T-shirt DIY

Take 50p, A t-shirt from the 50p-rail in Age Concern, scissors and patience.



I debuted it at work today and it got many weird looks which has made me think I have delusions of grandeur of this t-shirt... Maybe it's not as cool as I think it is? But having said that, mass acceptance is not conducive to my inner peace.

I wore it with a fluoro yellow and black vintage swimsuit (see a few posts back for a pic) and wellies as it was pissing it down.

I plan to do this kind of project again and I think I won't do the sleeves too next time. I might just leave them and do the bottom. Next on my DIY list is chopping my Topshop Pippa jeans to buggery as they have already ripped and I figured mutilating them would be more fun than exchanging them for boring new jeans.

I tried this flicky 'Rihanna eye' make-up tutorial I saw on Flying Saucer this morning. Unfortunately it looked good for about half an hour and I consequently spent my entire shift checking my reflection every 15 minutes for under-eye smudgage (a word? It should be.)



Too many dicks on the dancefloor.

Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords pushes the boundaries of wittiness.

For your amusement, a few of my favourite songs from the series. Besides very funny, the music is also genius! Not sure if these have been shown in UK yet (we watched it illegally on da internets!)



Dressed for success.

I've been having a bit of a naff time at work lately and finding it a real drag to go in. So I decided today to put mind over matter and I figured that if I dress up all formal-like, I might feel more professional and have a better time. It worked, and as a result I had a nice day.
Did anyone else have a big storm today? I love storms! I can usually tell when there's going to be one because I get a big headache (when I was younger I used to get terrible nosebleeds if a storm was brewing. Yuck.) but today's one crept up on me. It happened about 2 minutes before I got home from work so I received a slight drenching and then spent a little while consoling little Roxy (my lolcat) who was very confused about all the thunder! Poor thing!

Here's my outfit:

shirt & skirt - h&m, shoes - topshop, necklace/clock - urban outfitters, belt - charity shop

Here's a close up of the clock, my friends bought it for me for my bday (which isn't til 4th June but they've all gone back home for the Summer so I got it early!) I absolutely adore it. I'm having quite a horsey moment in my life, really.

I bought this belt today after a customer queried the price of it and it turned out to be £7, down from £25. It doesn't look that nice but at an RRP of £25, it's quite a refreshing change to my usual structurally unsound vintage belts which are ready to snap at any given moment (or with any given humous-loaded breadstick - my snack du jour).

I have a day off tomorrow and am planning a charity shop pound-rail hunt for t-shirts that I can mutilate. I want to experiment with a few different styles... The one shoulder cropped shape, and fringing.

I shall update on the morrow!




What a lovvellly weekend it's been down south! The weather has been scrummy. The only downside is my hay fever seems to have kicked in today which is a bummer.
I went to a sleepover last night. It was a chilled night, watching Britain's got Talent, drinking Fanta and playing the Wii. I do love a night in. I've been getting very brittle nails of late from alcohol intake!
Here's yesterday & today's outfits:

baseball shirt - delia's, skirt - h&m, shoes - primark. zip dress - h&m, jacket - topshop

I found a couple of things in the charity shops yesterday. I'm not sure how best to wear either but at 50p each I couldn't reist!

I don't often wear scarves but the nautical/french colours and horsies attracted me! Not sure what to wear it with though...

I was rummaging through my vintage gear to earlier to put some of it on ebay this eve and came across a number of swimsuits I've amassed since last summer and have been waiting for the right moment to put them on (still a bit early, i feel). Here's some highlights. They provide quite the visual feast with all the colours and prints!

If you're into selling vintage stuff on ebay, my number one tip is don't be afraid to rummage through used swimwear in charity shops! I know that sounds a bit icky but they can be a goldmine. I was selling used swimwear (the more of a 50's silhouette or ker-azy print, the better) last summer and getting no less than £15 for each of them.

I shall leave you with that pearl of wisdom and retire for the evening to watch Come Dine With Me with my lover and my cat, whilst ironically eating a 99p microwave fish pie.

ps - Leggings surgery has been re-scheduled for tomorrow afternoon!


School's out!

Hooray, uni is over and my life can be my own again.
So, I'm about to jump on an apparently pretty old trend bandwagon and embark on a DIY legging surgery journey! The idea came to me a couple of days ago and I thought I was some kind of revolutionary, until I googled it and found many a blog-post from *gasp* late 2008!
I'm not sure what I want to do with them, I was thinking just cut at the knee and maybe frayed (do leggings fray?) like jeans or something. But I'm not sure. Here are the old piccies I found, but I'm thinking of trying something a tad more subtle.

First pic - Anja Rubik, Second pic - Chictopia

Will be posting pics tomorrow as I have work shortly and am going straight out tonight.

Have a nice Saturday! ♥