Tuesday Tips: How to apply false eyelashes!

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Hey guys!

I write to you from beneath a pile of tissues. My cold is raging, but the show, and indeed Tuesday Tips must go on!

I've had a few requests to do a fake eyelash tutorial, so here's a bunch of tips and a video that will hopefully be of use!

(My falsies and the bits I used to get the look!)

- When buying fake lashes, do check that both lashes are symmetrical. Some are shaped differently to each other and it's annoying when you're trying to put them on and no matter what you do they won't match!

- Cut the lashes to size. If you find when you've tried to wear falsies in the past and they haven't stayed stuck or they are uncomfortable on the inner eye, chances are you haven't trimmed them to the right length.

- The lashes I use are called Demi Wispies and are made by Ardell from human hair (kinda ew, I know) and they're great because they're made to be a little shorter (hence 'Demi'), so no trimming required! They're available at larger Boots stores or here on eBay!

- Always apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner first. If you don't, you can usually see the little gap between the lashes and lashline, making them look obviously false. It doesn't matter if it's a bit wonky, liquid eyeliner is really easy to apply along the line of the fake eyelashes once they're on, so you can add an extra slick at the end.

- Use good glue. I swear by Eyelure glue, and you can buy bigger screw top bottles from larger Topshop stores at the moment (better than the stupid tiny bottles that go all goopy around the lid). Also, pound shops often sell really gross sets of Eyelure lashes (the fluorescent lashes are big news in Chatham's Poundland right now!) So if you're running low on glue (or, like me, bought a lash set that isn't Eyelure), just buy the cruddy £1 lashes for the glue that comes with them!

-Take your lash glue out with you just in case one comes a bit unstuck.

- Apply lash glue to one lash at a time. There's nothing more likely to make you muck up putting the first lash on than the intense pressure of the second lashes glue drying while you're doing it! Get the first lash perfecto, then move on!

- Here's how I put the lash on. I hold it by the outer end and keeping my eye open, work out where that outer edge sits nicest among my own feeble lashes. Then I apply a bit of pressure so the outer is in place. Then I close my eye and stretch it out so I can stick the rest of the lash on straight. I made a little video of this process in case it isn't clear (if I look a bit warped, it's because I used my fisheye lens):


- To remove the lashes, gently peel them off (I find this easiest pulling from the outer part of the lash). This is usually fine unless you've used loads of glue, then it can hurt a tiny bit. To reuse the lash, carefully peel off the glue from the strip (so satisfying!) and replace on the lash holder it came with. If you want to remove the mascara, just carefully use a makeup wipe (after you've removed the lashes). I don't use much mascara so I don't find that last step crucial. I usually get a get loads of use from one set of lashes. I only have to buy a new set if I lose one lash or if Roxy eats them (true story - if I accidentally leave lashes out on a surface, she thinks they're spiders. Buffoon!)

Can you think of anything I've missed? Please feel free to share any other lash tips you've got!

I'm off to bed now. I'm so tired because my boyfriend sets his alarm about 2 hours before he eventually obeys the snooze alarm and rolls out of bed and I just couldn't get back to sleep when it went off at about 8 this morning! Grrr!

Nighty night!!



  1. Ah this is really brilliant - great advice. I was wondering how many times you would re-use the lashes before chucking them?


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  3. Hello,
    it's a pleasure as always to read your new posts.
    I take a coffee and a big chocolate muffin and i enjoy reading every word. You make my day! :)
    About this tuesday diy....I actually have a big big request: could you please ad a later edit to your post and tell me how do take your lashes off, and how do you clean them?
    it happen to me to distroy my pair of fake lashes only because I tried to remove the mascara.....and they ripped off!
    and for how many times do you use one pair of lashes?

    hope you consider my comment,
    best wishes, Simona.

  4. Fab Tuesday Tip! I always manage to poke myself in the eye, stick them on wonky, and generally make a mess of it!

  5. Amelia - If you're careful, you can get loads of use out of one pair of lashes!

    Simona - Have added some extra info below the video for you. Thanks for such a lovely comment - now it's you that's made MY day! Thanks for reading :) xxx

  6. I've never heard of Ardell before, but those lashes are gorgeous. Great tips!

  7. I think I love you for this post.

  8. Impressive that you don't use tweezers! I always forget to remove the glue after taking them off and they go a bit rank, I shall be using these tips towards my frugal mission!

    A tuesday tip - I'd love a post about how you style your hair. Us shorties need some inspiration. x

  9. Aw great post hun!
    I'm abit of a lash addict and totally agree Ardell are the best but their glue is horrid and smells fishy so i have to use the eyelure too!! didn't know you could buy a big eyelure glue, so thanks for tip.


  10. Omg georgeous, i have to try this to now:)

    X Factory Girl

  11. Hi Gem! I think your blog is wonderful - so glad I found it and already learnt loads!
    I buy my false lashes from eBay as you can get 10 pairs for less than £1 (you just need two allow a little while for them to arrive from Asia!). But I would recommend buying the glue you normally get as the free glue is no good.
    Will keep reading and picking up hand tips!


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