Black and gold

Can't get Sam Sparro out of my head! Get out!!

Anyway, here's today's outfits. I'll make it brief, as I need to go to bed. The kittens are going to their new homes tomorrow :( I'm so sad. People are coming from 9am onwards so I must get my beauty sleep. Back to making it brief. Here they are.


Dress - Primark
Flesh coloured patterned tights - Accesorize via xmas stocking!
Shoesies - Topshop via Ebay

EVE (work):

Top - h&m
Skirt- DIY
Plimsolls - h&m
Tights - see above

Bed now. So sad about kitties going :(

Yesterday's outfit

Sunnies - charity shop
HSCS shirt - gig
Cardi - h&m
Dress - New Look
Grey Tights - Primark
'Lucky' necklace (the shop's words, not mine. It's brought me no luck!) - Some random museum gift shop
Jazz shoes - Ebay



I like line-dancing

I'm feeling very line-dancey in my over-sized shirt which I've tied at the front. For some reason, I can't really pull off the super baggy top & leggings look, which is a look I rather like for it's simplicity. Shame. Oh well!

By the way, some of my items from previous post are now on ebay : BID ON ME! (Desperate for money, much?)

Can't wait for Gossip Girl tonight!! My boyf is a little less excited.

xoxo (I was doing this before gossip girl!)



Ebay bits

Had a little photoshoot with Alex today for the bits I'm selling on ebay. A lot of the items don't fit me which is heartbreaking but for the best. Here are some scrummy things that should be on Ebay tonight:

I've not really been into the whole denim trend lately but this denim dress is so lovely. Doesn't fit me by about 6 inches but hopefully some skinny minnie will give it a nice new home! Although, I've done a bit of denim research on ebay and denim dresses aren't selling very well, even though they're all over the mags right now.

Another fave that's too small is the blue floral dress. So cute! The pic doesn't really do it justice.. It looks a bit frumpified. But it's not!

Gonna go make some tea now. I'm on a[nother] health kick, so I'm gonna have a sweet potato and salad for tea. This health kick is inspired by the fact that I want to wear this dress in Paris (I'm going in 3 weeks) but can no longer get it over my derriere! I've been doing exercise DVD's too which is just so embarrassing. So time will tell if my hard work pays off!




Sorry I've been so boring lately. I've been really busy at work but will be back to my old ways soon. I've got a few fab thrifted items to show!

Check back soon!



Strawberries & DIY!

It's been a good night so far. I've eaten some yummy strawberries:

Then my Tonight Is Goodbye t-shirt underwent major surgery! I got it when I saw them in Brighton, but it was one of those weird shirts thats too wide and too short! So rather than never wear it, I thought I'd hack it apart! Also, this t-shirt surgery works well for oversized tee's because the neck and back are so adjustable.



This is not very practical for anyone with breasts because you can't wear a bra but you can either A) go commando like moi, or B) wear a bra, and wear a cardi or hoodie so it covers up the back & shoulders but you can still see the front.

It's a bit of a lapse from my usual high fashion ways (LOLZ) but inside me there is my old 15 year old band geek self who likes to come out every now and again! I embrace it. Also, it doesn't have to be a band shirt necessarily! I think a floral tee would look cute this way.

If anyone wants a tutorial, I took lots of pics along the way so I'll be happy to post one!



Bow tie

I wasn't quite done with the yesterday's formal theme.

Fred Perry Polo, h&m Bow Tie, h&m V-neck, Primark jeans, h&m Plimsolls

Alex has been away for the past couple days, but got back earlier today. I surprised him by meeting him at the station with a flower in my hand :) I stole it from someone's garden. It was so scary! but the flower & I lived to tell the tale!



Updating blogroll

I'll be updating my blog roll in the next week or so, so if any of y'all are not on it (not hard as it's only a teeny one!) and wanna trade links, comment this post!


St Trinian's gone wrong

So I had intended to go for a vaguely St Trinian's inspired outfit today. I fell at the first hurdle, because I don't own a white shirt! I was quite shocked at myself. So I went with a polo. Then, I didn't have anything suitable for my lower bits. I wanted something pleated or just a plain skirt that wasn't too short (didn't want to wear yesterday's one because I don't like to wear things 2 days in a row! Except jeans, obviously.) So I opted for my DIY animal skirt. Which kinda took away from the school aspect of the outfit. So it is an outfit rather tenuously linked to St Trinians!

By the way, sorry about my dusty mirror, I'm not just skank, it's a really old mirror so the dust is under the glass!

Polo - old school h&m, Tie - Boyfriend's, V-neck sweater - h&m, Skirt - DIY, Tights - Primark, flats - h&m, Ribbon in hair - from my huge box of ribbon

I just got that thing where you say a word too much in you're head so it doesn't make sense anymore. Ribbon. Ribbon. Ribbon... It just sounds weird. Wow I literally type before I even process my inane thoughts - sorry about that!! Ooh, must buy more bread tomorrow.

Back to the school theme. Is anyone watching Gossip Girl? It's been on for a few weeks, but I never had time to watch it so I recorded it all on Sky+ and have watched all 3 episodes over the last 24hours! It is bloody amazing. Lots of cute style in it too! Check it out, if you haven't already!


Majorly crud photo skills

I was in a super duper hurry not to be late for work today so quickly took a pic of my outfit, in a highly blurry and rubbish fashion.

Newly thrifted oversized shirt - £1, skirt with braces - Primark, Shoes - h&m, Jacket - Primark, Bag - Red Herring

I know I really need to address the photo situation. I think my blog would be a bit better with lots of nice clear pictures. My boyfriend is a semi willing photographer, but I don't really like posing for him... It's embarrassing! And I don't have a suitably high ledge to put my cam for self timed... But I'm working on a plan. I'll figure something out.

Here's one of my mum's puppies, Dexter, snoozing as I watched St Trinian's tonight after work. The film was a bit whack, but the outfits are awesome!! I'm definitely incorporating a tie into tomorrow's ensemble!



The hair glare.

I'm really liking my orange hair at the moment. It's nice to have a change from blonde. Blonde was nice but I wanted to look more like a mermaid. This was one of the reasons I dyed it! Childish, perhaps!


Ever since I have dyed my hair, EVERYONE is commenting on it, wherever I go. Not always nice comments, either. I dyed my hair for myself, and I know it's bright so I should've expected people to comment on it but it's so grating. My boyfriend and I were walking through town and a big group of emo's were just glaring at me! Alex said, 'well what do you expect when your hair is that colour?' which was kind of a shock to hear from him. Why does my personal decision have to involve anyone else? I've always enjoyed being different in the way I dress but I just had no idea how much difference a bright hair colour would make.

"That's different/unique/zaney/quirky etc" I hear these cringeworthy phrases so many times a day. The kind of phrases attention seekers probably relish. But I'm not trying to seek attention. I didn't want 'zany' bright pink or green hair or whatever. I just wanted to be like Ariel from the little mermaid. :-(

I am contemplating just bleaching it out or dying it brown because I literally cant hack the constant comments and staring. And I'm quite disgusted at myself for contemplating that. I just don't see why people have to make it their business what colour your hair is, or what you wear. I have NEVER stared at someone with brightly coloured hair. Looked, yes, but not stared! I don't stare at anyone. It's so rude!

I am just sick of the relentlessness of other peoples opinions. A little old dear who was working in a charity shop earlier said, "Ooooh that's different!!!" to me, and I was like... How do I respond to that? 'Thanks'? I just wanted to say, 'Oh fuck off and leave me alone.' And I'm a people person (eww, another cringeworthy phrase there), so I'm always nice to random oldies if they speak to me! But I guess she was just the straw that almost broke the camel's back.

Sorry for ranting. It's just so annoying. I have never pandered to societies pressures to be normal before but I really am starting to crack up! Any advice? What do you do when you're happy, but everyone makes it their business to infringe on that and give you unwelcome opinions, thus making you unhappy?

I'm going to eat cheese (<3) on toast and watch hollyoaks. Comfort food and comfort telly.




Why do american companies charge SO much to ship to the UK? It is so disgusting. The company in question at the moment is a t-shirt company called 410 bc, who are charging $25 dollars shiping! I want these items:

In my rage, my boyfriend advised me to send this message to them:

Haha. That'll teach them to mess with me and my empty purse!!!

I wanted to be a bit nicer and say 'I really like some of your designs and would love to buy them but this shipping is too much. Could we come to some arrangement?' But Alex, the devil on my shoulder, said I should put the angry message 'because it's funny'.

WHY do companies do that? It is so bloody annoying.


EDIT: A woman replied and explained it's because they do it priority so it's insured etc, because so many undelivered parcels sent at a cheaper rate weren't arriving - thus giving the company a bad name. So hush my mouth! I am officially off my high horse!


Clothes wise, I've been keeping it pretty simple lately. Here is what I wore for a leisurely stroll in the park with my loved one, Alex. He passed his driving theory test today (Yay, I almost have a chauffeur!!) so I bought him a brownie from my work, and bought expensive steak. I think I cheapened it slightly by covering mine in bbq sauce and cheese. But hey. I like bbq sauce and cheese.

ALL ITEMS FROM PRIMARK! Except hat from New Look and Shoes from h&m.

Cheese <3 - Somerfield, BBQ marinade - Sainsbury's.

I've been in a bit of a boring clothing rut, but the end is in sight. I am getting the urge back to wear a dress and heels just to go and get milk from the shop. So watch this space :)


For my Lolcat loving readers!! (For everyone else, sorry. No more cat pictures after this!!)

Just for you guys. Namely Miss Woo and Wendy B!!

Haha I had such fun making this!!

Back to fashion etc after this post. Honest. Maybe I'll make a new blog for my lolcat ventures! Or maybe I'll quit while I'm ahead.

By the way, when did photobucket get so awesome?! I cropped and added text using just photobucket, and noticed options to airbrush your pics!! Expect to see a lot more of my deceptively flawless face!



My new fave accessory

Is a gaggle of squabbling kittens attached to my legs. They actually behaved rather well for this photo bless them. But don't be fooled by the cuteness, they're evil little monsters who like to climb humans and cause pain!x


My 100th post!

Yay it's my 100th post! But that isn't the only reason I'm happy... You know I sent my pic to i-D for the Agy issue (they were asking for 'lookalikes' to send pics in)? Well, I'M IN I-D!!!! Woooo! I haven't got the mag yet but my pic is on their myspace! check me out, top left...

I must get my mitts on a copy of it!

In other news: I've been bottle feeding lambs, re-dyeing my hair with 'napalm orange' dye!, and wearing my new spotty dress out to dinner.

Also, I have just discovered (much later than everyone else) Flight of the Conchords! I'm obsessed. Check out this song. It is tres neato!!

Bon soir, petit cochon-dande's (little guinea pigs)!