Blogs cause probs!

So, I listed some stuff on Ebay last week on a 9 day auction. I don't know about anyone else, but I get sooo excited and can't wait for the last day of the auction! So you can imagine my DISGUST when I logged on yesterday, merely 24 hours before the end of my 9 day wait - to see that Ebay had taken it upon themselves to cancel my auctions.


Because I included a harmless link to my blog at the bottom of the auction! Can you believe that? I didn't get any warning at all!

So that means all of the bidders (including someone that had bid up to £51 for my house of holland tee) and all of the watchers were gone. And I had to PAY to relist them. So I'm back to square shitty one. I only re-did them for a 3 day auction though so we'll see what happens. Needless to say I've written a long email of complaint! After all, I do - kinda - make them money from linking to my Ebay on the blog thus sending more bids my way, thus more final value fees their way! I'm so cross.

In better news - I found the white off-the-shoulder Kate Moss for Topshop dress (from last summer) in a charity shop for 4.99 yesterday (it was a day of extreme highs and lows, emotionally!) I couldn't believe my luck! I've whacked it straight on Ebay. Along with other bits:

Thanks for all of your suggestions for my geek outfit - you were a bit too late! I'd already left for the partay before I saw any of the comments :( I did decide to go semi chic. I couldn't not! Here's my and my buddy Katie:

My drunk pal took the full-length pic so my feet are sadly not included in it! I wore my blue jazz shoes, FYI. :)

I'll get back to regular blogging soon, I hope. My phone camera is slowly dying on me which is a bit of a worry but I might get a student overdraft at the bank next week (a VERY exciting prospect!) so maybe I can get a camera. I hope I do get an overdraft because I've already organised a shopping trip to London with my friend Danielle! Jumping the gun a tad..!



Advice required ASAP!!

So, I'm going to a geek themed fancy dress party tomorrow. Any outfit ideas?? I'm thinking checked shirt done up all the way to the top, bow tie, geek specs, braces.... but the bottom half is troubling me. I have a cute mini pencil skirt with braces attached, but that's more chic than geek. But I don't want to be so geek that I feel like I don't look nice, y'know?

And what about footwear! I'm just not sure. Maybe socks & sandals. Haha.
I'm thinking of hairspraying a bit of hair sticking up a la Alfalfa!!

Any suggestions would be so appreciated! I do want to look geek-chic, but not too chic or too geek. The perfect balance.


New clothes & cheap finds!

I got a belated present from my pal, Danielle on Friday. She got me a cute h&m dress I really like (she's a visual merchandiser there - *mega envy*), and a very blinging boombox necklace. I debuted them at my bro's b-day BBQ (try saying that quickly!)

I'm a little tipsy on the vino in this pic!

Yesterday morning I went to 2 local jumble sales (way better than car boot sales because nobody's bothered about profits so most stuff is 20-50p!!) I found this cute Mickey and Minnie tee for 50p which is screaming to be ebayed! And these gorgeous patent courts were £2.50. They're one size too small which breaks my heart because I've been looking for some low heels like this for ages.

I also found some genuine diesel jeans worth £130 which I bought for 20p! Hilarious. Got lots of other nik naks but haven't got time to upload them. All these bargains put me in a good mood for the rest of the day!



It's ebay o' clock!

I'm selling a few of my car boot/charity shop finds at the mo. Pretty bargainous stuff! Also, selling my HOH shirt and an H&M blouse which I've outgrown :(

Go check it out if you like any of the above!

In other news, I'm going to watch Juno with my mum & sis tonight! Can't wait! I saw it at the cinema and loved it so much so can't wait to see it again. Also, I've started the gym because I've put on a stone and a half this year! So it must end. I blame Cathedral city cheddar. AND Somerfield for putting massive bars of Dairy milk on offer at a damn reasonable £1. How can I resist? I'm considering a lawsuit for the 2 above perpetrators.



Bowed and bejewelled

Sorry I've been rather slack with posts lately. I always take my outfit pics but the process of actually getting them onto the blog is rather draining (bluetoothing them to the mac, uploading to photobucket, rotating/cropping on photobucket, uploading to blogger!!) But I will pull my finger out (vile expression, I apologise).

My last few days have been quite fun. I've been spending my birthday money. I've so far bought 2 pairs of jeans on ebay (both a bit of a disappointment sadly, but I'll try and alter them with my trusty sewing machine), a checked shirt, Me You and Everyone We Know on DVD, an adorable writing set (below) and a couple of books. I got '211 things a bright girls can do' which has lots of fun tips in :) a bit childish/geeky but it's my money and I shall spend it however I choose! I also got 'letters from a nut' by Jerry Seinfeld. I love books full of 'timewasting' letters. In fact I wrote one of my own at the weekend. I sent a letter to Soap & Glory to make them aware of a spelling error on one of their shower gels. Haha. It was a very funny letter indeed.At least, I think so. I might post it on here.I hope they send me a freebie to regain my respect!

Here's my yummy stationery set:

Here's a new dress I wore at the weekend in 2 separate ways. I decided to go au naturel and bra-less, the end result being a bit of a sag-fest especially in the first outfit due to high waistline. Haha.

Dress - vintage Topshop via Charity shop (for £3.99 which outraged me as it is merely a glorified vest. But I bought it anyway and am bloody glad I did because it roolz!)
Skirt - DIY
Belt - Car Boot
Cardi - h&m
Boat shoes - Sacha via ebay
Specs - Car Boot
Legging - h&m
Unfortunate nose - Mother's genes

Here's sunday's outfit. I wore some little heart shaped gems that my little sis gave me for my birthday, bless her.

Shirt - fleabay
Belt - New Look
Shorts - Primark
Sandals - Sandals
Bow - New Look

I'm going to watch Big Brother now (anyone else addicted despite insisting they wouldn't be?).

Lots o Love!


Happy birthday to me!

So it was my 21st birthday on wednesday. I can now legally drink alcohol wherever I go in the world! And I can gamble in Vegas (I doubt I would, but at least the option is now there!) I went to Thorpe Park in the day which was super fun. But then got really bad hay fever on the way home and went to bed early because I felt so naff!

I got lots of money which is fantastic. So I've been going ebay-crazy! Here are a few of my favourite gifts.

Boat shoes <3! - Sacha via Ebay
Benefit High Beam Complexion Highlighter
'You bake 'em Cat Treats' (more a gift for my little Roxy but I wanted them so much!) They have cute little presentation bags - so if y'all have cats, tell me their birthdays and maybe I'll rustle something up for them! ;-)
Nylon Street Style Book
Little heart shaped clock/necklace

Lots of lovely treats. I've been in the cute shops of Bexhill spending some birthday cash today, more details soon!




I'm tres sleepy right now so I shall make this brief! To sum up the weekend:

Frizzy hair & bows:

New dress (h&m) & mouse ears:

And emotional dilemma of whether to put these reversible blue shorts (gingham one side, blue with gingham trim on the other!) on ebay or keep.....


I also went to a car boot sale with the boyfriend this morning and made the depressing mistake of buying bathroom scales. On the brighter side, I bought some cute checked shirts, but they need to be taken in quite a lot.

Bonsoir petit chats!
(Good night little cats)