Many naff quality pics!

Here are some pics of some outfits from the last week or 2 that I haven't got round to posting, the first pic is my new U-neck dress that h&m are doing - a blatant rip-off of American Apparel's version! I also got one in black. They are so comfy, but obviously pose a problem around the tummy area and therefore must only be worn after avoiding breakfast.

Next up is the outfit I wore on the above shipping spree:

Cardi - Topshop
Dress - h&m
Tee - Topshop
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Claire's

On a summery day:

Dress - Primark
Bag - Vintage
Flower - "
Shoes - "

Off to a BBQ:

Blouse: Primark
Bag - Vintage
Skinnies - Topshop
Wedges - Charity shop
Fur Coat - h&m
Cardi - Toppers

In a layery mood:

Tee - h&m
Strapless top - h&m
Skirt - Primark
Cardi - h&m
Sunglasses - car boot sale
Bag - Red Herring

In a cat cuddly mood:

Cat & Mouse jumper - car boot sale
Cat - from a nice lady in Kent



Model behaviour!

Before I begin, fab news! I just heard today I got a job at Topshop!!! Hoorrayyy!

So anyway, a lovely photography student from Uni, Denisa, asked me to be the subject for one of her assignments. The project was called 'identikit' and basically had to reflect the personality/interests of the subject. Here's a couple of the pics! I did warn her I was unphotogenic - these were the only ones in which I wasn't looking silly out of about 200 pics!

It was a very fun day though, and she was lovely!

So excited about my new job. Fashionable job = wearing good outfits = more outfit posts! So my bank account thrives as does my beloved blog!



Sorry for the absence! As most of you know, i just started uni so the above pic is the story of my life right now! Long train journeys, snacks and mags! I have a long weekend coming up though so can hopefully revive my flagging blog! Am currently in bed blogging from my mobile so will wrap it up now, bon soir! Xo


Paisley fest 08

Here are some vintage bits for sale on my ebay at the moment. I plan to put more on later in the week (Can't list anything on monday, tues or weds otherwise they end on thurs/fri/sat which are popular going out nights!) including leather flat boots & other shoes.

If any of you blog readers win the auctions, you'll get a freebie! Just message me when after you've won!

Here's the link to my ebay! Ignore the kitchen I have for sale, doing a favour for my mumsy!




This month's NYLON mag inspired me to make a dress (or long top depending on your height!) out of a pillowcase! I bought 4 different pillowcases for £1 in a charity shop earlier so I might branch out with different necklines etc. I think its really cute! And it took 30 seconds, literally.



leggings - h&m
shoes - "
belt - new look

Anyone else itching to break out their winter woolly hats? Be gone with you, boring sunny-cloudy weather!

hats - claire's accessories


Mindless self indulgence

I've been having a rather self indulgent week. I think it's been brought on by going to a fashion uni where everyone is dressed so well that I feel positively drab! So what do you do? You buy a wicked vintage playsuit with studs and faux diamonds, of course! I've also bought 3 pairs of flat shoes in as many days because the trek to uni (20 mins to station, 5 mins up a steep hill when I get off train) means that it's literally flat shoes only for the next 3 years. I tried a low heel the other day and it was just painful. Not to mention very difficult to descend the steep hill on the way home!
So here are my recent purchases:

Zip up h&m booties:

Granny semi-wedges (ridiculously comfy!):

Pink jazz shoesies (6.75 inc postage on ebay!):

Dreamy playsuit (ebay):

I thought I'd also include a blurry pic of the elephant bow brooch I made!

Ribbon - c&h, brooch - mum's, vagina armpit - model's own!

So I've been busy buying and creating as well as coping with freshers week at uni! Which is going really well by the way, lots of nice people. Some annoying people, but that's life isn't it :) I knew there'd be lots of 'big personalities' at a fashion-orientated uni!

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday. xo


The kids are too alright!

I was reading Susie Bubble's post pondering the diminishment of individuality as a result of today's internet-obsessed, blog-happy generation. It is a really interesting post and made me think of my recent perusal of Elle's online street style page.

There was a collection of picture's from the recent Underage Festival (an indie-emo fest for under 18's) in London. Looking at the pictures of these 14/15 year olds I just couldn't believe how much 'style' was going on! It really is a sign of the times, when I think back to when me and my friends were around that age, moshing around in huuuge flares and blink 182 shirts! We didn't have a clue about style. But those were the days of 58k internet, I suppose! In my house we only had the internet for 2 hours on Sunday so I guess I didn't stand a chance!

Good on these kids for looking fab, I guess, but I can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable about this whole 15-year-old fashionista movement! I'm not sure why. Gosh, I feel an outburst of Keane's 'Everybody's changin'' coming on!

Being an indecisive Gemini I do find it hard to have concrete opinions on anything, which is why I don't usually post blogs like this! So what I would advise you to do, dear readers, is head on over to Susie Bubble's blog for far more coherent thoughts on the matter!

Here are a few of the pictures in question. Enjoy being inspired by the style of these tiny children!

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Am I wrong to feel a bit weirded out by 14 year olds looking cooler than me?

Yours truly,

Old & uncool from Kent

Rainy rainy sunday!

Here's a couple of pics of me in today's cosy rainy day attire!

Cardigan - Topshop
Dress - Primark
Belt - h&m
Necklace - Claire's
Leggings - h&m
Socks - Primark
Wellies - Priceless shoes

I'm wearing my new long cardigan from Toppers. Just a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have given 2 figs about long cardigans, but I've seen two pics of Peaches Geldof wearing them and they just look so lovely! They add a really nice grown-up dimension to an outfit, whereas normal cardi's can give a preppy/school vibe. But I won't be banishing my threadbare h&m cardi to the back of the cupboard just yet!
I am embarrassed to have been such a sucker for celeb-style! I do try and be individual but I suppose there's no shame in finding inspiration in various places...

The blur at the bottom of the second pic is my boyfriend's foot. He was trying to hijack the picture. He also wants me to post pictures of his new skate shorts but I let him down gently :)

I've been thinking about what to wear for the first day of uni and although the gorgeous lady from Freelancer's Fashion Blog suggested heels and a dress, which I had in mind, I've remembered the Uni is up a steep and yucky hill so I don't want to be walking like a cripple before I've even set foot in the joint! So I've been considering a more casual but cute look, maybe something along these lines?



Ebay stuff!

These cuties end next sunday at tea time. If they take your fancy, why not give me some of your money? :-D
Not very subtle and not very cool, but a good suggestion nevertheless!

I start Uni on monday!! I'm a bit nervous. But excited! No idea what to wear. First impressions and all that...
Casual? High heels? Eek! I don't knowwwww.

Enjoy your weekend everyone xo


Pubbing for pudding!

Here's a pic of my outfit from when Alex & I went to wetherspoons for a drink and a pudding :) Much cheaper than going out for dinner! Just have a cheap crap dinner at home and then go out for pud!
I just bought a bulk load of 70's/80's vintage dresses (some of which will go on ebay tonight) and lots of them were this really shapeless midi-length so i made the executive decision to turn them into mini dresses!
I got a bit attached to this one so decided to wear it to the pub! I just love the shape of it.
I had to behead myself because my facial expression left a lot to be desired.

I'll probably post more pics of the stuff going on ebay tonight because they are such gorge dresses and must be appreciated by as many people as possible! I want to marry all of them.