Dress down Friday

I hung out with my lovely mum today. We went round the shops, got lunch and unfortunately also got caught in a little snow flurry! I totally misjudged the weather and I wore my Luella t-shirt with just a little cardi and my cropped biker jacket. My mum kept telling me off for "making such animal sounds" when the icy gales RAVAGED my wellbeing. Composure really isn't one of my strengths. A muffled wail is my coping mechanism.

Does anyone else get that? Not the wailing, I think I'm probably alone there! The thing where you foolishly think that just because you're toasty warm in your house, you think it's suitable to dress for April when it's January? I do it all the time and never learn!

I also wore these funny little granny booties I found in a Charity Shop. They are super cosy and I love the little wedge heel! My motto for shoes is the uglier the better!

(T-shirt - Luella via eBay, Cardigan - Primark, Jeans - Topshop, Socks - Primark, Shoes - Charity Shop)

I'm off to carry on watching The Celebrity Big Brother final! Dane Bowers to win!


Team harem!

I crossed one of my moral boundaries today and bought a pair of harem trousers. Well, the label says they're harem's but I believe that they technically aren't, seeing as they have a crotch seam, instead of a saggy mass of material. So I'd like to believe I'm not a massive hypocrite, after months and months of harem-bashing... (The rear view is just icky!)

They were only about a tenner with my staff discount, so I thought they'd make a nice change to skinnies. And the pockets are great from sneaking sweets into work!

I tried them on with a cute longline bra today and I thought it was a pretty good look, but when your uni friends are rowdy heathens, I'd feel at risk all night if I wore this out! The same goes for anything with a zip front (personal experience talking, there!)... When your local night spot is somewhere as pants as Chatham, even the most demure people can turn to indecent exposure as a form of entertainment!

Tonight, Alex & I had pals over for Dominos pizza takeaway. My new harems-but-with-a-butt-seam were perfect for disguising the expansion that eating 3/4's of a large pizza can cause! I'm looking a bit weary in the pic as this was taken after said carb-overdose.

(bow, vest, trousers, boots - Topshop. God, I hate myself. Ooh, necklace is from Urban Outfitters! Thank God!)

I've got my mum coming to visit tomorrow, who I don't see very often, so I can't wait for that!

I've also got a little surprise up my sleeve for you lot soon... All will be revealed in the next few days!

Over 'n' out!



1 down, 8 to go

So I don't know if any of you noticed the immense drama unfolding on my Twitter, when Roxy didn't come home the other morning. And continued to not come home for 3 nights. We've just moved to a new 'hood and I was super worried she'd got lost or found her way on to the main road or something... I read up on google, and it turns out the best time to go looking for your lost cat is in the dead of night. So I set my alarm for 4am today, and off I went to search for my kitty. After 45 minutes, I was just about ready to give up hope, when I quickly tried an area slightly further down the road, and that's when I heard her frantic meowing. I looked over the fence at the back of this house, and it turns out she was stuck in this wooden shed-type thing in their garden (it was easy to get in a gap in the roof, but a bit too high up to get back out when she was inside)! The excitement of finally being found must've given her the strength to jump out of this gap, which she did, and then we had out emotional reunion and went home for food, in her case and for sleep, in my case! Phew!

In other, marginally less gripping news, I obeyed the poll and dyed my hair dark brown. I thought long and hard about going super bright red, but the lure of having the freedom to wear any shade of clothing or lipstick was too great.

Tonight, we went for a few drinks with some friends (yes, I am a tiny bit tipsy... and hiccuping my head off).

(jacket - Topshop, top - River Island, necklace - M&Co kids section, leggings - H&M, boots - Topshop, scarf - h&m, gloves - a gift from my pal Katie)

Me, Alex, Roxy and our friend William are now going to watch New York, I Love You. We watched Paris Je t'aime the other night, what an amazing film! Perfect for those with a short attention span like me, as each story is only about 5 minutes long!

I hope you're having a nice week thus far, and aren't freezing your butts off like me (I SWEAR it's colder than snow-gate at the moment?!)

Love xo


Cat Power

Today's outfit was a feline double whammy. Both the tee and the shoes are eBay purchases bought with my Christmas money. Not really sure what's up with my expression!

No pics of the new abode yet because I want to wait until it's looking perfecto and not like a cardboard box convention.

(Jeans - ye olde Pippas from Topshop. Clocket - Urban Outfitters. Bow - Topshop.)

My hair has been annoying me lately. I dyed it Reddish last week but it looks really wishy washy, besides my roots, which went bright red. Not a good look. I'm thinking of re-dyeing it tomorrow. Help me pick a colour! I'm a hopeless Gemini when it comes to decision-making.

And that, ladies and gents (?) is my first poll!! Get involved!



Je suis une Twit.

So I finally sold out and got a Twitter account!
Feel free to follow me! www.twitter.com/gemfatale (EDIT: link now working!)
Do any of you have it? Comment this post with your twitter name thingy and I guess I'll follow you... Is that how this works? I don't really understand it!

In other news, I have officially moved into the new place. It's rather lovely. Haven't unpacked my clothes yet in a totally unsurprising act of procrastination. I'll definitely do it tomorrow... Or Sunday. Yeah. Definitely Sunday...

I'll post some pics on Sunday of the new place and maybe an outfit if I have unpacked some clothes by then! I will also be dedicating a large chunk of Sunday to catching up on all the blogs I've been missing out on whilst moving! Hmm that's quite a lot of Sunday stuff to do... Maybe I'll unpack on Monday. :)




So, Alex, Roxy & I are moving house tomorrow, therefore I'll be out of action for a couple of days!

Probably wasn't the greatest idea to go out last night... Packing with a hangover isn't my idea of fun! All I want to do is go back to bed. And have a nice long bath.

Hope you're all having a nice week, I'll be back with pics of the new place ASAP!


PS - Thanks to love Rachel from I <3 that for giving me this lovely award! Am not feeling like much of a gorgeous blogger at present, in my hoodie and Fuggs (not to mention I'm still marinating in the vodka and Red Bull I spilt all over myself last night... Cleanliness has taken a bit of a back seat due to packing - haha! Don't say I'm not honest with you guys!) I'm supposed to tell you 7 interesting facts about myself but I will have to take a rain check for the moment until moving house is crossed off the to-do list! :)



#IIIIIIIII will always love Lu!

£50 well ebay-ed!

I spent the day glued to a computer at uni doing work for a project due on monday, and I got heaps done, so I thought I'd treat myself!

Am so glad I now (almost) own a proper Luella item, as she was my numero uno. It shall join my Luella badge at the top of my list of most prized possessions. Hopefully if someone gets a bloody clue and saves Luella I will some day be able to add a lovely frock to that list.

Elsewhere, this delicious little behind-the-scenes video of Topshop's SS10 shoot brightened up my inbox today.

They also sent me some pics from their transitional Spring lookbook. Apparently the lipstick colour du jour is blue! It looks amazing! Isn't the styling a dream (EDIT: just found out Dazed's Fashion Ed Katie Shillingford did the styling)? I just want it all. Yep. They've got me right where they want me. I'm a slave to the machine... But it just feels so good!

If I had hair, I would soooo be stealing the chunky plait look! Here are my faves:

Oh, to be a millionaire... Or even a thousandaire!




I went back to uni yesterday. Grim times. Listening to Go West certainly made my walk to the train station more fun. What wasn't fun was doing 2 hours of work on Photoshop only for it to crash and for my work to vanish into the abyss. Always save your work as you go along, cats.

Isn't inspiration a funny thing? Generally, a vest and jeans would probably be at the bottom of my outfit priority list. But after watching this hilariously 80's Go West video, suddenly a vest-jeans-boots-biker combo seemed like the perfect statement. It's funny how you suddenly see something in a new light, and an outfit gains a whole new meaning and desirability.

If you can handle ridiculously awkward male dancing (and vigorous hip action) observe my outfit inspiration du jour below! And enjoy one of the greatest choruses ever created!

In other news, I just won these babies for £4.99 on ebay!!

In other other news, me and Alex have found a lovely new flat to live in! We move a week today, so I probably need to get my head out of cyberspace, and start the gruelling task of packing!

Love love love!


New nails

I changed my nails last night, accidentally (but gladly) channelling the cute toadstool from Mario Bros games!

(Ring-watch - Claire's Accessories, Pyjamas - amazing but ollldd Harajuku Lovers, a Christmas gift from Alex.)

My newbie nail efforts are kinda cute, but Katy Perry has got to be the queen of nail art. I think hers are either by Pro Nails or Minx. They're actually little transfers (with the exception of the bling bling ones), so they haven't had the sheer minutes of hard work that mine took, but they are still amazing. And so is she.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and to my fellow UK-ers, enjoy the snow! If you're not sick of it yet. I'm still super excited... I love adverse weather conditions. I used to want to be a storm chaser when I was about 13. Cringe!!



Identity Crisis

The reason the blog looks a little different is because at some point, my brain decided midnight was the perfect time to start tinkering around with the blog layout.

I do have some plans to eventually make it look fabulous, but I think the polka dots and new lighter background will do for now! Can't believe I forced the gloominess of the old template on you for so long!

But srsly, how do you other bloggers make your blogs look decent? I know nothing about html except for this: ♥. That's it.
Do you just use templates or are you html wizardesses?

The houses I viewed today were okay... Clothing storage was dreadful so am hoping something else comes up very soon, or my wardrobe is doomed to a life of minimalism. Yikes!


♥. lolz.


Epic nails

I took some time off from my usual epic fail filled life (the flat I viewed was crap. 4 days to find a new house. Student loan is coming in a week later than I thought. I'm overdrawn. Stress has become my middle name. OMGZ. FML.) to create some epic nails this morning.

This 'look' came about free of charge. I stole the grey shade from my fave human, Hannah, and found the orange shade in Topshop (a customer left it near the till! Finders, keepers!) Up close, it is a pretty ad-hoc affair but from afar looks kinda fun!

You know that thing where you say or look at a word for so long that it loses all meaning? I got that taking these pics of my hands, because I couldn't seem to take a picture without my hand looking pudgy or wonky, so I kept taking pictures and after a while, I began to lose all sense of how a hand should look & felt like mine looked more and more mutant! It was bizarre!

Am viewing 2 houses tomorrow, wish me luck! I hope they have good storage or I shall be forced to face the dreaded wardrobe downsizing. *shudder*.



Lash love

Just a slightly mundane outfit post after a busy few days... with plenty more busy days to come. Our landlord is a shit and thinks it's cool to make people move out of their houses in January, forcing them to come back down to earth with a BIG bump after a delightful festive period. So we need to find a new place to live in the next couple of weeks!
Alex thinks we should just settle for something 'cheap and cheerful' (aka small with shit furniture), but I am doing my very best to ignore him. I've booked a viewing for a pretty swanky pad tomorrow. £825 a month, but what are student loans for?! Well clothes, I guess.

Here's this evening's outfit, which may well become tomorrow's outfit!

(jacket - Blue Inc, dress - h&m, clocklace - Topshop, boots - Topshop)

I've been wearing my lashes non stop recently. They are the best I've ever had, and the cheapest too! I get asked a lot about them by customers at work and on nights out and its always a pleasure to tell them they are less than a fiver! They are faring a lot better than my Nadine Girls Aloud lashes, which Roxy hunted down and ate when I foolishly left them on the coffee table! They are by Ardell, an American brand which can be found in larger boots stores and the model name is 'Demi Wispies' (?!). They're made of real hair apparently which, although freaky, lends them a lovely flutterability! Btw, this is not a promo post, I am genuinely just passionate about good lashes! Here they are:

My outfit posts always become lengthy drivel so I'll nip it in the bud now. Me and Alex are watching 500 days of Summer tonight and eating Jelly Tots. Rock n roll.

Hope you've all had a nice monday, commiseration's to the students that had to go back to school/uni today!