New trend for 2010? God, I hope not.


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So I've noticed a really, truly disturbing trend cropping up. I first saw it on a female Topman sales advisor in Bluewater, and felt really awkward that she obviously hadn't noticed she was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction... But after seeing a few more instances, I'm beginning to think it was deliberate. Here's what we're dealing with, people.

(Pics via cobrasnake and somewhere else... Can't remember!)

At what point do women wake up and think, 'Today, I want to create the suggestion of an immense camel-toe.'

Has anyone else seen this occurring? Does it offend you as much as me? Maybe I'm over-analysing. But I, for one, have got better things to do than be subconsciously lured into thinking about other women's vaginas... Such as wearing my Bob Fossil (of Mighty Boosh fame!) badge.

(Shoes - eBay, Badge - Free promotional badge from HMV courtesy of boyfriend, Jacket - Topshop, Top - Next, Leggings - h&m)

I hope you're enjoying your week. I have a new uni project to create a promotional Fashion Short film on Pam Hogg with the inspiration word 'absurd'. Hmmm! I'll be setting up a temporary blog (as instructed by uni) to illustrate my inspirations and processes & eventually a film - hopefully! Yes, apparently you don't hand in Research Books anymore... Blogs killed the stationery star!




  1. oh dear god.

    As if wearing leggings as trousers wasn't bad enough.

  2. No one wants to spend their time being forced to think about other women's vaginas, I am with you on that one.


  3. Um, surely that's kinda painful? Isn't this like...um...enforced frontal wedgy? Whatever it is, it disturbs me and makes me want to cross my legs..

    Dude...Boosh! :D

    And I'm a bit besotted with those shoes of yours!

  4. I totally agree!, I think a trend a little bit hard to use for many women!


  5. surely that cannot be comfortable? dude,
    I hope this doesn't catch on.

  6. oh dear oh dear oh dear!
    Is this an early indication of what our eyes will have to endure this summer...i hope not, but alas i've a sneaky suspicion it will be paraded on a street near me very soon.
    Thanks for the heads up, i'll get myself geared for some silent tutting like my nan!

  7. Yes, i gotta agree, i am truly offended - this is pretty repulsive. And for sure some girls who don't have the figure for it will try to pull this off and it's going to be muffin top city!!! Brace yourselves people!!

  8. Ha thanks for making me laugh. This is really funny (if a bit disgusting)

  9. HAHA! yeah I don't think I will be trying that trend!!!

  10. Oh, that look was around in the '90s, I believe.

  11. number one, is it wrong if i kind of enjoy their weird crop jumper bathingsuit look? no? ok i hate it.

    number two, what the hell are those shoes and can i literally sell my whole life for those? honestly... i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Oh no, fair play to them but I am not a fan!

    Re: Ahaha your comment on the mona lisa tee made me laugh, I love cheesy comments!!!

  13. Ouchhh I can only imagine how painful that is! your outfit is a lot cuter!

  14. Thanks for all of your comments, some of them cracked me up!! Glad I'm not the only hater, I was starting to think I was hideously out of touch!


  15. urgh i saw a girl wearing this on saturday night in a club :( she had on like a lace leotard which was extremely revealing in itself, and some kind of skintight wet look leggings, and then the huge gaps inbetween. so so so so wronggg

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  18. i've seen it, and felt like crying, truly offensive. can't get over WHY someone ever thought it looked good in the first place! LOVE your shoes, much love Ella Xx ellaaaa@hotmail.co.uk

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  20. Ahhh i have shoe envy! I love those babies.

    I really hope this isnt a trend too. It reminds me of excruciating camel toe, but also... baby grows? I mean.. i wear bodies, but when you can see the leg holes like that... i dont know. I just picture a nappy?



    P.s. Your hair looks lovely!

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  22. Hahah this is funny. I'm not a fan of this "trend" if it becomes one,



  23. HAAAAAAAAAAA Those vaginas truly are speaking to me.

    So true, so so true.

    Love your orthapedic stylee granny sandals (L) beauuutyful!

    Paddy☮ xx

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  24. Remember only EVER having to be forced to wear those leotards (yes, that's what I remember them being called, back in the early 90's!) for ballet lessons.

    Now I have the urge to carry around a pair of scissors to assist any lady that finds herself with a wedgie too epic to cope with! Just hope these are a bad, bad haunting of the past that just will go away soon...

  25. This is hysterically funny! Found you on Lauren's blog (Glossary) following you for sure!


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