Groundhog Day

(BTW, the lovely Rochelle from Tesco's fashion blog has featured my blog on there today!!)


Sorry for the impending essay - lots to cover! I promise more short posts in the near future!

Anyway, I didn't get an outfit picture from my day o' fun yesterday so I got a belated slightly more dishevelled one today (late night!). I look particularly dead to the earth in this first picture!

The top is brand new from h&m (£12.99) and I like how you can tuck the straps in your bra for summertime Katy Perry homages. The seams are a little unfortunate in some lighting and make you look a bit like you have droopy nipples. But I love it anyway! The bodycon skirt is another fresh h&m bargain (£7.99!). Tights & Cardi are also h&m!

(Little Roxy wandered in while the timer was ticking, so I stopped posing to say hello but it ended up as quite a sweet piccy so have posted anyway!)

I had a great time with my pal, Jen. We went to the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War museum which was just harrowing but really interesting. I learnt loads. Stuff you kinda wish you didn't know but is important to know about. After that we had a sunny stroll down Oxford St and went to Pizza Hut which was lovely.

Then went to the Chevrolet Party to get our nails did. The night was a bit of a disappointment because besides the band, the 'Wah-Car' they'd set up was one of the main attractions for a lot of the party-goers, but there were only 2 girls from Wah there. This meant there was a huge queue as well as a huge strain on the girls themselves. Jen & I queued for almost 3 hours (!), which was made worse when The Daily Mirror's style/gossip columnists (I think) queue-jumped the rest of us. That's fashion, I guess! By the time it was our turn, the girls were so tired and pressurised that they didn't do the best job, I can't lie. It's not surprising though, as it was 2 of them against the world (a 3rd did turn up eventually)! It was disappointing to say the least. But I try and take lolz with me wherever I go and Jen & I had a good laugh with the other girls in the queue. Ironically, I met more people than I would've in the crowd anyway!

In other news, to help me with my uni work which is going nowhere, I bought some Ginkgo drops from Holland & Barratts today which apparently help your memory and concentration. Hope they work! I love H&B, I always want to buy everything and become some kind of super efficient, healthy human.

I also lost my Advertginity, as you can see in my sidebar. I'm just trialling it for a month to see how it goes. I've not made a big decision to 'monetise' the blog or anything ridiculous like that. But when Shop Pulse enquired about advertising, I checked the site and it's bloody wicked and I thought it would be a happy addition to the blog. The site shows you everything that all the big stores like Topshop & ASOS etc stock, all in one go so you can find exactly what you want without going to a bunch of different sites. So have a click if you want to check it out! (Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for bankruptcy that may occur with awesome clothes overload!)

I don't get the big beef with blog advertising. If it's something relevant to a blog's content and reader, what's the big deal? Please let me know if you think this is a wrong decision for the blog. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday night. I'm going to tidy my bedroom now because Selina (Flying Saucer) has got me dreaming of a time where my side of the room isn't covered in clothes. Go and check out her adorable new room!



  1. cute bustier, your hair suits you like that.

    All the best with the uni work.

    Happy wknd

  2. Looking lovely, as always! Your hair is fab. Am going to send you a quick email... eyes peeled! :) x

  3. drops for memory you say, sounds pretty interesting. could not heard of that before. i think the advertising thing is ok, in moderation, i mean we need to make some money some how (esp if you dont have a job).

    drops for memory you say.....

  4. Ooo, the top is gorgeous! Glad you had a great time during the day!

    Oh no, 3 hours in the queue. I took one look at the queue and decided against getting my nails done. I managed to get a lot of mingling done with random people though.

  5. Very cute outfit - H&M have some really great stuff in at the mo, and it's so affordable!!

  6. Gutted about the nails! :( Hope it doesnt put you off though, does sound like they were under pressure. Lovely wee outfit as always gal. Tagged you in my last post, go have a peek! x

  7. Advertising doesn't bother me - well, as long as it's not plastered over every spare inch of the blog!

    Love the outfit.

    And you have a cat called Roxy?! So did we, but sadly she is no more :(

  8. I'm off to buy a tube skirt today :-)

    I nominated you for a blog award - check it out on my blog!

  9. I THOUGHT I SAW YOU THERE! (chevrolet ting) and i thought i should go and say hey at some point, but then never saw you again. boo!

    although you have made me glad i didn't queue for the wah nails man


  10. shop pulse is pretty good...i dont think there is any harm in a spot of advertising:)

  11. I flippin' LOVE your style hun!
    VERY London :)


  12. Ahh, forget the style, she'd look good in just about anything! Very attractive Brit ;)

  13. love the brown shoes! where are they from?



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