Home sweet home!

Hey! Long time no blog!

I'm back from my little trip away. I had a nice time back at mum's. It was a bit stressful, what with uneducated, gobby pikeys on every train journey & some light family feuding but I still had a good time. My friend was ill on Wednesday and couldn't go to the sheep farm I was telling you about, so I hopped on the train to Brighton to catch up with my friend Danielle.

Besides general lolz, highlights of the day included the Pizza Hut buffet, getting lots of fudge from Roly's Fudge Pantry (I recommend the Chocolate fudge, it is out of this world!) and checking out Beyond Retro on Vine Street. I have to say, it's the best vintage shop I've been to in a long, long time. Heaps of amazing stock (a HUGE playsuit selection!) and the prices were really reasonable for the quality. All the dresses and playsuits I was eyeing were £15-25.(Also, one of the assistants said 'cute shoes' about my leopard platforms below!) And they're just a few of the reasons I bloody love Brighton!

All I bought in Brighton was a stripey top in h&m for £7.99. I have worn it almost non-stop (except today when I didn't get out of my pyjamas until tea time due to essay writing in bed! My bad!)

(shoes - ebay, necklace - h&m)

I found a couple of cute bits in the legendary Bexhill charity shops. These suede desert boots were only £1! I'm not sure they suit me... I have no idea how to wear them... Any ideas? But for £1, I couldn't say no!

(skirt, Topshop via ebay, top - h&m, necklace - urban outfitters)

I'd best be off now. Work tomorrow 12-4, then essaying it up all night. Loving life!! :)

I was going to do a Tuesday Tip, but I figured its ridiculously late in the week, so I might just save it for this Tuesday when I've got the time to make it a vaguely coherent post and am not freaking out about uni shizzle!

So how the hell are you?? Have my fellow brits been enjoying the sunshine and/or Ash Cloud? I haven't seen it yet!

PS - Roxy is thinking of entering us into Chictopia's The Chic & The Fuzzy contest!


  1. what a great bargain with those shoes! it would look quite sweet with these, they also come in black. you could team it with a summer dress, perhaps? http://www.asos.com/Asos/Asos-Pelerine-Lace-Frill-Ankle-Socks/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=365384&cid=7657&Rf-800=-1,5.000&Rf-100=Socks&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=White

    ohh, the weather has been lovely in london at the moment. and no, i haven't seen this ash cloud yet! i adore your blog, and i am following.

    love, jazzabelle.

  2. Welcome back!

    Can't go wrong with a Pizza Hut buffet in my opinion!

    Great buys :)

    Your necklace in the last pics? Well, I saw one JUST like that in the asos sale the other day, & now I'm REALLY wishing I'd picked it up..!


  3. i bloody love brighton too, hopefully going there with the gf in summer.

    £1!!!!!!! they are brilliant and they do suit you, look top with that outfit

  4. Well done on carrying on with your essays! My fingers are still crossed by the way, so you better get a good mark ;)

    I love the H&M top you got, I think I might need it in my life... the neckline is so nice.
    Take care hun x x

  5. Ohhh i love the H and M top! And those suede boots... I love them a lot too! I don't know if their price heightens the love.. £1?? Amazing. I cannot wait for the next 3 weeks to be over - no more uni, and then i can charity shop shop until i drop drop. woo! Hope you are well lovely xxx

  6. Welcome back! And what a steal with those shoes, they're fantastic!!! And even more fantastic knowing that they were only 1 quid ;)

    Love the stripes!


  7. i entered it. you should too. im pretty sure everyone should. the black and white top is kick ass btw. the shape of it is very cool!

  8. Welcome back! Love the desert boots - was reading the ASOS mag today and in the street style section a girl was wearing desert boots with ankle length skinny jeans. Looked great!

  9. Ohhh I love Brighton and stripey tops! You look lovely :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  10. OMG i love the leopard shoes. Brighton is amazing, its one of my favourite places, sadly i've not been in forever :( xx

  11. what a bargain!!!!!!i absolutely love the way you wear them with ankle socks!!!!!!!!!

    your style is so cool such as your blog!!!!!!!

    have a visit at mine..
    i followed u,come follow me too..if u fancy:))

  12. loving the stripes! also, bexhill: random, but my uncle has retired and is living there, and i've visited a couple of times. it's such a quaint little city, i love it!

  13. Definitely enter the competition - Roxy is a stunner! I'd be tempted if I wouldn't look super dowdy and fat compared to everyone else who's entered :(

  14. I love those desert boots! I have a similar wedged pair but these would be great teamed with a floaty dress and denim jacket in the warmer weather.

  15. socks is always a win win win for me. why doesn't everyone agree! x

  16. Love the boots and the stripes! Good luck with the essays

  17. Wonderful and gorgeous as always!!! Peter LOVES desert boots he will be tres jealous when I tell him about your find!!!

  18. i LOVE this look, you have great style. then i saw you worked at topshop (me too, and miss s!) so had to leave a comment! X


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