Majorly crud photo skills

I was in a super duper hurry not to be late for work today so quickly took a pic of my outfit, in a highly blurry and rubbish fashion.

Newly thrifted oversized shirt - £1, skirt with braces - Primark, Shoes - h&m, Jacket - Primark, Bag - Red Herring

I know I really need to address the photo situation. I think my blog would be a bit better with lots of nice clear pictures. My boyfriend is a semi willing photographer, but I don't really like posing for him... It's embarrassing! And I don't have a suitably high ledge to put my cam for self timed... But I'm working on a plan. I'll figure something out.

Here's one of my mum's puppies, Dexter, snoozing as I watched St Trinian's tonight after work. The film was a bit whack, but the outfits are awesome!! I'm definitely incorporating a tie into tomorrow's ensemble!



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