Au Revoir, for now!!


I've decided to take a little hiatus from blogging while I'm moving, because I don't want to carry on being the half-assed blogger I've been of late! As you can imagine, I have tons of clothes which need sorting (and throwing out, because we're downsizing - woe is me!!) So I really need to focus on sorting that out and settling into my new pad.

When I return there'll be a few changes to the blog. Firstly, I just got a new camera today, A Fuji S9600 which has a tripod and an amazing fish-eye lens! Not to mention a billion trillion megapixels! So that means much better photographs. I will also be a jobless wonder after I move so I'll be able to dedicate a bit more time to my lovely blog and concentrate more on finding fab new blogs to read and stuff.

I'd love if you guys could suggest any changes to the blog? Obviously better photographs is a given. Anyone know how I go about making a header?

Thoughts appreciated!

Until then, I shall leave you with a few pics from the new camera today! Roxy was trying to attack it.

Thanks for reading and don't forget me! I'll be back in a couple of weeks. <3



Shiny new things!

I met up with my friend Danielle today for a day in Brighton. My objective was to get a few good quality wardrobe staples in preparation for Uni - not the usual Primark tat.
So I began in H&M and found some really basic cardigans. Not long, not sleeveless - just plain. I bought a grey & black one and Danielle got me discount as she works there so that was fabulous!
I then bought some Topshop Pippa Ankle Grazers, but unfortunately the only ones they had left in a size 10 were a 34in leg! So they aren't ankle grazers at all. I have rolled them up instead. They were £30 which is probably the most I've spent on jeans in a long time seeing as I live off second hand and Primark clothing. I detest spending more than, say, £12 on an item. But the whole point of today was banishing such thoughts and concentrating on quality!
I also found some Office Naomi Platforms reduced from £60 to £25! I'm so happy. Even though my boyfriend has forbidden me to buy anymore shoes because we are moving to a smaller place in August and there just isn't room. But I'll find room for these. Maybe the mantlepiece...

We also went to Snooper's Paradise which is full of vintage goodies from bygone eras, including musical instruments, toys & lots of clothing! I didn't buy anything but couldn't resist trying on this rather fetching wig!

I also found a couple of vintage swimsuits to sell so that was good! All in all a fun day! I must now attend to my poorly boyfriend (man flu) who is acting as though death is close!

Bon weekend, xo


Ebay time!

Here's whats going on in gemfatalevintage town!

Miu Miu inspired Topshop skirt.

Vintage ruffle dress.
I'm looking a bit ghetto fabulous here! 80's Deep V swimsuit.
Navy checked swim dress.
Turquoise bullet bra style swim suit.
Burberry Mini dress (BNWT)

Times are rough - bid hard!


My week in pictures!


I've been gearing up to move lately so posts have been, and will be a bit sparse!

I decided to buy this playsuit as it was in the sale at Primark for only £4... I'm not sure how I feel about it. I Haven't worn it yet.
Any ideas on what to team it with? I love my layering but there really isn't anything I can do with this! No tops underneath... A cardi would probably look odd... I'm just not sure.

I've been dressing a lot like a teenage boy since getting these pumps from Primark (for only £2!) God it feels really wrong to celebrate the cheapness of Primark garments now, since seeing that icky documentary...



UK fashion blogs?

Does anyone have any recommendations for good UK style/fashion blogs?

I feel like I don't know enough! Any suggestions would be marvellous.


Mega charity shop luck!

I found a Burberry minidress with tags today. For £5! Got loads of other little bits too, but haven't uploaded pics to comp yet.

Click here if you want to bid on this bargainous Burberry baby!

Britain's next top model is on tonight. I love it! Alex to win. Wow, my last few posts have been TV related. I can't wait to go to uni and get a life! ;-)



Zezi Ifore!

Zezi Ifore dresses right up my alley!
Can't get over that floral dress! I actually commented her blog to ask where it's from and she replied (!) and said it was a car boot jobby :(
Look at the pretty outfits:

(Pics taken from her myspace)

Anyone thats got a problem with socks and sandals is stuck in the past! It's a tres cute look. Not on middle aged men of course. It's all about the context!


Gok's Fashion Fix

Anyone else secretly loving it??

He's still cringey ('you've been Gokked!!') but some of the DIY tips are really good. There's no denying! What he did with that Adidas playsuit tonight was amazing! I've seen a bit of Gok-bashing - some think that you simply can't make high street look designer by sticking bits and bobs on. But personally, I don't really want my outfits to look designer. I just appreciate new creative inspiration - whatever the source may be!

Notes to self: Must go to a haberdashery shop and get some cute embellishments. Must get back into DIY.



Ending tonight!!

Gem Fatale Vintage

Oh how I wish I could fit my hooves into those heels.



I got invited to join Chictopia earlier so I've set up an account and uploaded some pics.
Add me if any of you have it!


It's all happening!

The above quote from Almost Famous perfectly sums up my life!
It's all been going on just lately. I've sorted out my student account & overdraft and more importantly, found a lovely place in Canterbury for Alex & I to move into in August (Going to Uni in Rochester which is a short commute from canterbury). It's a cute cottage with a DRESSING ROOM! Eek! With all the storage in there, I'd better buy some more new clothes to fill it up! :)

Here's some recent outfits:

Purple dress - h&m
Denim skirt - Primark (New purchase - I lovvve it! Looks a bit crud in the first pic of it though)
Boots - Vintage
Tee - charity shop
Clock necklace - Claire's Accessories

I'm so excited about the future now I've found somewhere to live and stuff. There's a little garden for Roxy too! She's a house cat (against her will) at the moment so I just can't wait to give her the freedom she craves! Oh what the heck, i'll just show you some pikachus!

Isn't it cute!! It's almost set in stone that it's ours but now quite so touch wood! :)

It feels good to blog again!