The fashion farm!

Today was my little sister's birthday and we spent the day at this adorable farm (Blackberry Farm near Lewes) we found randomly whilst looking for a different one! It was amazing. It seems to be something hereditary, because I love places like farms and zoos, I spend my birthday at them every year! I'm 23 in June, and this year will be no different! Anyone else refusing to get 'old'?

I bought Shannon the little floral espadrilles from Topshop, because she was so jelly of mine. I also got her the whole series of the Georgia Nicolson books by Louise Rennison. A bit of a Homer-Simpson-buying-Marge-a-bowling-ball decision there, as I fully intend to enjoy that gift for myself. (Shannon, if you're reading this, hurry up and GET READING!)

The farm had an animal handling area where we got to bottle feed baby animals and hang out with bunnies and baby pigs! It was amazing! We were basically sitting in a little pit of hay, hence me looking a bit grubby below!

I think Blackberry Farm may well be where Topshop Unique's trend-hunters found their inspiration for next season's collection... The resemblance is uncanny. Harnesses, shaggy furs, frizzy hair... What a fashion-forward farm this is!

Haha! I hope you've had a lovely day and enjoyed the last of the sun (for those in the UK). What a depressing note to end on... Erm.. Oh, one day until the weekend! Woo!



  1. Ahahaha, I love the last part of this post. Perhaps I should pinch a headcollar from my friend's pony and fashion it into a harness... Or perhaps not.

  2. YES!!! I love farms and zoos! For my 23rd birthday in August I'm going to the zoo in Sydney (Australia) that has a baby elephant!

    I totally agree on the top shop inspiration, if only we could all look as good dressed as cute furry creatures!
    J x

  3. I've only just found your blog but I gotta say I'm already obsessed! You are too cute, and remind me SO MUCH of Frankie from the Saturdays (which is a good thing! She's basically my number one girl crush, haha).

    Will be back, bye for now!


  4. haha, awesome!!

    I love farms too and generally being surrounded by furries. Getting the boyf to take me to Birdworld, fingerscrossed next weekend ^^

  5. I wish I'd gone to a farm for my birthday

  6. the Georgia Nicolson books are so good! You'll really enjoy them (I forced them onto my little cousin when I was done!).
    What cute little animals! :)

  7. So cute! I want to hug a little pig too ;)


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