Strawberries & DIY!

It's been a good night so far. I've eaten some yummy strawberries:

Then my Tonight Is Goodbye t-shirt underwent major surgery! I got it when I saw them in Brighton, but it was one of those weird shirts thats too wide and too short! So rather than never wear it, I thought I'd hack it apart! Also, this t-shirt surgery works well for oversized tee's because the neck and back are so adjustable.



This is not very practical for anyone with breasts because you can't wear a bra but you can either A) go commando like moi, or B) wear a bra, and wear a cardi or hoodie so it covers up the back & shoulders but you can still see the front.

It's a bit of a lapse from my usual high fashion ways (LOLZ) but inside me there is my old 15 year old band geek self who likes to come out every now and again! I embrace it. Also, it doesn't have to be a band shirt necessarily! I think a floral tee would look cute this way.

If anyone wants a tutorial, I took lots of pics along the way so I'll be happy to post one!



  1. quite spooky because i did a similar thing to one of my oversized tees the other night, i saw kat von d's tutorial on her myspace!
    yours looks lovely!

  2. sweet DIY!

    for those who need bras, maybe another option could be to wear a tank top or shirt underneath the DIY top?

    thanks for adding me! i'll add you back.

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  4. you've done a really good job, looks great on you!

  5. The back of the T looks quite awesome!

  6. oh, mega cool! We should totally link up, you have an awesome blog


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