Hallow there!

Hapy Halloween!

Oh, how I wish I wasn't too old for trick or treating! And oh, how I also wish I was in America for Halloween... It's such a bigger deal over there!

I'll be spending it down the pub with some friends and my beau, who is adamant that he doesn't 'do' halloween! Spoilsport. I think he deserves a trick instead of a treat! I did have a controversial but clever outfit planned (size zero model - complete with long wig, sunken zombie face, skeleton bones stuck on over a chic outfit, and a tape measure as a belt!) but I started to make the outfit this morning and decided it just looked a bit crap, as things tend to when you leave them til the last minute!

So I figured it was best to keep it simple, and go the obvious route...

Tell me about your Halloween plans! I hope you'll be making more of an effort than me?



  1. You look adorable. Do the other idea next year! It's very funny.

  2. You look so cute! Haha. I wish I had organised a costume now.

  3. A traditional cat, I was a witch this year, aren't we both oh-so original! However good effort on the make up, looks so cute!

  4. ohhh your make up looks so cute! I just found out about your blog from the Topshop Facebook page (you were in a picture and there was a link underneath) I really like it, I shall be adding you to my reading list! xoxo


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