Gleek Chic!

Good evening :)
I'm in what feels like a carb-induced trance after a lovely Chinese takeaway with Alex. I had Duck & Pork noodles, crispy lemon Chicken, and we shared some ribs. I only ate half of it, but am stuffed! Will be saving the rest for lunch tomorrow!
Here's what I wore the other day (no outfit picture for today). I'm wearing my Gross Tooth Necklace by Dusky Ledoux which I have been wearing constantly lately! It's the perfect thing to 'liven up' the baggy h&m jersey tops I am currently addicted to!

I must tell you about a lovely treat that We Are Social sent me... The Glee DVD! It features all the episodes from the first half of the season, and loads of extra features. I've always had a little obsession about behind-the-scenes videos (I think it started with the Spice Girls documentary video way back when!) and this DVD is full of them. You get to check out Rachel's audition tape, see them at Dance Bootcamp and watch all the video diaries which are cool (as well as 'meeting Jane Lynch'!). It really seems like they all get along in real life which is really sweet! Glee is most of the cast's big break, and you can see how much fun they're having now they're stars! This DVD is perfect for educating friends and family that haven't been watching the series on e4, which I plan to do. It's also great for my new hobby, watching Sue's one-liners over and over (SUCH a lack of Sue on Youtube, it's a joke!) Quote of the day: 'Me? I never wanted kids. Don't have the time, don't have the uterus'!

Please can someone design a 'Sue Sylvester is my homegirl' shirt? It would make my life!

Anyway, off to watch Facejacker now! Anyone else watching that crazy show?

Love! x


  1. Lucky you! I think my sister will have to get that boxset - my 3 year old niece is obsessed with Glee and was very upset when my brother-in-law deleted some episodes off the sky+. Nobody likes the wrath of a 3 year old. :| x

  2. Sue is just genius. I do get a bit upset when she's mean to Will though. Um, probably shouldn't have just admitted to that.

    What do you mean they're not real?

  3. After an unpleasant dental appointment, I find your necklace rather traumatic. Too soon!

  4. I LOVE Glee! And I really like your outfit here too :)

  5. Oooh wow I love love love that crazy tooth necklace....I am a huge fan or novelty necklaces and I love this one. Great blog by the way :)


  6. I LOVE SUE! Best character one liners without a doubt.x

  7. I love the necklace! I've had a gold tooth necklace on my wishlist for about two years now. Heh :)

  8. Ive been watching facejacker every friday, its bloody hilarious :) xx


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