St Trinian's gone wrong

So I had intended to go for a vaguely St Trinian's inspired outfit today. I fell at the first hurdle, because I don't own a white shirt! I was quite shocked at myself. So I went with a polo. Then, I didn't have anything suitable for my lower bits. I wanted something pleated or just a plain skirt that wasn't too short (didn't want to wear yesterday's one because I don't like to wear things 2 days in a row! Except jeans, obviously.) So I opted for my DIY animal skirt. Which kinda took away from the school aspect of the outfit. So it is an outfit rather tenuously linked to St Trinians!

By the way, sorry about my dusty mirror, I'm not just skank, it's a really old mirror so the dust is under the glass!

Polo - old school h&m, Tie - Boyfriend's, V-neck sweater - h&m, Skirt - DIY, Tights - Primark, flats - h&m, Ribbon in hair - from my huge box of ribbon

I just got that thing where you say a word too much in you're head so it doesn't make sense anymore. Ribbon. Ribbon. Ribbon... It just sounds weird. Wow I literally type before I even process my inane thoughts - sorry about that!! Ooh, must buy more bread tomorrow.

Back to the school theme. Is anyone watching Gossip Girl? It's been on for a few weeks, but I never had time to watch it so I recorded it all on Sky+ and have watched all 3 episodes over the last 24hours! It is bloody amazing. Lots of cute style in it too! Check it out, if you haven't already!



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