Bows & big shoes (the story of my life)!

So my beloved boyfriend has gone to band practice and left me to my own devices with the camera. In just half an hour I have acquired 2 new best friends - the tripod and the self time button!
It's early days but hopefully with a bit more practice I can have some super quality piccies!

Bow - car boot sale
Tee - Paris Souveneir shop
Cardi - h&m
Skirt - h&m
Tights - Primark
Shoes (purple)- Office
Shoes (black) - Topshop
Specs - Primark



Outfit & new shoes!

I went back to Bexhill to visit my mumsy last week and couldn't resist a little charity shop jaunt!
I found this oversized shirt which I've decided to sell on ebay :( But I enjoyed wearing it!

I also found these old school LA Gear's which I decided NOT to sell! They have little diamantes along the side (didn't really show up on cam!) and bows on the back! I was gonna sell them, so I put them on my foot to gauge their size and they just fit so perfectly I knew they had to stay!

I'm having a bit of trouble knowing what to wear with them though? I spend so much time in towering wedges or little pumps that I just don't know how to wear sporty shoes these days!


So, unpacking the clothes...

Here's a before and after pic of unpacking the clothes in my little dressing room in Alex & my new house...

I had to fit a LOT of clothes into a pretty tiny space but I did it and it was nice and organised but old habits die hard and it's looking a bit of a tip in there at the moment! I actually considered getting hypnotised out of my untidiness at one point but didn't get round to it! Some day, though.

I'm loving living in Canterbury! It's so nice living somewhere that's still 'alive' after 8pm! And it has a Pizza Hut. And a h&m! I have sacrificed the goldmine charity shops of my prior granny-ridden town but we mustn't let these things hold us back from reaching our goals in life - in my case pizza hut and h&m!


Bonjour xo

Hello again chapettes, if I still have any readers out there!!
I had a slightly longer break than anticipated!
In the MONTH (I'm ashamed!) I've been not blogging, I've moved house, unpacked (a gargantuan task), been on 'holiday' to Wales (lots of rain & sheep) and decided to step up my ebay selling and have bought my first bulk lot of yummy dresses which I'm expecting to arrive any day now!
I'm really happy to be back to blogging, although I'm sure it'll be a sketchy few weeks what with fresher's week at Uni and stuff so bear with me :) I'm really looking forward to learning about fashion and the biz, and hopefully bringing a few interesting points and debates to the blogging table rather than 'wot i wor 2day' etc, haha!
Now we've got the formalities out the way, I'll post a few blogs on my recent goings-on rather than doing a huuuuuuge picture heavy one. Let's keep things organised!