No-sew Pillowcase DIY!

So, better late than never... Here's my Tuesday tip!


- A pillowcase
- Scissors
- 3 minutes of your time

Pillowcases have such good DIY potential because all you have to do is cut a few holes in and you're good to go! Plus you can buy all kinds of crazy or cute printed ones for like 20p in most charity shops! Let's get started...

1. Lay your pillowcase out. 2. Fold in half. 3. Hold a sleeveless top or dress against the top of the pillowcase to work out how far down to cut the arm hole. 4. Do it. 5. Do the same to work out how far to cut the neckhole. 6. Do it!

Now you have a little shift dress shape. It does work as a dress if you're less than 5'6 and generally no bigger than a size 12 (depending on the size of your pillowcase of course. And your butt). If it is a little tight this way, as it is for me, fear not, there are even cooler options! Observe...

(The bow brooch is from Topshop £8 - best investment of the week!)

By folding and rolling the pillowcase, you can get really different effects. For more security, you could hem it, or use wonder-web iron-on stuff (which is super easy to apply with straighteners, btw!) but I'm lazy so I didn't bother. There's not a lot you can do about the raw hems on the neck and sleeve, but I really like the organic, freshly snipped look!

So there we are! It's such a fun rainy day DIY, because theres loads of different ways you can do it (you could try different necklines, add a lace trim round the arm holes, etc.) And if you muck it up, you've probably only spent a few pence, so just try again!

If you do try it, please let me know how you get on!

Hope you're all having a good Good Friday! :)


  1. that is one nifty trick, i think you have the nack

  2. I really love your blog! Gonna add it to my links list. x

  3. i love it! never thought to tackle the pillowcases, and the crop top with the brooch is especially fab on you. long live tuesday tips!


  4. I swear, this is the greatest DIY post ever! haha!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone, so glad you like!
    Lauren - Thank you :) xx
    Del - Glad you're a TT fan! Even when they are super late! x
    Hello Birdy - :D


  6. wow so cute, I esp like the crop top you made :D Now I just need to get 'toned' in advance, haha. x

  7. big tuesday tips fan over here! this is so simple but one of those things only a genius could discover! would look so cool with a kids pillow case, in charity shops i'll be on the look out, i really fancy a my little pony cropped tee! rolled and with a cardigan over, you'd never notice it was hand cut!

  8. you rock! how cool, soo gonna try this!! :)


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