New things!!! (this is my 99th post..!)

FIRSTLY - check out my new Ebay listings!!!

I've been gagging to shop lately (oh my god, cliché girl or what? I LOVE chocolate and Brad Pitt, too...) so I was soo pleased to go shopping with my pal, Katie today! Shopping is always exciting for me because I live in a tiny crap town with only a New Look and loads of charity shops and I don't drive, thus to escape said rubbish town I need money, which is a rare occurence. So when I DO get to go shopping it's the highlight of my week!!

My number one priority was bra shopping because mine are all a bit ropey and haggard. The woman in the shop helped me find one that fitted perfectly, so was running back and forth with different sizes, which was very amusing for me, and probably very boring for Katie! But I am now supported and happy. It's a weight off my shoulders...! ......... Get it?! ..... Sorry.

Then it was off to Primark to acquire boring tees for work and some new pretty things:

Black denim skirt with removable braces - £10
Polka dot sleeveless dress - £12, I think... I just knew I wanted it so didn't bother checking the price!

I wanted to go to Monsoon and get some vertical stripe tights but it was shut by the time I extracted myself from Primark. :-(. We then went for coffee and chats. Katie was wearing the most delightful navy high waisted mini skirt with cute buttons from Primark but they only had it in a size 18 when I went to poach her style! LAME! We're having a fun day out on Sunday. We're going to a farm and you can bottle feed baby lambs there! Wow. I'm too rock n roll for words.

I'm now going to gorge myself on Marshmallows and coffee.

Next post is my 100th, so have congratulations at the ready, people!!!

Lovvvve xo

(I think I'm the only blogger I've seen to end posts AND comments with kisses and hugs. Is that creepy? I just have an affectionate nature.)



Stuff for sale!

If you like cute vintage dresses, I'm selling some. The blue one is a STUNNER but i'll never fit in it no matter how much cling film I adorn.

Pretty blue one (size 8)

Peach floral one (size 14)

Minty green floral (size 12)

Hopefully adding more soon!! Happy easter, lovely readers. I made some Choc Rice Crispy cakes tonight!! It was so fun. Unbelievably messy, though. :-)



Fiiinally some DIY!

I've been meaning to make the Miu Miu inspired skirt I saw on Kingdom of Style. So I finally found some fun fabric and got cracking! I didn't actually follow the tutorial. I adlibbed a bit just through laziness. It's not as poofy as I'd like but I knew that would happen. I'm still proud of myself though because I always SAY I'm gonna do stuff but don't.

The material has lots of animals on it. Here it is (crank your necks, guys - forgot to rotate!):

Here's the skirt:

Here it is without belt:

But I prefer it with:

Ignore the outfit in general. I just grabbed the nearest shoes and stuck it on over the top I wore to work! I plan on dressing it up and down lots of different ways as soon as I can be bothered. (I say that a lot).

Hope everyone's having a nice Thursday. I'm gonna watch the Project Catwalk final I recorded last night. Come on, Jasper!!!!



I am weak willed.

So. I decided to pull my finger out (HATE that expression!) and get Alex to photograph me in some stuff to sell on ebay. The first thing I put on was a really cool dress (The material is a bit hideous but that's why I heart it) that fits me almost perfectly except its ridiculously tiny waist. It cost about 50p! So anyway I was wrapping myself in cling film to try and get it round my bread & cheese loving midriff (this helped slightly) when I thought 'maybe a belt might cover it up'!

I put the belt on and hooray it concealed my tum tum! But... It also made me realise... it looks FAB! So there's no way I can sell it now I know the trick of wearing it!

So my ebay-seller career is not off to the best start... But let's not think about it. Let's look at the pretty dress!!!

The hair has faded after just one wash to this wishy washy fluorescence. YUK. I've got more dye in the mail. Carrot orange.

Here is what was going on under the belt (smaller pic to save the eyes of squeamish viewers)!!

Hahaha! I hope you appreciate my honesty. I'm not going to pretend to you that my beauty comes effortlessly! ;)



I posted a hair timeline in the 'madradhair' livejournal community (a site I used to frequent for hair inspiration in my younger years!)

If you are intrigued and want to see many a cringe-worthy teen-poser pics, then check it out!

Love xo


Cheesy Quaver

So I got my Orange Dye in the mail the other day and decided to bite the bullet and actually use it! So I did my roots (so the colour would be even) and put on what I thought was orange but turned out to be fluorescent fucking orange-pink gone wrong. So now my blonde hair is gone and I have the head of a 90's raver rather than a mermaid. But I guess sometimes life throws obstacles our way and we must deal with it! So I am rocking it to the best of my ability.

I might try and get some different dye soon but for now I shall let my processed locks chillax!

Here is my emotional journey in pictures:

Step 1 - Bleaching my roots. Ouch.

Step 2 - Wash out bleach. Enjoy precious last moments with blonde locks.

Step 3 - Put dye on hair. Realise colour is ker-azy.

Step 4: Rock the glo-stick chic.

Step 5 (optional): Cook soup to match hair. Just for fun!

What do you guys think??



Retail Therapy

I've been feeling a tad down in the dumps from working lots this week (I was not born to work. I was born to be a kept woman!) But the upside of working lots is that I've actually had money to play with for the first time in a while. Not much, but enough to buy the following:

Orange hair dye, Some No. 7 bits from ebay (mainly want the highlighter), 17 colour corrector for my dodgy complexion and Anti ageing eye cream!

I have decided to start protecting my peepers against ageing at the ripe old age of 20! They aren't liney or dark circle-y or anything (excellent english there, I know!) but I just like the feeling of having a lengthy beauty regime. It makes me feel grown up and womanly. Haha.

God I'm excited to get my hair dye and make up in the post! Isn't getting packages in the post the best? I love it. Except when its an item of clothing that doesn't fit, like so many vintage dresses in my big 'to-be-resold-when-i-can-be-arsed' bag.

I will leave you with a pic of one of Roxy's babies. There's 2 girls and 2 boys. I've named them Sid & Nancy and Amelie & Nino! As one pair are feisty little rascals and the other 2 are quiet and contemplative looking. This is Amelie. Her eyes have just opened. Well, 1 and 3/4's are open. Cute huh?

PS - She doesn't have a black penis, as some hilarious person asked when I showed them the picture today. Its her amazingly lovely tail.


Full of the joys of Spring!

Despite the atrocious stormy weather, I'm feeling very springtime with my pretty daffodil pin. It's a charity one, for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and I'm loving it. I was more than happy to part with my £1! God, I sound selfish. I'm sure I would've donated anyway...

Another boring night at work, renting DVD's out to people. I haven't seen many films lately so when people say 'is this one good?' about any of the new ones I'm just like, 'Sorry..!' That said, I'll be watching American Gangster tonight with the beau. It's out on Monday but I get it before the public. I feel so important!

I did watch Nanny Diaries the other day (the one with ScarJo) which was okay. I'm watching the timeless great, The Notebook tomorrow with my friend Katie. After Vanity Lair, which I'm ashamed to say I'm addicted to! We have to hang out in the day time because we both work evenings (grim!).

Here is what I wore today:

Fred Perry Polo, h&m dress, Topshop socks, h&m plimsolls. Big nose - model's own.

I had to wear the beloved plimsolls today after wearing the new boots yesterday and ravaging my poor heels! Maybe i'll take WendyB up on her advice to get them stretched (the shoes, that is). Or get my big toe shortened of course. Here are my crimson heels and ankles!

I'm off now to watch a movie and eat chicken and chips.




The May issue of i-D magazine (out in April) is dedicated to Agyness and they've been asking any people who resemble Agy to send in pics for a chance to appear in i-D mag! How exciting. Too exciting an opportunity to pass up. I read about this quite a while ago so may have missed the deadline but I sent in this pic anyway:

I'd love to be in i-D! Though being a poor man's Aggy is hardly the coolest way to get in it. Haha. Oh well. It's all good fun! Watch this space I guess!


Ps - You WISH your pile of kittens was as cute as mine:


New booties!

I have been looking for some old fashioned lace up boots for quite a while and was ecstatic to find some today for 2.49 in 'help the aged'! I am at work right now debuting them. They are a tad on the painful side as they're a bit small. But i couldn't not get them! Xo


He loves me, he loves me not!

Today, my buddy Katie came round to see my kitties and go for a cuppa. I unleashed my thighs 'pon the poor townsfolk of Bexhill. I wore this AWESOME necklace my mum got me from Tammy (a crap kids clothes store that apparently does fantastic jewellery!) It has a little spinny arrow, so you can work out if 'he' (or 'she') loves you or not, although I just use it to make everyday decisions as I am a terribly indecisive Gemini. I also wore my new h&m plimsolls which I am currently wearing to death!

In other news, my mum acquired this poster from some lady she's helping move house and gave it to me the other day saying 'I don't know if you want it but I just thought I'd show you it because the lady & man remind me of you and Alex!' to which I replied, 'MUM, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS?!' Breathless is one of my fave films, and Jean Seberg rocks my world and is the whole reason I chopped off my hair. So as you can imagine I was ecstatic!

I have Feist 'my moon my man' stuck in my head like glue!

Bon soir, pretty readers xxx

Je suis going to Paris!

Yay! I'm going to paris on May 16th for my boyfriend's Dad's birthday. I adore Paris. We went last year and I only realised how amazing it was in hindsight. At the time I was all panicky and a bit stressed at being somewhere where you don't have a clue what others around you are saying! That said, I am fluent in frenglish. I regularly inject French phrases into my everyday sentences. I probably use the words 'Tres', 'J'adore' and 'Je suis' more than I use their english equivalents!

I had an LBD sesh the other night and tried on different dresses I may wear.

Here is one totally un-accessorised dress that i love (it was a rushed dress up session!). I wore a Paris scarf (also owned by Miss Woo!) like a ghetto fabulous bandana just for kicks.

The dress was purchased in a charity shop for a mere £3.50! Click here for a more detailed pic of it from an old blog post. The scarf was purchased in Paris last year.

Over and out!



Bringin' the cuteness!

Check out Roxy's babies!!! There are 4 of them. So cute!



There are 3 silver tabby ones (like Roxy) and one little black one with a white chin.

Just so this is a semi-style-related post I would like to mention that I am an enormous fan of wearing grey and black, so this is how silver tabbies have influenced me. Haha.



Prozzy chic

Bonjour! If you are reading this it means you haven't rejected me on account of what a bad blogger I've been so thank you <3! OR you're a new reader, in which case, Hello!

Worn with New Look hat, aged Topshop tee, Primark tights, h&m knee socks, Topshop wedges.

I then had work at the video shop in the evening so dressed it down (most people dress UP their outfit for an evening) a smidge.

Worn with a h&m hoodie and Primark pumps.

I think my cat is going into labour because she's crying lots, bless her. So maybe tomorrow I'll have news of Roxy's kitties!

Bon soir! xo