Hot chocolate gossip!!

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So I'm ready to spill the cocoa beans! I'm so excited!! I'm sure you've all heard about the collaboration between top British style icons, Giles Deacon and the Cadbury's Caramel bunny? He designed her a lovely new dress.... but he also designed something for us.

Giles has designed a limited number of scarves to celebrate Cadbury's new chocolate sensation (which I can now verify - they are cruelly moreish), Caramel Nibbles. The scarves will be being given away in Nibbles Boutique, the world's first online pop-up shop! And guess where that will be... Yep, right here!
The shop will go live for a short time at some point on October 30th (I'll be able to verify exactly when a bit nearer the time), so instead of coming to my blog and finding silly videos of cats in hats, you will find yourself in a virtual queue to claim your free scarf (marginally more exciting, I'm sure you'll agree)! You'll actually interact in real time (via live streaming) with real pop-up shop assistants and you'll see your scarf being packed and addressed to you! How spesh is that?

Don't panic if you miss the boat, there'll be some other sites hosting the pop-up shops throughout the day, so the best thing to do is sign up to The Caramel Bunny's facebook page (www.facebook.com/caramelbunny), whose status will change each time one shop shuts and another opens, so you can be first in the queue.

Ahhh, it feels good to let it out, I'm crap at keeping secrets!

I went to the Cadbury's Nibbles launch last night with my friend Hannah and had a fab time, even though we didn't stay long. I also got to see one of my fave bloggers, Miss Woo who looked fabulous. I also saw Emily from My Fashion Life which was lovely!
I also got to meet Giles himself, when he wasn't 'spinning choons on the decks', as they may well say on the street (do they? I wouldn't know!) briefly who was just lovely and so charming. Shame I am pulling the most goon-like expression I could muster! C'est ma vie...

Such fun!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a nice week thus far!



  1. OOOoh well done! Thats super cool, those nibbles are so moreish aren't they, delicious!
    How will we know when the scarf is available?

    Kitty x

  2. how cool!! wow bet it was a great night! i'll have to work out the right time difference to try and win a scarf! xx

  3. I think I drank too much (again)that night, story of my life. It was super fun to hang out with you again though, lets do it soon x

  4. oh giles....swoon.
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  5. I really wish I came with you and cheapskate!!

    Must meet up soon! Festive drinkies?? xxx


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