Me and Alex went for breakfast with friends this morning and apparently were both in a 90's mood.

(Cardi - Primark men's section, Dress - h&m, Socks - Topshop // Plaid shirt - ebay, Skinny jeans - h&m, T-shirt - a friend's gig)



Emma Cook Boots AW/09

So, the new Emma Cook boots were due in at the Topshop Flagship today and after being informed they won't be available online due to legal matters, I spent much of my time bothering the Topshop shoe department over the phone to reserve me a couple of pairs. As yet, they have still not arrived, so I will be ringing back tomorrow - first thing! Luckily I have a few days off before I go to Paris on Wednesday so it won't be too much bother to trek to London. If they're not instore by the time i'm in Paris... well, I'm not even going to contemplate that because I may weep into the keyboard of my Mac and it might explode.

Anyway, I was mucking about on Polyvore and noticed 2 pairs of boots from the new collection I've never seen before. And I actually prefer them to the ones that have had more coverage.

They don't have the look of the classic brothel creeper style boots she originally did and has revamped for this season, but I'm sure she wants to show that there's more to her than a chunky sole and pair of laces. Btw, here are the afore-mentioned AW09 versions of her brother creeper boots:

I do quite like the red ones. I'll certainly try them on! My boyfriend doesn't condone me spending £140 on boots but he clearly doesn't understand the term investment!



Oh, what a night!

Last night, Arcadia held a wonderful and unique event for UK bloggers. We got to try on new pieces from all of the Arcadia collections (unsurprisingly Topshop reigned supreme and generated the most excitement) and have our pictures taken by the photographer, Alistair.

(The beloved Topshop rail of joy. Including some exciting new pieces from the new pop-up boutique, EDIT which will feature premium pieces from international designers in the flagship store)

(The lovely PR lady, Liz)

(Some bloggers chatting to Susie Bubble and a photo shoot going on!)

My date, Katie, couldn't come because of work commitments and I had to go it alone so I was beyond thrilled when I arrived and the first person I bumped into was Michelle of Cheapskate Chic fame! Hers is one of my favourite blogs (I think I forgot to tell her that) so it really was lovely to meet her. She was great fun, although a bit of a bad influence in the alcohol department! We had a picture taken:

(Playsuit - Topshop. I loved the cut of it. It had shoulder pads too - Can't wait for this one to arrive instore!)

It was lovely to briefly meet Susie, she was fab. Here are a few pics of some of other bloggers I met and some of the shoot pictures (which, btw, were given to us on FREE USB STICKS! You know you've hit the big time when you're getting a free USB stick!)

(Scarlett from LittleBambiBoots and her stylist pal, Caia. They were fab)

(Michelle and Alice (Alice Through The Looking Glass), who was lovely and very funny.)

Scarlett, Caia and I making a pretty convincing argument to start a girl band together!

The Ashish boots! I am a lover of wedges, so pretty much fell in love with these. But if i'm going to blow the budget on any wedges this week it's going to be my homegirl, Emma Cook's!

Then onto a pub for some more drink but in most cases, tap water!

L-R Alice, Scarlett, gorgeous Emily (My Fashion Life), Caia, Moi, Michelle and the lovely Winnie (Diamond Canopy)

To summarise - FAB clothes, lovely Press team, and fantastic bloggers. A lush night all round!


Denim day

Last week, I went to stay with my family who live in this small town that is bursting with Charity shops. I found some high waisted skinny Levi's (made them skinnier with the sewing machine) & found a cute little top for 50p that enhances the 50's vibe.

I also found a denim jacket (pictured in next post) from Topshop for £1! And my mum showed me this Levi's acid washed jacket she's had since 1901 or whenever it was she was growing up.. She put it on, asking me if she could still get away with it but the answer was definitely a no. It was a bitter pill for my 51 year old mum to swallow, but she saw sense and we mutually decided it would look best on my boyfriend, Alex!

After I got back home to Kent and presented Alex with the jacket (he hearted it), he went to a gig for the rest of the night. I knew I had to tidy the bedroom which looked like a bomb site, clothes everywhere, but I am congenitally untidy and when faced with the challenge of tidying the bedroom, my mind goes to great lengths to distract me from the task at hand. This time, it convinced me that rolling my fringe & putting on a headscarf and flicky makeup was definitely more important than tidying. So I obeyed!

I'm weak. And my room is still a tip.


I love the smell of uniform in the morning...

So it's uniform time at Topshop at the moment (which means 60% discount off 3 items for me).

My first item came yesterday in the form of an Emma Cook for Topshop oversized vest with cute print. I didn't manage to take an outfit pic when I wore it to work today, but snatched a pic off the Topshop website.

It's made with cashmere so is really soft.

My second item was purchased today, almost instantly after spotting them! It was love at first sight. Not least because they are named 'Shallow', which is fitting for me..! Had a very quick dress up session with them when I got in but am feeling very weary (and it shows) so more experimentation will commence tomorrow.

Shirt - charity shop

So I have one more piece of uniform to buy and I'm gonna hold out til I find the perfect item! I'm thinking something season-appropriate (weather-wise) such as a nice bit of knitwear or some sturdy jeans. Watch this space!

Here's what I wore to work yesterday:

Vintage swimsuit/dress - charity shop, Jacket - ye olde topshop, Scarf - charity shop

I love the swimdress as it creates the illusion of an hourglass which I definitely don't posess.

My little blue flip flops are the ridicule of my friend Hannah who tells me they are the sort of thing a chavvy teen mother would wear. I had a pair of nice white leather sandals from Topshop but lost one in the move (?!) so my flip flops have had to suffice until I find a suitable replacement, or the prodigal sandal!



Wanna hang out?

Any of you southern bloggers get invited to the Arcadia online press event?

If anyone is going and wants to meet up, just message or email me.

It would be cool to meet some of you in 3d format!



Mail + cat = happiness

Don't you just love getting cute stuff in the post? Here's my Tatty Devine telephone rings I bought (1 for me, 1 for a friend). Well, more precisely here is the parcel I received as I forgot to take a pic of the ring in action!

Here's what I wore today:

Shoes - Lillywhites via Charity Shop, Playsuit - Topshop, Jersey-Denim (Jenim?) jacket - h&m, Handbag - vintage

Here's a couple of pictures of my amazing cat Roxy. She is the love of my life (soz, boyf!). Alex and I just moved to a new flat and Roxy's been working out where's best to hang out and the blue rug is clearly the place to be. It seems to render her limbs totally useless as she's always just flops to the floor, a little like the trick she never effing learnt. Regardless of her useless limbs, she's happy. She is actually smiling in the second picture!

Time to chillax in front of the TV as I have slept so badly the last couple nights that I feel like a zombie. A cocktail of Marshmallows and Channel 4 will hopefully aid my much needed relaxation!



Cream of the 'shop!

Just looking at Topshop's latest underwear offerings has vastly improved my life.



Gimme a ring!

Perusing the blogosphere, I saw a post on Kingdom of Style about Tatty Devine's sale. I don't normally find Tatty Devine stuff very 'me'. Not to mention it being out of my price range. But I was very taken when I saw these cute telephone and cat rings..:

Sadly, I ordered the telephone ring in such haste that it wasn't until afterwards that I saw the cat ring. But it is twice the price of the £4.50 telephone ring so maybe such a luxury will have to wait until next payday. Having said that I was genuinely considering spending £350 on some Emma Cook boots on ebay the other day. *sigh* I actually dream about finding a pair in a charity shop. Only to wake up feeling crushed by the truth. And the fact that her AW09 versions aren't a patch on the dream boots.

Let me take a moment to regain the will to live.

In other news, I saw these courts in M&S today whilst my mother was dragging me around looking for the mum-wardrobe-staple, the linen trouser. I didn't purchase as they didn't have my size but am going to try and order them, as they are the perfect height for wearing to work and are a snip at £15!




New playsuit

Wearing my new leopard print playsuit I got from h&m. It only cost about 12.99 so even though I'm skint, I couldn't possibly resist!


Can I have a bit of your money?

Have just popped the following items on ebay, due to my credit being crunched beyond belief thanks to my new Topshop staff discount card.

The pictures depict the transition I just made from blonde to rouge:

In other news, I saw Twilight last night... If my lounge was fitted with an undeserved-hype alarm, the sound would be deafening! What a sack of shit - the film and my tenuous analogy.