Valentines DIY

Yay it's Valentine's day!! I got chocs, a rose and a cute card from the beau. We just ate Chinese and I feel sick.

I bought my boyf a huge box of his favourite brand and flavour of crisps (Jonathan Crisp - Jalapeno Pepper, if anyone's interested!) I also got him some chilli seeds and a heart shaped mug to grow them in. Finally, I made him a wallet out of duct tape! It's awesome, if I may say so myself. I just feel so proud!

Here it is in the making process:

Here is the final product!

It seems so durable! I put the rail ticket in for the purpose of taking a pic because you couldn't really see the pockets due to my rubbish camera. It took about 45mins but now I now how would probably only take 25 minutes. The tape only cost £1 so it's a really cool one of a kind gift.

I also experimented with making a duct tape rose but didn't have green tape to make a stem so just made the head:

Cute, huh?

I love DIY-ing.


Pregnant Roxy update - Kitties due in about a week! Me and Alex could feel them kicking earlier!


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