Dear Bliggers...

So I'm not sure if this is common knowledge to those who aren't Twitter addicts like me (Yes, I hate myself for it!) but there has been a total furore about the presence of bloggers at London Fashion Week this season.

It started with this article about bloggers "invading our press rooms, and eating all the food". Disney Roller Girl said on her twitter "Lots of chat about the influx of bloggers at #LFW Some irked press are calling them 'bliggers' (bloggers + liggers geddit)". Urban Dictionary tells me that a 'ligger' is, "An individual who attends parties, openings, social gatherings and events with the sole intention of obtaining free food and drink - an arch blagger." More blogger horror stories in The Times today ("One insisted they were a staff member of Harper’s Bazaar magazine — until the real ticket-holder showed up") There's also been loads of chatter about bloggers in the front row eating biscuits and playing with their iPhones... Not doing any actual work. If I got invited to shows, I'd bloody get my head down and get a great scoop for you lot! I'd never take it for granted!

Anyway, all this kerfuffle has led to my favourite hobby getting a bad name. I don't want to be tarred with the same brush as these apparent freebie-grasping posers! So my word of advice to the bad eggs spoiling it for the rest of us... Less cavorting, more reporting! Feel free to join my campaign and get your toilet bleach and paintbrushes out!

The fault isn't really these blogger's themselves (besides being stupid enough to act like entitled buffoons at events many people have worked for years to earn their seat at) but the PR's. After all, they're the ones who have deemed these people worthy to enter the shows. I'm pretty sure there will be much stricter vetting next season.

The whole thing has led to a lot of soul-searching for myself as well as other bloggers. Marian Kihogo wrote a great post which led to a big comment-discussion of the whole situation. It's frustrating to feel ashamed to be a blogger at events like LFW, because other prats are spoiling it. I'm super tired and aware I'm repeating myself so I'm gonna go to bed.

Anyway my t-shirt has provided a slight outlet to my stresses about the whole thing. I think you should all make one, or a little badge for your blog to set ourselves apart! :)

I'd really love to know your thoughts on the whole thing?



  1. Why on earth would you piss about and not take it seriously if you got invited anyway?
    It's a few numpties giving committed bloggers/writers who respect the opportunity given to them a bad name.
    And imo PR's should do more research into blogs before dishing out invites.
    Enjoy yourselves at LFW etc but never take it for granted. You can be professional and have fun at the same time too!
    Anyway i don't mean to offend anyone with this comment :)


  2. I have only been to two shows and was absolutely petrified at both. I can't imagine having the balls/inflated-ego to act like an idiot.

    Your T-shirt is great by the way.

  3. Rollergirl - Why thank you!

    Sunny - Well said, you summed it up in one paragraph than I did in my rambling essay! :)

    Glowing Doll - I KNOW! That's exactly what I was thinking! Just walking around LFW the other day, I was too scared to make eye contact with most people! My friends said, 'did you see any celebs?!' and I was like 'I didn't really see anyone..!' Haha! So god knows what I'd be like at a proper show!

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  5. Drat! The last of my bleach just went down the sink! That serves me right for trying to be all extra clean!

    Great T-shirt, and totally agree with the sentiments.

  6. I agree it's the PR's fault if the bloggers they are picking to go attend these events are not treating the invitation with the respect and a certain degree of professionalism, hopefully they won't be invited next season.
    But i am curious to know where the rumour of the 'biscuit eating, i-phone playing bliggers' started out (Press perhaps?),was this mid-show, before or after? couldn't they have been just have been tweeting about the collection and having a sneaky garibaldi beforehand, because they were ravenous running between shows?
    However I don't doubt there are some assholes who ruin things for the rest. Unfortunately they seem to pop up in every walk of life...
    At the end of the day i think it's just jealousy (that old chestnut!) at play here, both from other bloggers and the press, i hope you can hold your head high in the knowledge that you're a 'reporter not a cavorter'!
    ...btw LOVE the tee!!! xxx

  7. Ha, love the t-shirt.


  8. It is frustrating, full stop, to be ashamed of being a blogger.

  9. re Vint Junky, I am both an fashion professional and blogger. The biscuit eating and phone playing during show was no rumour as I witnessed it too.
    That is the least of the nonsense that some bloggers are getting up to.

    In queue i have seen bloggers I know off try to blag their way in pretending to be other people. it is frankly embarrasing.

    To Gem, love the t-shirt!

  10. Wow marian that IS bad. Have they no shame??

  11. Awesome tshirt!

    Not that I attend shows/have any intention of attending shows/would be invited to attends shows...but I think bloggers will always be looked down upon at these events, shame that a few are giving the rest of us a bad name though and an excuse for bad press :/

  12. Love the bleached tshirt and geek chic glasses.

    I think bloggers have just as much right to be present at LFW as anyone else with a passion for fashion. They have been invited afterall! Though those who seem to not appreciate the invite and put a negative label on the blogging world may want to see things from the editors etc view.

  13. I looove the tee. Sad that I didn't get to see you and Alice today. I actually ended up in Covent Garden first before someone rang me and told me otherwise.

    I definitely agree that you have to appreciate everything you get invited to. It's a shame when there are some that are only there to be papped. Its also when people ask who you're with and you have to reply 'I'm a fashion blogger' It happened to me today and I just couldn't look people in the eye...all this backlash really gives us a bad name.

  14. gosh love ur tee and ur belt! <3
    sorry for late reply btw . . .
    have a nice day :)
yudia aiiu


  15. Hi Gem, We met at in topshop yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful day. It's horrible that your/our fashion can be used against us, we do it because we love it. It was a dream to go to fashion week and if other people don't appreciate it then they don't deserve it. But as we know this industry is full of liggers but the best we can do is hold our heads high and not to get mixed up in the mess. oh and love the slogan!

  16. I know you Brits are civil and all, but why are we not naming names? Why not call out these foolish pricks for what they are? I want to know who, dammit!

  17. I wasn't there for much of fashion week so I didn't see any foolhardy behaviour but like Gem was saying, I felt so weird being there I kinda just kept my head down.

    I'm pretty new to blogging, so any names mentioned would most likely mean blip to me, but I am a nosy sod.


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