Dye hard.


I've had this little unitard obsession for a long while which was always stilted by the fact American Apparel sell them for like £25... A little much for my purse strings. So imagine my intense joy when I came across a light grey one in their sale for £9 a month or so ago. I really wanted to use it in my uni shoot too so I was pretty excited about it.

I wanted a black one but just figured I'll dye it.. Can't be that hard right? Wrong.

I shelled out a fiver in C&H for some Dylon hand dye and the salt stuff you need for it and started the process in the kitchen sink at home. I didn't realise you had to stir that shiz constantly for 45 mins?! So I didn't. Admittedly, I did cut a few corners and just gave it the odd prod in between watching Come Dine With Me (♥). So when I dried it, I was pretty peeved to find the colour was so uneven. And not remotely black. Just patchy charcoal grey with big streaks from sitting on the radiator. FAIL.

I really wanted a black unitard for my shoot, which was looming, so I next spent £6 on Dylon 'EASIER THAN EVER' machine dye. I excitedly followed the instructions and retrieved the item from the washing machine when the time was up, and was SEETHING to find it was still bloody charcoal grey! And that's not even the issue, it was totally patchified. And had some proper splatter effects going on. Lame!

Has anyone else tried to dye something black? Am I missing some kind of secret to achieving the perfect black shade?

So, yeah. £21 down the line, and my bargain isn't looking so bargainous anymore... I'm stuck with a patchy (and a touch misshapen after all of the manhandling) excuse for a unitard. I guess this is what you get for trying to be a cheapskate and cut corners when really, it would've been easier to get a black one in the first place! Sigh.

The shitness doesn't show up that well on camera. I'll still wear the unitard, but after all this drama it's just charged with negativity and bad memories!

Dylon, thanks for bankrupting me whilst also ruining my unitard dreams. I hate you!



  1. Still, it looks hot with the Emma Cooks x

  2. omg, I've tried the dying with Dylon too! The perfect-fit skirt of my dreams in a pattern I didn't desire. I tried dying it black. You can still see the pattern and now it's a dirty grey. I was like thats ok, I'll wear it anyway. wore it with a white top and it rained. Not only did my top go see through but the colour came out a bit and stained my top. :( It was a bad day for me..

  3. Still looks good good to me, is the leotard 100% cotton? If it's a mixed fibre, the dye might not take that well. I need to dye stuff too, wish me luck!

  4. All the same I love it!!

    I want one SO bad! xxx

  5. I once tried dying a vintage peach cardigan black, total disaster. It went a dodgy grey with black patches and ultimately ended up in a charity shop. A sad story.

  6. Haha hence why I never dye anything anymore!

  7. heys! i bought a black jumpsuit (it looks exactly like the style your wearing now) from primark £6 thinking that it was one of them 'hareem' style jumpsuits, i took it home and only to find out that it wears like a unitard? and clings to the body! nothing like the 'hareem' style i had in mind! but maybe you could try primark! xxx

  8. I have just clicked who you are! Your John's sister, I vaguely remember meeting you once at the Rum Runner, you were drinking a Banana Yazoo, such a small world x

  9. Oh yeah...I'm not even a DIY person but I know that black can go patchy! How I know that, I don't know.

  10. Thanks for the comments and various dye horror stories! I feel less alone now!! xx
    Anon - will have to check out Primarni!

  11. it's important to get dyes suitable for the fabric type. cotton will take dye differently than wool, silk, rayon, etc. and you can always dye over with a better black!


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