Shiny new things!

I met up with my friend Danielle today for a day in Brighton. My objective was to get a few good quality wardrobe staples in preparation for Uni - not the usual Primark tat.
So I began in H&M and found some really basic cardigans. Not long, not sleeveless - just plain. I bought a grey & black one and Danielle got me discount as she works there so that was fabulous!
I then bought some Topshop Pippa Ankle Grazers, but unfortunately the only ones they had left in a size 10 were a 34in leg! So they aren't ankle grazers at all. I have rolled them up instead. They were £30 which is probably the most I've spent on jeans in a long time seeing as I live off second hand and Primark clothing. I detest spending more than, say, £12 on an item. But the whole point of today was banishing such thoughts and concentrating on quality!
I also found some Office Naomi Platforms reduced from £60 to £25! I'm so happy. Even though my boyfriend has forbidden me to buy anymore shoes because we are moving to a smaller place in August and there just isn't room. But I'll find room for these. Maybe the mantlepiece...

We also went to Snooper's Paradise which is full of vintage goodies from bygone eras, including musical instruments, toys & lots of clothing! I didn't buy anything but couldn't resist trying on this rather fetching wig!

I also found a couple of vintage swimsuits to sell so that was good! All in all a fun day! I must now attend to my poorly boyfriend (man flu) who is acting as though death is close!

Bon weekend, xo


  1. The shoes are a great color.

  2. nice shoes. wow, awsome blog we should exchange links

  3. haha the wig looks great =]
    and hope your boyfriend feels better!


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