)

Nighty night xx


  1. i currently have the same problem with my fringe except that it seems to cover half my face, but i'm too afraid of screwing it up to cut it myself!

    like your t shirt, i'm heading out shopping in the morning so maybe i'll have to look out for them

  2. I know you've already spent the money, but you can get a free online nylon subscription by signing up to this newsletter http://shop.pacsun.com/home.jsp. If you need help creating a US addy let me know, but it's quite worth it.
    I once had the urge to cut my fringe whilst drunk, luckily I didn't even attempt to.

  3. You hair looks great. I used to cut my own hair, luckily as it is curly, you couldn't see th wonkiness.

    I will have to disagree with you about Morrisons. I dislike the whole pie focus of the one near here. If there was an Asda I would definitely shop at it.

    I agree with you on the magazines. I have subscriptions to Vogue and Elle but the others are just occasional buys as they do make me feel clueless.

  4. that is so weird you mention asda/ morrisons lol
    all my uni housemates and i shopped at asda until i found where morrisons was and its sooo much nicer! ive gradually turned everyone now haha

  5. great post! ^^
    heh I must say i'm a bit of a diehard Asda fan! But I've never actually experienced Morrison's so maybe I'm missing out! You should definitely dress up!
    I have a bit of a fantasy about going to Asda completely decked out in my fanciest outfit. I keep seeing people in there doing their weekly shop in their PJ's...what?!

    Sadly I can't justify buying fashion mags these days :o(

  6. I am a supermarket whore. I love them all.

  7. i spend terrible amounts on magazines, my room is death trap!

  8. your style is always soo eclectic and brilliant :) i love the wah-esque nails and horse necklace! lovely blog xx

  9. The nails look wicked. I couldn't have told the difference between them and WAH. Lovely to see you again today too :)


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