Mindless self indulgence

I've been having a rather self indulgent week. I think it's been brought on by going to a fashion uni where everyone is dressed so well that I feel positively drab! So what do you do? You buy a wicked vintage playsuit with studs and faux diamonds, of course! I've also bought 3 pairs of flat shoes in as many days because the trek to uni (20 mins to station, 5 mins up a steep hill when I get off train) means that it's literally flat shoes only for the next 3 years. I tried a low heel the other day and it was just painful. Not to mention very difficult to descend the steep hill on the way home!
So here are my recent purchases:

Zip up h&m booties:

Granny semi-wedges (ridiculously comfy!):

Pink jazz shoesies (6.75 inc postage on ebay!):

Dreamy playsuit (ebay):

I thought I'd also include a blurry pic of the elephant bow brooch I made!

Ribbon - c&h, brooch - mum's, vagina armpit - model's own!

So I've been busy buying and creating as well as coping with freshers week at uni! Which is going really well by the way, lots of nice people. Some annoying people, but that's life isn't it :) I knew there'd be lots of 'big personalities' at a fashion-orientated uni!

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday. xo

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