How are we all?

I'm pretty happy as I had a really productive morning at Uni and got lots of research done for my dissertation preparation... I have decided to do mine on 'How the internet has changed fashion promotion', ie. a chance to rabbit about blogs etc for 10,000 words!

In other news, my blog is one of the few selected blogs to take part in a competition for the website www.StyleCompare.co.uk. If you haven't heard of this site, it is epic (and I don't use that term lightly!) It's basically fashion's answer to 'compare-the-market' (the car insurance comparing thingy!). You type in whatever you're after (in my case, usually playsuits!) and it chucks a ton of them at you from all kinds of brands including Urban Outfitters & Asos. Definitely the quickest way to shop!

Anywho, they've offered you guys the chance to win £250 to spend on the site, by styling up one of their items. Unfortunately, the chosen item is a very tricky one. It's this military dress a la Luella SS10. But apparently your chances of winning are VERY high, as only a few blogs are involved in the comp, so if you want £250 to spend, take the time to give it a go! Even if it's just putting a cute pair of shoes with it.

To enter, either comment below or email me at: contact@gemfatale.co.uk with the links to the chosen items you'd style the dress with (up to a value of £250), and I will send them over to the StyleCompare clan. Please send your entries by 28th Feb. If one of you win, I also win £250 to spend too so give it a go, for both our sakes! I've got my eye on some bits from the Louise Gray ASOS collection!! :)

In other news, I wore my new skater dress today, which I found in the sale at Topshop for £8 with my staff discount! It's nice to have a dress with long sleeves, as my arms are not my best feature!

(necklace - random gift shop in Eastbourne, brogues - Guerrisol, a huge Parisian secondhand store)

I'm planning to get my eiffel re-inked in the near future. Because it's situated in a place that's always moving when you walk, it didn't heal well and lost lots of the blackness. :(

Hope you're having a lovely start to the week, and the weather isn't making you fellow UK-ers feel as gloomy as it is me!

Lav lav lav (in the words of Gaga!)


  1. ohh i got all excited when you mentioned the topshop sale then remembered you weren't referring to new york!

    hmm i don't think i've ever owned a sweater dress! but i'd probably team that one with an aviator cap and some black thigh high boots - if i owned a pair haha.

  2. Wow I love your tattoo, I really want to get one but I am too scared! Any advice?


  3. Cute tattoo and dress. Will have to think carefully about the styling comp before entering! When is the closing date?

  4. I'm getting a tattoo soon, woo! I love yours... :)

  5. Well, Hannah, by all means find those items on Style Compare and comment/email me the links if you want the chance to win!

    Amelia is: Thanks :) Advice? Probably buy some numbing cream on the internet, because it HURTS! My pain threshold is awful though!

    Ladybug: Thanks for reminding me to post the closing date! Duh! It's 28th Feb.

    MJ - Thanks love :)

  6. Love the dress on you , it looks really cute. I love the tattoo too, mine is on my back and i found it really painful too, maybe we are just wimps!?! x

  7. I'd team it with...


    stylecompare.co.uk/product/hartford/brushed-cotton-tartan-shirt (in a really large size, worn open)



    ...what a great competition!



  8. Love the tattoo

    I might give the comp a try!


  9. i want a necklace with my name on it!

  10. Hey Gem, have emailed you my style entry...hope you're not too horrified :D

  11. Great competition, my entry





  12. Thanks for your entries and emails so far!
    It's great to see how you've all interpreted it. You're doing better than my attempt, let's put it that way.

  13. I don't like tattoo's generally. But I LOVE yours Gem! Its has single handedly converted me to ink art.

    Are you at fashion week this week? Can we please meet up and drink lots of fizzy whilst gazing at the beautiful models??! xx

  14. Erm Alice, try and stop me doing that with you!
    Have a press pass but no show invites as of yet, looks like it'll be a blag fest for me!
    I'm going Saturday and Monday I think. When are you there? xxx

  15. I'm away this weekend for my Grandads 90th so cant get to fashion week until either monday or tuesday (I JUST got an invite to mulberry too and i cant go. TRAGIC!!) I'm meeting Michelle on Tuesday though, any chance we can persuade you to hit fash week for the 3rd day running? xxx

  16. I fitted this skater dress at Topshop the other day and it didn't look as well with me as it does on YOU! You rock it!

  17. the dress looks so much better on than on the hanger :D and love love love the tattoo!

  18. i'll have a think about what i'd pair that with- it is a tricky one! and i'll email it to you :)
    that dress looks gorgeoussss on you, and i love your tattoo!

  19. im meant to be doing this comp thing as well im a very naughty blogger i have completely forgotten to do this! better get blogging lol! your at fashion week? xxxxxxx


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