Ebay bits

Had a little photoshoot with Alex today for the bits I'm selling on ebay. A lot of the items don't fit me which is heartbreaking but for the best. Here are some scrummy things that should be on Ebay tonight:

I've not really been into the whole denim trend lately but this denim dress is so lovely. Doesn't fit me by about 6 inches but hopefully some skinny minnie will give it a nice new home! Although, I've done a bit of denim research on ebay and denim dresses aren't selling very well, even though they're all over the mags right now.

Another fave that's too small is the blue floral dress. So cute! The pic doesn't really do it justice.. It looks a bit frumpified. But it's not!

Gonna go make some tea now. I'm on a[nother] health kick, so I'm gonna have a sweet potato and salad for tea. This health kick is inspired by the fact that I want to wear this dress in Paris (I'm going in 3 weeks) but can no longer get it over my derriere! I've been doing exercise DVD's too which is just so embarrassing. So time will tell if my hard work pays off!



  1. Gem, what are the sizes for the floral one piece and the flower dress? Coz I'm seriously loving those two!

  2. The swim suit is a 10-12 and the dress is about an 8, they are both on ebay now. http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZgemfatalevintage

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