Competition time!!!

Did you know this blog is almost 2 years old (on the 17th October to be precise)? Well, VoucherCodes.co.uk are approaching their first birthday and you guys are about to benefit from a joint birthday treat! It's the first competition I've ever held and I'm super excited!

For those who didn't know, VoucherCodes.co.uk picks out the very latest online voucher codes, restaurant vouchers, days out vouchers and sales for all the leading online stores - to help you save your cash. Pretty helpful if you're a skint student like myself! Or one of these recessionista-bargainista-frugal-fashionista types. Some of their great fashion offers include a 15% off Motel Clothing discount code, a Marks and Spencer Promotional Code, some New Look Discount Codes and a Karen Millen Promotional Code. There's also a 15% off Benefit Cosmetics discount code which I plan to thoroughly abuse!

So anyway, back to you guys. Up for grabs is a gorgeous Liberty Lost Property eco bag, designed by Katy Bell, worth £50. These bags are made from recycled coffee sacks and Liberty fabric and are also reversible (2 for the price of one. And that price is zero! So, if we're being honest here, it's 2 bags for free!) Due to being made from totally recycled fabrics, the bags are one of a kind. This means there's a bit of mystery as to what yours will look like but it will be very similar to the bag below. Cute as heck, no?

To win, indulge my Geminian nosey side and leave me a comment telling me 3 things that are in your handbag. A winner will be chosen at random after the competition closes on Thursday 22nd October. Don't forget to leave your email address if it isn't on your Blogger profile!

The competition is only available to UK readers due to laws 'n' stuff. Full T's & C's available here.



  1. 3 things in my handbag -

    an umbrella for rainy british weather times

    black nail polish for chipped nasty nail times

    and a packet of love hearts for those i really need another love heart boost right now times

    nice comp miss! xxxxx

  2. in my handbag there is always...

    a picture of a piglet wearing a tiara because it keeps me smiling

    batteries of all shapes and sizes (no one reason, but you never know what the day will bring)

    and socks.


  3. In my handbag you will find:

    My iPod Touch

    A small pink fold up multi tool for those DIY emergencies

    A mini make up kit for those girly emergencies

  4. 3 things in my handbag

    1) Ipod Video - approx 4 years old and still working perfectly

    2) Black and silver stripy umbrella

    3) Red Chanel lipstick - because you never know when you're going to get a last minute invitation!

  5. oh i love this idea. those coffee sacks have such neat prints!

    my handbag contains:
    a flip cam
    vanilla scented lotion
    mini business cards

  6. a lovely idea!
    in my bag there is always:
    my blackberry
    jelly belly lip balm
    a bottle of water, saves money and plastic!

  7. Oh! Great giveaway :)

    In my bag...:

    -keys of course
    -lip balm
    -umbrella... it's too rainy up in Durham!

    Lovely blog :)

  8. Thanks so much =) LOVE your blog.

    Three things in my handbag:

    1) tissues/wetwipes, because I am a messy so and so.

    2) a handful of various sweets, put in with good intentions and then forgotten about

    3) cash/card because I have a spending addiction.

  9. What a cool competition!

    3 things in my handbag:

    1- A vintage sweet secret doll,do you remember them?! I won it on Ebay a while ago and keep it with me I had one as a child and absolutely love it, you never know when she might come in handy (friends babies for example!)

    2- A leopard print hair clip for fringe in eyes emergencies!

    3- My Kath Kidston purse its huge and fits everything in it as well as being very pretty!


    Thanks for stopping by x x

  10. oohh - too bad I can't enter :(

  11. There is far too much in my handbag right now... but the loot includes:

    A rather tatty cotton tote so I can save on carrier bags.

    My favourite leather gloves - ruched, pewter and super sexy

    A million receipts from all those lovely things I can't help but keep buying.

  12. In my bag are:

    pink i - pod for that all too crucial 'blocking out the world with music' moments.

    a wide variety of pens, essential for a nerd such as myself.

    and my wallet, of course! x

  13. currently in my bag:

    ipod - i've found it necessary to take my mind off walking up the hill to my uni house with music in order to not feel like i'm dying because i'm so unfit

    my purse now containing so many cards/bus pass/library receipts that it doesn't close properly

    bottle of water/throat sweets/packet of mints - needed to get through lectures and seminars without a coughing fit thanks to the cold which is currently destroying my throat

    in conclusion my bag is no fun and far too full of uni related things :(

  14. in my bag:

    a bag of cinder toffee - the fair is in town so i've been indulging on sweeties

    jar of elizabeth arden 8 hour cream - i have a cold so am using it daily on my lips

    6 stickers from my last few mcdonalds lattes that will entitle me to a free one on tuesday when i start work at 7! (hurray - at the free coffee, not the starting at 7)

  15. Ohh i love competitions.
    Ok.. in my handbag is...

    1. Tampons. So many tampons. Strangely, they are never there when i need them, and the rest of the time they jump into my hand as i pull out my wallet to pay for things!

    2. A note book of some description just in case i have a life changing idea that needs writing down

    3. Liquid eyeliner! My one make up must.

    Whats in your bag Gem? Now i'm curious!


  16. Thanks guys, love the entries!!

    I posted some of my handbag entrails in my post here!


  17. hey, love your blog!

    in my bag currently I have
    1) my digital camera (always have it with me)
    2) an old unopened sachet of Oats so Simple...not really sure why!?
    3)a large pack of tissues cos it's that time of year and the cold virus has hit.

  18. Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read blogs like that. BTW add more pics :)


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