Monki business

Hey! Hope you all had a lovely easter?

Mine was nice, but thwarted by a cold that has just come on. I feel really ill today and have to go to work soon until half 5. Not looking forward to it :(

I have to get ready for work now, but I shoddily put together a collage in Word (they don't have any items on Polyvore) of all my dream Monki items. When, oh when will they open one in the UK? It's so cheap! It breaks my heart.

Sorry for such shoddy image editing! That's the best I can do without Photoshop!

I'm going to get ready now. Please send me good vibes so I can get better soon, I HATE being ill. :(



  1. wow they look amazing, love the oversized sweaters :)

  2. Oh Gem you poor thing. Hope work isn't too vile today and that you can put your feet up and get looked after when you get home.

  3. Oooh, get well soon! I've never heard of that brand but am absolutely loving it! Such lovely things.

  4. Love the nude jumper and polka dot cardi... never heard of this brand but I guess since they're not available here I better eschew on researching them - no point getting lust-haves with no hope of a happy ending :(

    Get better soon, hun - hope work isn't too manic today so it doesn't add up to your discomfort!

  5. i love your tights in the post below cute shirt too!! i wish anything cheap/ vintage would open up in caanada i think i may be going to europe for the summer.. i need a list of the best stores to look out for!! great blog : D


  6. we should set up a petition to bring monki to the UK.

    feel better x

  7. Thanks for the kind vibes, guys :) Am drugged up to the eyeballs with Lempsip Max, so am not feeling too bad at the moment!

    fashionprovocateur - Susie Bubble has a great guide on her blog to shopping in London if you come to the UK. :)

    daisychain - Best idea I've heard in ages!


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